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Baaaaaby Shark doo doo doo doo doo! If you or your little one just can't get enough of that song, no matter how many times you hear it, then check out our Baby Shark costumes! We carry a ton of different outfits based on the wildly popular song for kids. We even have officially licensed costumes from the iconic Baby Shark video.
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Shark Pet Costume
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Babyshark Dog Costume
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Toddler Blue Baby Shark Costume Hoodie
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Daddy Shark Deluxe Child Costume
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Babyshark Infant Costume
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Childs Shark Onesie
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Toddler Girl's Shark Sweetie Costume
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Womens Sassy Shark Costume
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Girl's Shark Sweetie Costume
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Bubble Shark Toddler Costume
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Cozy Shark Adult Costume
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Child Shark Costume
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Toddler Shark Costume
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Child Great White Shark Costume
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Child Chomping Shark Costume1
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Infant Silly Shark Costume
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Adult Shark Onesie
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Mens Shark Costume
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Girls Cozy Shark
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Kids Shark Costume Update 1
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Shark Finn Headband
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Shark Adult Kigurumi
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It came from the depths... from out of nowhere! Children across the world have been enchanted by the catchy tune and the simple dance moves. The brightly colored shark family became renowned icons. Even parents started adding it to their music playlist on their phones... it's Baby Shark and it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity! We've fully embraced our new shark overlords and we think the sooner you accept the awesomeness that is Baby Shark, the sooner you can get to jamming out with the adorable shark family from the music videos! So, let's talk about the shark fam and some of the Baby Shark costumes we have based on them!

First off, there's Baby Shark! That little critter is the yellow shark that starts the song off. That's why our Baby Shark costume is usually the most popular costume for little kids, since little ones often see themselves in the adorable little shark! We carry various kids Baby Shark costumes, including some that even have sound chips to play a snappy version of the song. That means that your child can turn any costume party into a Baby Shark dance party!

Next, we have Mommy Shark! She's the peppy pink mother of Baby Shark. She joins Baby Shark quite early in the song to help her little one go hunting! We carry Mommy Shark costumes for adults, so you can dress up as a Mommy Shark and Baby Shark parent and child combo. We also have a great selection of child-sized Mommy Shark costumes for any little ones out there who love Mommy Shark a little more than they like Baby Shark!

Let's not forget Daddy Shark! Daddy Shark is the third character to appear in the children's song, and he has one of the most fun dance moves to perform while singing along with the song! We have Daddy Shark costumes that are perfect for dads who want to put a smile on their toddler's face! After all, nothing is more fun for a kid than having their dad dressed up as Daddy Shark, dancing in the living room to their favorite song! We also carry some great Daddy Shark costumes for kids, so your child can become Daddy Shark this Halloween if that's their jam!

We also have plenty of standard shark costumes, just in case you have extra members of the family who want to make their own characters for the Baby Shark dance party! Maybe Baby Shark has aunties and uncles who want to join the song. Or perhaps Great Grampa Shark wants to sing and dance too! Well, with our selection of cool shark costumes, you can craft your own family How To

Baby Shark Halloween Costumes

Many people are a little bit afraid of sharks. And we can't totally blame them! Even though your chances of being bitten by a shark are extremely low, we have plenty of movies that tell us otherwise. And we have to admit, their teeth look a little bit scary. However, the colorful fish that we see in the famous Baby Shark video are quite the opposite! Even if you've got a little tired of hearing their song, you have to agree that they're much more adorable than frightening. So, if you or your little one wants a costume that looks like it came right out of this viral video, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Whether you want to be Mommy, Daddy, or even Baby Shark, we have costumes sure to please even the most fanatic fan in your family!

Baby Shark Costumes for Kids

Have you noticed that your kiddo has developed some new habits recently? They want to swim all the time, and you constantly have to check to see if they're playing in the sink and making a mess. They've developed a new appetite for fish, which they ask for at dinner every night. And possibly the most concerning thing is the way they seem to want to chomp on everything—whether it's food or not! Sounds like your child might have watched Baby Shark one too many times. Fortunately, we have a great way to get it out of their system. Get them a Baby Shark costume and let them sing along and dance to their heart's content!

