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Adventure Time Costumes

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Danger and peril lurk around every corner in the magical land of Ooo. The Ice King will try to kidnap your favorite princess, The Lord of Evil, Hunson Abadeer, will probably try to suck you into the Nightosphere, or you may just have to prevent the Lich from regaining his full powers! Either way, being prepared with some Adventure Time gear is your best bet for surviving the whole ordeal.

Finn's official adventuring hat will keep your long luscious locks out of sight while heading on your next quest and of course, no hero should journey alone! Bring along your best pal, Jake the Dog, in a Jake costume. You can also take on this friendly duo as Princess Bubblegum or the Ice King. Whatever you do, don't forget your official Adventure Time sword. It's perfect for questing and dealing with the danger and peril we mentioned earlier.

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