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These Game of Thrones costumes will help you look like your favorite character from the series. Whether you want to wear a Jon Snow costume or you plan on dressing up like the Khaleesi herself in a Daenerys costume, you'll be able to find the perfect look in our selection of outfits.
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The pieces are set. The players have all come together to decide the fate of Westeros. An enigmatic conquering queen who can control dragons. A valorous man who fights against the dead. A knight who struggles with his sense of morality. A dwarf who seemingly has all of the answers, despite his tainted reputation. Each plays an important role in the Game of Thrones series... and now it's easier than ever for you to become a part of that.

The series struck a cord on HBO back in 2011, the George R.R. Martin inspired show has kept us completely captivated ever since. The twists and turns made us laugh, cry, and hiss at devious villains. Of course, since it holds such a strong place in culture, it makes perfect sense that everyone wants to dress up as their favorite character to recapture the magic of the shows. And we made sure to gather up some of the best Game of Thrones costumes in the land!

So, what can you expect to find in our selection of outfits? Well, first, let's start at the top of the list! Daenerys Targaryen costumes have been one of our most popular choices and we carry various options to help you craft your perfect Khaleesi costume. We also have a selection of accessories that go perfectly with your Dany look, like wigs, dragon accessories, and even House Targaryen themed gear.

Jon Snow costumes are also one of our specialties! He's come a long way from being a scrappy lad living in Winterfell and his outfit in the show evolves along with him. We carry plenty of cloaks to help you look like a man of the Night's Watch. We carry plenty of toy weapons to help you fight against the army of White Walkers that are approaching. We even have some toy version of the iconic Longclaw! You can even check out some of our wolf costumes to reenact scenes with Ghost (maybe that good boy can finally get the pet that he deserves).

Jaime Lannister is another great character to cosplay as. We have a large selection of items to give you the greatest Jaime Lannister costume in all of Westeros. From his days as a simple swordsman traveling with Brienne to his later days as a commanding general for Cersei, you can customize your look with our various Game of Thrones accessories. Speaking of Cersei, we have Cersei costumes that you can use to step into the role of the conniving queen. We do, however, recommend getting out the Red Keep when you wear one (especially if there are dragons around)!

The imagination truly is the limit when you choose one of our Game of Thrones costumes. From Arya Stark to Tormund, we have everything you need to put your look a step above the rest! Whether you're trying to relive the early seasons or you want to create a group costume look based on the epic (and controversial) final 8th season of the series in 2019. How To
Game of Thrones Costumes

Game of Thrones Costume Ideas

You know how you feel when you hear it. Da duh. Da da duh duh. The opening theme to Game of Thrones means you’re about to watch about 55 minutes of violence, sex, gore, and medieval politics, and it’s safe to say (since you’re perusing Game of Thrones costumes) that you absolutely love it. And you’re not alone. The hit HBO show has smashed records worldwide and created legions of ravenous fans. Which means, of course, that it’s a prime theme for costume and cosplay fun. So whether you’d like to be your favorite character or would just like some Game of Thrones dresses and costumes to really capture the medieval style of the show, we’ve got you covered with a sweet selection of costume ideas. We have costumes that look like the clothes worn by the show’s most popular characters, officially licensed masks and accessories, and even wolf and dragon costumes to round out your group theme with the fiercest animals from Westeros. Become the ultimate character fighting for the throne, or even create a White Walker costume this Halloween. Check out these Game of Thrones costume styles and ideas to see if one of them might be just the perfect one for you. With exclusive looks, popular styles, and plenty of tips and tricks from our years of costume experience, we have plenty of ways to look like your favorite characters from the Seven Kingdoms. Because Valar Dohaeris. All men must serve… in costume!

Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

“When you play the game of thrones you win or die. There is no middle ground.” Okay, that might be true in Westeros, but we can totally assure you that there is plenty of middle ground for us fans. As long as you’re in a Game of Thrones costume! You can play the game, but the only question you’ll face is just which character you’d like to be? You could be a hero, a villain, a head of a noble house, a knight, or even just a commoner. (There are many ways to play the game!) The show’s been chock full of memorable characters since the very first episode, and while a lot of them have met their demise on the screen, you can still bring them back to life by assembling a character costume from the show. See if any of these ideas give you the inspiration you need to hop into the game!

Northern King Costume

Ned Stark Costume

You can portray the all-important Eddard Stark, Lord Paramount of the North, with this Northern King costume. The brown faux leather and fur details look do an admirable job of having you look like the head of House Stark, but the costume also works for the “Young Wolf” Robb Stark, too. Heck, you could even be a young Ned Stark fighting at the Tower of Joy if you want to do a Three-Eyed-Raven-style flashback to Robert’s Rebellion. Just be careful when facing off against Ser Arthur Dayne!

