Top Men’s Costumes for 2012

by |September 6, 2012
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You can tell more about a guy by what he wears on Halloween than one might expect. Are you funny, serious, sarcastic, creative, intimidating, quintessentially manly or aloof? So many choices! All of these things can come into focus with the right costume, and may ultimately determine your overall Halloween experience. What persona are you looking for this year? No matter your goal, anything is possible with the crew on the job. We’ve sifted through rubble to pull out the gems and bring you the ultimate collection of top men’s costumes for 2012!



In a year with as many superhero blockbusters as seasons, taking to the night with your childhood fantasies packed away into padded muscles will ensure a good time no matter the occasion. Strap on one of these superhero costumes and a rabble-rousing game of beer pong should be a breeze next to battling Bane, Loki, giant lizards or Nazis!


Mens superhero 2012 halloween costume collage

(Avengers Captain America / Spider-man Movie Costume / The Dark Knight Batman / Avengers Hulk Muscle Costume)


Argh! Less Scary than Cuddly

Want to be petted more than fisticuffed? Then taking the cute, yet deprecatingly funny route is easy with these monster costumes. Just make sure to work on your monster pickup lines, because chances have it you’ll be hearing plenty of ‘Awwwws’ from everyone you meet. Maybe something along the lines of, “I’m the first monster that doesn’t just hide under your bed!” would work.


mens 2012 monster costume collage

(Sullivan the Monster Costume / Morris the Monster Costume)


Did Somebody Order Some Sarcasm?

Two anthropomorphized animals walk into a bar and get arrested for possession – so maybe you don’t want to take these costumes too literally. Yes, you will need to do better than me when it comes to the funny business in these newest additions to our arsenal of lovable, yet dysfunctional characters. Ted and Wilfred will be huge this year, so make sure you brush up on your accents and impressions, because you’ll be sure to be asked to do your best aloof Englishman.


mens ted costume and mens wilfred costume

(Ted / Wilfred)


MMMM Brains… And, Bamboo?

We’ll be riding the tsunami wave generated by AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for some time yet. Not to mention, zombie pub crawls aren’t likely to fad any time soon! Indeed, the zombie craze lives on (paradox much?). The brain eating is nothing new, but the “What the heck was that?” is sure to follow the newest twist to this age old Halloween staple as “Zombie Panda” saunters into the scene. Bamboo shoots, beware!


mens zombie costumes for 2012

(Adult Zombie / Zombie Panda)


Wait! I Found Him!

Enough said…

wheres waldo costume



Respect My Authority!

Like I was saying, it’s all about the persona you want to achieve. For high-flyers and men’s-men, the "Top Gun" and SWAT costumes are surefire. Check out the bogey on your six and mind your blind spots when you enter the room, because chances have it you’ll get the mercury rising wherever you go in these mainstays. Just keep your head on the swivel, that’s all I’m saying!


mens uniform costumes

(Men's Top Gun / Men's SWAT costume)


Test Your Might

Am I the only one who instantly hears the "Mortal Kombat" soundtrack in their head whenever Scorpion or Subzero are pictured? Dust off your tae kwon do trophies, because you’re sure to hear “Fatality!” screamed in your ear more than once while wearing these awesome costumes! And we all know Scorpion and Subzero just wouldn’t stand for that.


mens mortal kombat costumes

(Scorpion / Subzero)


Start the Night with a Hangover

If your pager gets reception and you receive this message, be sure to join up with the wolf pack in this hilarious Alan costume from a little movie called the “Hangover” (you might have heard of it?). One-liners abound in plenty in this instant classic!


mens hangover alan costume

(Alan from the Hangover)


Pillaging and Swashbuckling Ain't Easy

The classics never fade. That’s why they’re classic! Work on your diction, as ye ole’ Pirate slang is no laughing matter now that “Speak Like a Pirate Day” is on most 20-somethings’ calendars. Also, pick up the gluttony, will you? That obscenely enormous turkey leg isn’t going to grease up your Viking’s beard on its own!


mens viking costume and mens pirate costume

 (Men's Adult Viking / Men's Burgundy Pirate)

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