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Transformers Costumes

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Round up your friends and pick your favorite Transformer Halloween costumes! We've got Transformer costumes for toddlers, kids, and adults so everyone can join in on the fun. Choose from popular characters like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Once you and and your group are dressed up, you will be saving the day from Decepticons before you know it! Autobots, roll out!
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Hundreds of years ago, on the planet of Cybertron, a war broke out between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. While the war waged on, the Autobots managed to hide the coveted and magical talisman, the Allspark, on planet Earth but it wouldn't be hidden for long! Teenager, Sam Witwicky stumbles upon the ancient magic talisman and bizarre things begin to happen. One minute his yellow Camaro is breaking down and the next minute it takes it upon itself to play romantic music while Sam is on a date. It's a car with a mind of its own, but the surprising thing is, the Camaro is actually an Autobot named Bumblebee and Sam is in for a thrill of a lifetime!

Whether you're an avid comic book reader or a fan of the hit Transformers movies, you'll be amazed by our selection of Transformers costumes. They will transform you into an authentic looking Bumblebee or the noble Optimus Prime. If you are looking to be something a little more insidious, maybe you should check out our Megatron costumes. Halloween not only carries child and adult costumes, but we have a variety of costumes from both the animated series and the live action movies in varying price ranges. You can even find gloves to complete your costume and a treat bag to haul in all the treats and goodies. This year, transform your Halloween with one of these great costumes! How To

Transformers Halloween Costumes

So, you're getting ready for a Transformers Halloween. Well, we've got the costumes you need to roll out! Whether you've got kids who are set on being Autobots for Halloween or if you're an old-school fan who wants to cosplay in an Optimus Prime costume, we've got the goods. Suiting up as the robots in disguise is no small matter, though, so we want to make sure you've got all the info you need before you make your purchase. And we created this How-To to help you with your shopping! We've got all the insider info you'll need just ahead. We have tips on how to pick out the best kid's Transformers costumes and the lowdown on our top adult Transformers costume. Just read on to become an armchair expert on these epic outfits!

Transformers Converting Costumes

Dressing up as the Transformers for Halloween has been popular since the franchise first took the world by storm in the 1980s. The first costumes were based off of the hit toy line and animated series, and 80s kids had a blast trick-or-treating as their favorite Autobots. Transformers Halloween Costumes had a major resurgence in the 2000s with the release of the live-action Transformers movie. With the success of that blockbuster and the subsequent sequels, these costumes have been cemented as a top Halloween theme year-after-year ever since. Now that we're in the 2020s, we'd like to introduce you to the latest innovation in Transformers outfits. Transformers costumes that actually convert!

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Converting Costumes

Transformers Converting Costumes

We proudly offer officially licensed Transformers Costumes from Disguise Costumes. Disguise has a full range of authentic Autobots outfits, but we're most excited about one of the newest innovations in the costume line. Converting Autobot costumes! These clever costumes feature polyfoam car body parts that fit on top of a Transformers jumpsuit. The wire-shaped body parts allow the wearer to really convert, as in, to crouch down and look like an Autobot in disguise as a vehicle.

We offer the Disguise Converting Kid's Bumblebee Costume as well as the Converting Optimus Prime Kids Costume. And, as a exclusive, we have the converting Optimus Prime outfit in an adult version as well! We have the child Bumblebee and adult Optimus featured here in our image, and as you can see, these suits are the real deal. The Bumblebee outfit features a yellow car shell on the back and a wheel on each sleeve and pant leg. When your kiddo crouches down, they simply tuck in their legs to become the iconic Bumblebee Camaro! The Optimus Prime converting suit is equally as awesome. A wire-shaped square truck cab is worn over the torso, and when you lay down you simply flip a panel over your head to form the roof of the cab and fully convert!

Optimus Prime Costumes

Optimus Prime has been the leader of the Autobots since day 1. Depicted as a brave hero dedicated to honor and justice, the iconic Transformer has amassed millions of fans worldwide. So, it shouldn't be any surprise that Transformers fans young and old love dressing up as converting semi-truck! Optimus's look has changed over the years, and we have a selection of costumes that includes his old-school style and his newer movie look. We feature the full range of kid's costumes, Transformers cosplay options for adults, and we even have trendy choices like an inflatable Optimus Prime costume! With so many great costumes available, let's take a closer look at a couple of the best Optimus Prime Halloween Costumes.

Prestige Optimus Prime Kids Costume

Optimus Prime Kids Costume

If your child loves the live-action Transformers movies, then they're going to want the coolest Transformers suit from the entire series. And that would be the Optimus Prime costume from Age of Extinction and The Last Knight. In these movies, Optimus's new design has him bulked up with an armor design that makes him look like an Autobot knight. The Prestige Optimus Prime Costume recreates that look with polyfoam muscle padding and a molded Transformer mask that flips up. With this elite costume, any kiddo will be fit to lead the Autobots into Halloween fun. A heads-up, though: they might need the Optimus Prime sword and shield to be ready for that kind of responsibility!

Gen 1 Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

Kids today grew up with the Transformers saga on the big screen. So, to them, the old-school action of the original toys and TV series is ancient history. But thanks to comics and shows like Transformers: Cyberverse, children have been reintroduced to the classic look of the Autobots. And they love it! You can have your kiddo bring back that iconic Generation 1 look with the Deluxe Gen 1 Optimus Prime Costume for kids. This amazing costume features polyfoam panels that recreate the boxy look of the original Optimus. Complete with the vintage color scheme, a Transformers logo on the left shoulder, and a molded Optimus Prime mask, this costume will definitely have your child ready to roll out for Halloween!

Bumblebee Transformer Costumes

If there's any Autobot that is as popular as Optimus Prime, it's Bumblebee. He might even be more popular than Optimus Prime with some fans! One of the original Transformers, Bumblebee was always a fan favorite, but as one of the main characters of the first live-action Transformers movie, his popularity exploded. The movies featured him as a yellow Chevy Camaro, which was a pretty cool upgrade to his original VW Beetle form. The Beetle did return, though, in the Bumblebee prequel movie. And the success of that film has made a Bumblebee Transformer costume a top choice for the past few Halloween seasons! We have lots of great Bumblebee costumes to choose from, including these top 2 Bumblebee kid's Transformers costumes.

Movie Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Bumblebee Transformer Costume

In the Transformers movie series, Bumblebee started out as the friend (and vehicle) of Sam Witwicky and went on to save the day countless times. With his Camaro cool factor and his ability to speak only through the radio, he quickly became a favorite among kids. So, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the movie Bumblebee Costumes have been one of the most popular kids Halloween costumes of the last decade and a half! The latest version is this Transformers 5 Bumblebee Halloween Costume. It features the high-tech design from these films so that any kiddo can transform into the amazing yellow Autobot.

Toddler Bumblebee Transformer Costume

Toddler Transformer Costume

Little kids might not understand all the action of the Transformers movies, but one thing's for sure. They know Bumblebee is awesome! You can get your toddler outfitted as the fun character with this Bumblebee Transformer Costume for toddlers. The jumpsuit is easy to wear, with an elastic fit waist and fastener strips, and it features padded muscles in the torso so your kiddo can look just like a tough Autobot. Fully printed with classic Transformers graphics and features, it features a soft-sculpted helmet instead of a Bumblebee Transformer mask, which makes it a favorite choice for trick-or-treating. Monster