Baby Shark Costumes for Kids

Baby Shark Costumes for Kids

It's not unusual for kids to want to dress up in costumes related to their interests. Your space-obsessed child will probably want to be an astronaut at some point, and if your kid loves horses, they've probably been a cowboy a few times. However, you might not have been expecting your kiddo to request a shark costume this year! And not just any regular, gray, scary shark either. After watching the Baby Shark video for hours on end, they'd just love to wear our Kids Baby Shark Costume! They'll be cute and cozy in this adorable design.

Baby Shark Costumes Toddler

Baby Shark Costume Toddler

It's hard to find anything that gets your toddler to easily cooperate. So, when you discovered that Baby Shark was the key to making normal routines fun, you decided to embrace it. When you bring the fork to your kiddo's mouth and chant "do-do-do-do-do," they eat their vegetables without a second thought. And getting their pajamas on at night becomes a fun dance routine instead of a fight with Baby Shark playing in the background. This year, make Halloween as easy as your new bedtime routine with a Toddler Baby Shark Costume like this one!

Baby Shark Costumes Infant

Baby Shark Infant Costume

If you had to compare your infant to an animal, a shark probably wouldn't be the first that comes to mind. While your baby is a little short on teeth, sharks have rows upon rows of them. Sharks are cold-blooded, and your kiddo is essentially a snuggly heat pack. But your infant does have at least one thing in common with Baby Shark—they're both completely adorable! So, this Halloween, multiply the cuteness when you put your kiddo in our Baby Shark Infant Costume!

Baby Shark Costume Hoodie

Baby Shark Hoodie

Ever since you got your Baby Shark-obsessed kiddo a shark costume, they've been begging you to let them wear it everywhere. If we had our way, we'd wear Halloween costumes all the time, too! However, we have to admit that it's not always the best idea. Get your kiddo a Baby Shark Hoodie for those days that just don't require the full getup. They'll still love singing the song and dancing along, and we're pretty sure their smile will be almost as wide as a shark's!

Baby Shark Family Costumes

Baby Shark Family Costumes

There's nothing more fun for the whole family on Halloween than a great group costume! So, if your kiddo loves Baby Shark, get everyone in on the fun this year with Baby Shark costumes for the whole family! With our selection, you can create whichever combination of Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Shark that works best for your group. Everyone will have a great time dancing along with the song in our fun, colorful costumes!

Baby Shark Adult Costumes

Baby Shark is generally considered to be a song for kids. And your child is no exception! They ask to watch the video constantly, and they love singing along and doing the actions. However, every time it plays, you can't help but hum along, too. After all, it's just so catchy! And even though you might not like to admit it, the dance is pretty fun, too. This Halloween, embrace something your kid loves and try a Baby Shark costume for adults! Whether you want to be Mommy or Daddy Shark, we have a costume we're sure you'll love.

Mommy Shark Costumes

Mommy Shark Costume

Whether or not your love the song Baby Shark as much as your kiddo does, you have to admit one thing—it's really easy to memorize. After all, even if you only remember "do-do-do-do," you know half the song already! The only thing easier than singing along with them is dressing up like one of the characters with our Mommy Shark Costume! Your kiddo will be delighted when you put on this costume and join them in doing the actions! (Which are pretty fun!)

Daddy Shark Costumes

Daddy Shark Costume

There's nothing you love more than making your kiddo laugh. You've pulled out all the stops, from "dad jokes" that they're not old enough to hate yet to pranks worthy of a professional clown. But there's nothing wrong with adding something new to your arsenal! When you bring home this Daddy Shark Costume, your kiddo will love to laugh and dance along with you. And even if the song isn't your favorite, it makes your child happy, so it can't be all that bad!

Baby Shark Dog Costumes

Baby Shark Dog Costume

Has your kiddo ever begged you for a pet that you just can't have? Sure, bears look adorable, but there's no way you could afford their appetite or habitat, and besides, they're really a lot fiercer than they look. And even though we probably don't have to explain to you why your family can't adopt a dinosaur, it took a lot more convincing for your kiddo to understand. So, when your child begged you for a pet shark, you were at your wit's end. Fortunately, we have something that might help! Bring home this Baby Shark Dog Costume for your family pet and they'll be able to play the part (almost) perfectly! Monster