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Inspector Gadget Costumes

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Has some of the fun of Halloween gone missing? Sounds like a case for Inspector Gadget to solve with an Inspector Gadget costume from our selection! Offering everything from exclusive Inspector Gadget female costume to some of the necessary gadget accessories, you’ll find what you need to bring the human-cyborg to life! So, do-dodo-dodo Inspector Gadget for all your Halloween hijinks!
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Inspector Gadget Boys Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Inspector Gadget Womens Costume
Sale - 10% Made By Us
Inspector Gadget Mens Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler Inspector Gadget Costume
Sale - 80% Made By Us
Adult Deluxe Inspector Gadget Hat
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Gangster Tie
Made By Us Exclusive



We suppose being human-cyborg makes being timeless pretty easy. But there has to be something more about Inspector Gadget that earns him an invite back for every new generation. Whatever it is, we’re here for it! And since you’re visiting this page, we know you and yours are too! 

Whether you’re a fan of the 1980s-90s version of the goofy inspector or your children can’t stop talking about the newest iteration of the guy, our Inspector Gadget Halloween costume selection will have you all saying “wowzers!” 

Not sure if the family can handle multiple inspectors? Looking for an Inspector Gadget costume toddler will love as much as you’d enjoy an Inspector Gadget cosplay option? We have just what you need to make you shout, “go-go gadget purchase!” 

What really makes a man? Well, if you’re an icon like Inspector Gadget, a really good look with plenty of tricks up its sleeves! So, if you or a loved one is looking to portray the infamous inspector for Halloween, you’ll need the wardrobe to match. Luckily, our collection of Inspector Gadget costumes come directly from our talented team of designers’ brilliant minds! You know you’ll be dressed for success in any of the available cuts and sizes with the Made by Us label. And while there may not be springs, rocket-powered feet, or extendable limbs hidden in the seams, you’ll find each of our Inspector Gadget designs is up for your Halloween fun! 

Mix up your Inspector Gadget look with the playful accessories included in this selection. With as recognizable a look as Gadget’s you may find you want to go a little incognito before waltzing into your first Halloween party. Pair your costume with any of our facial accessories to blend-in with the crowd. Or ham up your role as inspector with accessories even Sherlock Holmes would approve of. With a refined ensemble and Inspector Gadget’s bumbling personality being channeled through you, we can only imagine the antics everyone will get to see! 

Still not feeling like you have all the go-go gadgets you need to break into the Halloween scene? Let this selection be the inspiration you need to explore our other accessories and costumes. Activate your gadget-copter and fly through our selection of Halloween props and décor where you’ll discover some surprising additions for any home or costume. Or see how far you can take your Inspector Gadget ideas with different wigs, hats, or other disguising accessories. With a selection as wide and inclusive as ours, you’re sure to find exactly what’s needed for you and yours to create an Inspector Gadget like the world has never seen! Monster