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Ashley is a conversion optimization specialist for with a growing passion for writing fantasy novels. She spends her remaining free time playing RPGs, watching BBC programs, and scouring the Anime world for her next cosplay inspiration. An avid fan of all things Disney, she secretly uses a pink, light-up princess cup for drinks when she’s at home… well, not so secretly anymore.

Classic Cartoon Characters- Women's Costume Ideas

Whether or not we admit to watching them, cartoons are a part of all our lives.  With such a huge variety of cartoons out there, though, it can be tough to pin down exactly which one to be. To help narrow down that list, let's look at a few of the classics more closely, along with the necessary accessories and makeup guides to have the perfect Halloween cartoon costume experience!


cartoon costumes




Since the release of the film in 1942, a certain little deer has been warming...

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Coolest Cosplay of 2013



Cosplay Collage from 2013


People express themselves in many different ways. Some sculpt, some draw, some compose, some sing, and some… design intricate costumes based on existing characters and wear them around, dazzling and mystifying spectators.

With cosplay, what often starts as a hobby may quickly evolve into something else entirely. For some, it has even become a livelihood, either through selling handmade products or being discovered by companies and hired on to become the ...

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