Gifts for Geeks 2012

by |December 7, 2012
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Shopping for a geek is harder than blowing up the Death Star using a targeting computer instead of the Force. Geeks tend to be hard to impress because they have the feeling that no one understands the passion they have for their favorite shows, movies, or comics. Here is a quick list of some awesome gift ideas to get the right thing for that geeky person you’re shopping for!


Star Wars

If the force is strong with the person you’re shopping for, they might really like a few of these ideas. For those living in areas that are about as cold as the ice Planet Hoth, your geek my enjoy one of our winter hats featuring Chewbacca, a Wampa, Wicket’s headpiece and Princess Leia’s hair style.


Star Wars Hats

Chewbacca Hat | Wampa Hat | Wicket Ewok Hat | Princess Leia Hat


And for those looking for something other than a cut-open Tauntaun to snuggle up in, we also have hoodies featuring Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and R2-D2. Finally, if you notice the person you’re shopping for needs a new bag, they might love this Chewbacca messenger bag to carry their tools and Wookie cookies.


Star Wars Gift Ideas

Darth Vader Hoodie | Stormtrooper Hoodie | R2-D2 Hoodie | Chewbacca Messenger Bag


Gifts for Video Game Lovers


For those who are glued to computer and TV screens, here are few ideas based on some favorite digital characters. If your friend loves building and crafting in the game Minecraft, we have the accessories to turn them into Steve with our Steve head and foam pickaxe and sword. But for those who love the evil exploding Creepers, we carry a Creeper head and hoodie.


Minecraft toys

Minecraft Steve Head | Minecraft Pickaxe | Minecraft Sword | Minecraft Creeper Hoodie


Sonic the Hedgehog

For those who prefer cruising through the Green Hill Zone, we have a line hats based on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. And for the fans who would rather be red echidna, we have a pair of gloves that look just like Knuckles.


Sonic the Hedgehog toys

Sonic the Hedgehog Fleece Cap | Tails Fleece Cap | Knuckles Fleece Cap | Knuckles Gloves


Mega Man

Classic gaming fans will love our Mega Man helmet and megabuster. These will transform them into the blue bomber and let them relive moments of when they first took on Dr. Willy.


Mega Man Toys

Mega Man Helmet | Mega Man Megabuster



Has your friend or relative been bitten by a radioactive spider? Or may be flying around saving New York from being overrun by aliens? Then they may like these superhero hoodies to help keep them warm on those cold nights while saving the world.


Superhero hoodies

Spiderman Hoodie | Venom Hoodie | Iron Man Hoodie | TMNT Hoodie


And for the ladies we carry nail strips based on Batman, Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman so she can let people know her favorite hero every day.


Superhero Nail Art

Batgirl Nail Strips | Robin Nail Strips | Supergirl Nail Strips | Wonder Woman Nail Strips


Harry Potter

The wizards on your list have some great options for amazing gifts this year as well. For those who are wondering which of the four houses of Hogwarts they would be put in, we have a talking sorting hat that will let you know. We also have scarves and hats that match whichever house you belong in to help keep you warm while watching a quidditch match. And for those who want to look just like Harry, we have the magically soft Triwizard Cup shirt.


Harry Potter toys

Harry Potter Costumes & Accessories


Doctor Who

Time travelers are hard to surprise since they can always jump ahead to see what happens, but with these gifts you may catch them off guard. Everyone who travels through time and space needs a sonic screwdriver to help open those locked doors they’re not supposed to enter. And if they land on the planet of the Ood they’ll need to keep warm, and this Tardis Laplander hat will do just the trick. If the gallifreyan you’re shopping for is a fan of the classic series, we have a short and a long scarf based on the 4th Doctor’s to keep them warm while on the Ark in Space.


Doctor Who Toys

Doctor Who Costumes & Accessories

My Little Pony

My Little Pony fans and bronies will get kick out these great costume hoodies. For that silly and wacky friend of yours, there’s the Pinkie Pie face hoodie to show off their funny side. If your friend is a little shy and quiet, then they love cuddling up in this warm Fluttershy face hoodie while talking to animals. Now for those who always want to be 20% cooler, they can finally have their wish with this Rainbow Dash face hoodie.


My Little Pony Hoodies

My Little Pony Flutteryshy Hoodie | My Little Pony Rainbow Face Hoodie | My Little Pony Pinkie Face Hoodie