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Bright colors and big design is part of what makes Spanish culture and traditional outfits so beautiful and exciting. Bring home just a little (or a lot) of that great style with our Spanish-inspired costumes, whether you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead or have some extra fun for a themed Halloween!
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Women's Day of the Dead Senorita Costume
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Women's Day of the Dead Mariachi
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Women's Day of the Dead Costume
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Magnificent Matador Womens Costume
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Women's Frida Kahlo Costume
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Women's Plus Red Frida Kahlo Costume
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Women's Marvelous Matador Costume
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Latin Dancer Costume
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Women's Bonita Banana
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Do you need another reason to dress up beyond the glory that is Halloween? Well, the Spanish-speaking cultures offer up a ton of great reasons to bring a little extra color and style to any season. Some even offer up additional reasons beyond the already fun excuses you have from Halloween. We have a number of Spanish-inspired costumes that can help you join in the fun. Suit up in Mariachi charros or dance Flamenco in Spanish dresses!

Perhaps the most famous garbed holiday is connected to Halloween in terms of annual timing but has a completely different goal in mind. Sharing roots with pre-Hispanic times, Día de Muertos is better known as the Day of the Dead in English-speaking countries. It is part of a three-day festival that connects families with the spirits of the departed. Creating grand ofrendas, folks also garb themselves in bright colors and sugar skull designs to bring the good-natured spirits back for the day. We offer several Day of the Dead costumes inspired by the bright reds, golds, and contrasting blacks of traditional Día de Muertos outfits. 

Our Spanish-themed looks aren't limited to the epic Mexican holiday, though. You can also pretend that you're stepping into Spanish history. Bring some capes, corsets, farthingales, peinetas, and gilets to your wardrobe! We have costumes that aren't always historically accurate, of course, but offer a modern twist inspired by looks worn by Spanish matadors, dancers, sea explorers, and some high-styled pirates, too! 

Matador costumes may include bell-shaped hats inspired by the copotains and wider pants. Short capes can be used as drapes or worn over the shoulder. Many offer up short coats that have a striking similarity to the traje cortos of matador fame! And, if you don't want to be the performer, you can even literally take the bull by the horns by dressing up as the bull, itself! (Just remember to respect the animals.) 

Want to shake your stuff in Spanish style? We have lovely dresses inspired by the traditional look of Flamenco dancers. They feature asymmetrical skirts with many ruffled layers and vivid, contrasting colors. Accentuate the look with hairpieces made of ribbons often in floral shapes to resemble authentic mantilla veils and finish off the look with large combs or fans.

If you want to really do the cultures proud, you can dress up as Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who turned folk stories and art into surreal and lovely paintings that also served as a powerful commentary on the world. Our licensed looks try to do Frida and the Blue House museum proud and we're sure that you will love celebrating her life with these costumes, too. 

When you're looking for a more light-hearted costume, we've got several costumes that will tickle your humorous fancy, too. What else are Spanish-speaking cultures truly famous for? Music, food, and film, for sure! We have costumes that let you dive right into some of all those famous flavors. Feel hot, fun, and cool all at once. When you're finally ready for fame, it's time to bring The Three Amigos to life with a mariachi costume, and take a really 'meta' look at a costumed character! Monster