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Dressing as a pirate this Halloween and want your costume to look authentic? Want a full-face decoration for your Day of the Dead look? Not ready to commit to the pins and needles permanence of an ink tattoo or body piercing? Give our selection of temporary tattoos and faux body jewelry a shot. With everything from illusion tattoo sleeves to plastic nose rings, there’s an easy and risk-free way to get the perfect inked or metal look you’re after!
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Pop Star Face Tattoo
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Whether you already have tattoos and body piercings, or you want the look but not the permanence, our selection of realistic temporary tattoos and fake body jewelry has you covered—literally! No time to get into the tattoo parlor before Halloween? Don’t want to spend the dough on a full sleeve? Maybe your kid wants to be an edgy tattooed rocker for trick-or-treating. Whatever the situation, our selection is here to help!

Looking for something very specific? Read this quick overview of our selection to hear what options and ideas we have in store for you!

Dressing as a Michelin Star chef or up and coming celebrity for Halloween? Other than a gorgeous shade of purple hair or a well-groomed mustache, you’ll need the tattoos and jewelry to finish your look. If you haven’t already started curating a full sleeve of traditional style ink mixed with kitchen utensil images or a goofy cartoon character or two, our selection is sure to please! Mix and match grey-scale temporary tattoos with a fake nose ring. Grab an available tattoo kit and go bold with the whole thing on your face or break it down into individual pieces to spread out your new artwork.

Keep things simple and opt into an opaque sleeve that any biker, pirate, or kindergarten teacher would love! Give a full neck tattoo a try to show off your creative and fierce personality. With black-and-white and colored options available, there’s a unique piece for all your temporary tattoo needs!

Pick glittering Day of the Dead sugar skull styles for your gorgeous Catrina costume. Or push your look another level with adhesive jewels that create a stunning masquerade mask. Paired together or with any of our FX tattoos, you’re sure to have a holiday look that’s the envy of everyone!

Don’t forget about how fun temporary tattoos for kids can be! Our selection offers all we’ve listed above plus individual pieces and wild animal mask designs that children will love showing off. Whether they’re going as a tiger for Halloween or just want to look as cool as their mom with a floral shoulder tattoo, our selection has something safe for them to try too!

No matter what costume you’re wearing or reason you’re perusing our selection of tattoos and body jewelry for, we’d love to get you feeling great with some temporary art. So, dive right in and pick out the praying hands tattoo that completes your costume or the pin-up sailor gal that reminds you of the one your grandpa wore and enjoy how each makes you feel! Just don’t forget to check back often and explore all the new options we have available! Monster