Halloween Costumes for College Guys

by |October 16, 2016
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Halloween Costumes for College Guys

College is a time to grow, to learn, to study. It's also one of the few times in life where people from every field of study are together on the same campus. Keep that in mind this fall as focus inevitably shifts to that one all-important decision: “What am I going to be for Halloween?” Don’t overthink it! Show off your discipline in a fun and festive costume for college guys. After all, you’re already spending every waking hour immersed in your field of study. Don’t let all that knowledge go to waste! Get a few of your friends together and impress your classmates and your professors and with these themed costumes for each field of study. 

Halloween Costumes for The History Major

Halloween Costumes for a History Major


George Washington Costume - Shop     Henry VIII Costume - Shop     

Napolean Bonaparte Costume - Shop     Julius Caesar Costume - Shop

The four major figures of British, American, French, and Italian history might seem like odd bedfellows, but not to you. You can name the six wives of England’s King Henry VIII and how they died (divorced-beheaded-died-divorced-beheaded-survived). You cannot tell a lie, George Washington is the best president. Armed with the knowledge that at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender (and not just thanks to ABBA). Et tu, Caesar? This costume combination will make you the envy of your history department.

Halloween Costumes for The Art Major

Halloween costume ideas for the Art major

Grapes Costume - Shop     Banana Costume - Shop     Apple Costume - Shop     Painter Costume - Shop

You’ve spent many long nights in the art studio working on masterpieces that are never seen by your friends since nobody bothers to come to the art building. It’s time for that to change - bring the art building to your friends with this ready-made human fruit platter and painter costume to help you create the perfect still life. (Happy trees not included.)

Halloween Costumes for The Film Studies Major

Halloween costume ideas for the Film Studies major

Director Costume - Shop     Tin Man Costume - Shop     

Scarecrow Costume - Shop     Cowardly Lion Costume - Shop

For the last time, YES film studies is a real subject. NO, you don’t just sit there and watch movies in class. In fact, you would be happy to enlighten your classmates on the works of Kurosawa, Truffaut, and Fillini. You can explain away the differences between a jump cut and a smash cut. And now you can recreate the making of one of the greatest films of Hollywood’s Golden Age.  

Stop laughing. The Wizard of Oz is a work of serious filmmaking.

No, you won’t sing “We’re off to see the wizard.” For the last time…

Fine. “RAAAAWR.”

Halloween Costumes for the Marine Biologist

Halloween costume ideas for the Marine Biology major

Whale Costume - Shop     Shark Costume - Shop     Dolphin Costume - Shop     Scuba Costume - Shop

While it's probably easier to find marine animal costumes than it is to find a marine biologist costume, you can always crack out a scuba or diver costume and convince that friend that is on the fence about attending to wear a super-cool shark costume. If you're really feeling innovative, you can try to customize your dolphin or whale costume to look like your favorite species in order to solidify your nerdiness with the rest of your classmates. Why yes, this is a striped dolphin costume, otherwise known as a stenella coeruleoalba habitum. If that doesn't net you a date, we'll be sorely disappointed.


Yes there is a marine biologist here. Don’t be as inconspicuous as George Costanza. Let everyone know your chosen field of study thanks to your fancy get-up.

Halloween Costumes for the Criminal Justice Major

Halloween costume ideas for law enforcement majors

Cop Costume - Shop     CSI Costume - Shop     Judge Costume - Shop     Prisoner Costume - Shop

The costume possibilities are simply endless for criminal justice majors! You can wear a variety of cop costumes, prisoner costumes, judge costumes, FBI costumes, CSI costumes...the list goes on. It would be utterly criminal for you to skip out on the Halloween party.

"In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups.” Pssh. The police who investigate crime are totally better, based purely on the number of amazing costume possibilities.

Halloween Costumes for the Pre-Med Major

Halloween Costume Ideas for the pre-med major

Anatomy Man Body Suit - Shop     Nurse Costume  - Shop     Doctor Costume - Shop     Patient Costume - Shop

Between the patient with his butt hanging out and the partially dissected cadaver, the doctor and nurse will be able to make use of that beer pong table which can suddenly double as an operating table.


We hope we've given you some killer ideas for your Halloween costume and gotten you excited for the festivities! Did we miss your major? What themed costume ideas have you done in the past? Take a look at all of our costumes for guys for more inspiration. Share in the comments below and we’ll take the best suggestions and add them to a future blog!

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