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Hit a home run this Halloween when you wear an officially-licensed A League of Their Own costume! It's the perfect time to take the field because we have a Rockford Peaches costume for everyone in the whole family! No matter what size the player, they'll be ready to suit up in our screen accurate and high-quality uniforms. Our A League of Their Own Halloween costumes are sure to make the crowd roar!
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When their men went off to fight World War II, women stepped up and kept things going on the home front. They worked in factories, repaired equipment, and did just about anything else that needed doing. That even included baseball! Chicago Cubs owner Philip K. Wrigley founded the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League because he feared that Major League Baseball teams would have to stop playing because many players went to war. Women's baseball teams, such as the Rockford Peaches, Racine Belles, Kenosha Comets, and the South Bend Blue Sox, started popping up all over the midwest. In 1992, Penny Marshall made a movie about the women who had A League of Their Own, featuring a star-studded cast rocking those pink Rockford Peaches uniforms.

If you like to play baseball without crying, you might want one of our A League of Their Own girls' baseball costumes. We can give you the look with these Rockford Peaches Halloween costumes, but you'll have to practice pitching, hitting and fielding on your own... just remember: there's no crying in baseball! How To
A League of Their Own Costumes

How to be a League of Their Own Character

Congratulations! You've been selected to play on the first baseball team exclusively for women. Grab your bat and your glove because you're heading down to the diamond! You'll have to be as tough as your old leather mitt because there's a very big chance you'll scrape your knee sliding into home. Coach will just tell you to rub some dirt on it and get back in the game. If you have a cannon for an arm, you'll play center field. Do you throw faster than the speed of sound? Well then, step onto the pitcher's mound and strike that batter out! Throw on your dusty cap and be ready to show off your sporty skills as a Racine Belle or a Rockford Peach. Just remember, 'there's no crying in baseball!'

How to Pose in Your League of Their Own Costume

Time to Play

Time to Play Pose

Take a Swing

Take a Swing Pose

Baseball Beauty

Baseball Beauty Pose

Take it Easy

Take it Easy Pose

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Ballgame Pose

There's No Crying in Baseball!

There's No Crying in Baseball! Pose

You'll knock it out of the park when you pose for pictures like a true slugger. You'll make a cute and convincing Dottie by picking up your bat and holding it like a cane. Place your hand on your hip like you're determined to hit a home run. Next, pick up the bat like you're ready to swing at a pitch. Give the camera your major league smile while in your stance. If you want to play for the Racine Belles, you need to be sassy! Pose with your hand on your hip. Hold the bat behind your head like you're ready to play some ball. The next player up to bat is Coach Jimmy! Throw a bat over your shoulder like you are about to give a lesson in hitting. Finally, look into the camera like you're giving the signal to steal home plate. These poses will make you the MVP!

How to Pose in Your Couples League of Their Own Costumes

Sideline Signals

Sideline Signals Pose

Step Up to the Plate

Step Up to the Plate Pose

Take your teammate and pose for a winning couple's shot! Stand next to your pal and give the camera some secret batting signs. No smiling on this one! You will have to look stern if you want to be taken as a serious ball player. Unleash those grand slam smiles for the last picture. You'll look like you've just won the World Series!

How to Talk like a League of Their Own Character

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