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Imagine if Macho Man Randy Savage showed up without his trademark bandana or after shaving off his impressive mane. Try to consider what it would feel like to show up to the Kentucky Derby without the appropriate headgear—whether fascinator or helmet. Either scenario and countless others are too shocking to truly appreciate. Which is why you’re here where we can offer you all the sports accessories to complete your sporty Halloween look!
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Whether you’re heading to the office or attending a themed party, your accessories can be what makes or breaks an outfit. As such, you wouldn’t want to be up to bat without your bat. And hoping in the wrestling ring without your well-defined character costume would make that story you’ve been telling fall a little flat. So, before you attend your next costume party as an 80s aerobics instructor or NFL star quarterback, make sure you have everything you need by shopping our selection of sports costume accessories!

Know exactly what you’re after? Dive right in and select those florescent legwarmers for your costume—you know what you’re doing! Need a little guidance still? We’ll help you double-check that accessories list so you’re not speeding down the football field without the ball you mean to score a touchdown with!

Cheerleader, linebacker, or coach, there are plenty of smaller accessories that easily slip the mind when you’re getting ready for a football game. If you’re there to hype up the crowds and cheer your team onto victory, you don’t want to forget your pompoms or megaphone so, grab a set or two from us and you’ll always be prepared. If you’re on the field, you’ll need protection from the elements and the opposing team. Our sports accessories make sure you don’t get caught without your shoulder pads or black grease paint. As the coach, maybe pick up all of it plus a whistle, after all you’re in charge!

Wrestling is more than just a sport. It’s a show and if you’re going to become one of the famous characters for Halloween, you need to have everything that brings them to life. But with everything from full WWE star masks and makeup kits, to wigs and temporary tattoos, we have you covered! So, whether you want to channel your inner Rock or take center stage and fill the role of announcer, you’ll find what you need here.

From Super Bowl gatherings to WWE viewing parties and Halloween costumes to mascot uniforms, our selection of sports accessories can get you ready for it all. And like all good athletes you don’t want to be caught without the extras or necessities for every event. So, pick up the lightweight baseball bat that’s sure to help you score a homerun at the costume contest. Or pick out the makeup kit and championship belt that completes your showstopper of a look. No matter where you’re heading, after shopping with us, you’ll find what you need to face every special sports-themed occasion with confidence! Monster