Dark Northern King Costume

Jon Snow Costume

For most of the series, Jon Snow has been a member of the Night’s Watch. As such, he can almost always be found in the typical garb of the Watchers on the Wall. And this men’s Dark Northern King costume bears a striking resemblance to their threads! Thick fur on the cape is sure to help keep you warm should you choose to venture north of the wall, and the black-on-black look of this Jon Snow costume will definitely have you fitting in with your new brothers. Just be prepared to take your vows… “Night gathers, and now my watch begins.”

Renaissance KNight Costume

Jaime Lannister Costume

Who’s our favorite one-handed anti-hero? Ser Jaime Lannister of course! Whether he’s standing as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard or he’s leading the Lannister army into battle, he’s the character we can’t help but root for. Use our Renaissance Knight costume to recreate a Jaime Lannister Costume from when he’s at home in King’s Landing. Get a lady friend into a Cersei costume or Brienne of Tarth costume, and you’ll have an awesome couple’s theme that’s sure to win any costume contest!

Wildling Costume

Wildling Costume

The best thing about being north of the wall? You can wear pretty much anything you want! This Wild Warrior costume looks like something the Free Folk might wear (minus the cold weather furs) but it SURE looks like something the wildlings of the Vale hill tribes would wear. (Remember those guys? Tyrion sure does!) Get this warrior costume to complement your Game of Thrones theme, and we’re sure Tywin Lannister will give you two axes.

Game of Thrones Women's Costume Ideas

Sure, the men of Game of Thrones hold the swords, but if you pay attention, you know full well that it’s really the ladies who run things in Westeros and beyond. Whether you’d like to be one of the leading ladies from the storylines or you prefer one of the other strong female characters from Game of Thrones, we have plenty of great costumes to portray one of them. Choose a dragon queen costume to rule with fire, or an elegant dress to rule from King’s Landing. A black dress might serve you as a Sansa Stark costume, or you could even pick out a renaissance costume to create your own Arya Stark costume! Whichever house you’d like to represent, we have great women’s costumes that will have you ready to claim your spot on the Iron Throne.

dragon queen dress

Khaleesi Costume

Got Dragons? Daenarys Targaryen does, and this Khaleesi is one Mother of Dragons who knows how to use them. Dany is well known for having the finest dresses to be found in all of Essos, and this women’s Dragon Queen dress will have you styled just like her! You can rule the Great Grass Sea, or head to Qarth or even Slaver’s Bay with this elegant dress. You will be the Khaleesi after all, so you can travel wherever you’d like to!

medieval queen Costume

Cersei Costume

Westeros might be worse for the wear after the War of the Five Kings, but Cersei always manages to stay regal and wear the most elegant dresses while she’s in King’s Landing. Try our Women’s medieval queen costume for a look that evokes Cersei’s signature Lannister style. You'll look royal in a Cersei Lannister costume. The red and gold on this elegant dress are well suited for a queen, whether the king is your husband, son, or even if you’re just planning on ruling solo! 

dragon queen costume

Daenarys Targaryen Costume

It doesn’t take Daenarys Targaryen long to become more than just a mother to her dragons: by season three, she’s Myhsa, the mother to the freed slaves of Yunkai. You can capture her look as the “breaker of chains” by going in this Dragon Queen Women’s costume. It looks just like her threads from this season of Game of Thrones, and with our Dragon Queen wig, you’ll really be able to capture her signature look. Complete your look with a Drogon shoulder prop, and you too will be ready to rule with fire. Dracarys!

Red Woman Costume

Red Woman Costume

Melisandre the Red Priestess is definitely one of the more “out there” characters in all of Westeros. If you’re up to date, we’ve witnessed some pretty startling revelations about the Red Woman, but we’re still fans! This stalwart of the television series had been with Stannis since day one, so we think she’s an awesome choice for costume fun. Choose this women’s High Priestess costume, and the red dress will have you looking like a devotee of the Lord of Light. Because “The night is dark and full of terrors…”

Game of Thrones Costume Tips and Tricks

Easy Going Khaleesi

Easy Going Khaleesi

Oh, the life of a Khaleesi. While it isn’t all fun and games, there’s usually plenty of time for leisurely activities. Because, whether you’re chilling in Qarth or if you’re ruling in Mereen, you’ve gotta take at least a little time to enjoy the tropical locales! We wanted to let our Mother of Dragons take it super easy, so we used a Spartan Queen style to create a custom Khaleesi costume. A Golden Goddess wig will give you the braided blond look of Targaryen ancestry, and a dash of makeup and a dragon armband will complete the character effect. There’s also one super important way to set yourself apart from the other Danys of the world, and that would be by making sure you have a dragon in tow for your Halloween fun. We have plenty of dragons to complete your look, be it a Dragon shoulder sitter, a plush dragon as pictured, or you could even get your kiddo into the action with a Game of Thrones dragon costume for kids! Whether or not you’ve got the firepower to back you up, we’re sure you’re going to be a really, really great Queen.

No Shame Here

No Shame Here

If you’ve ever considered re-enacting Cersei’s memorable atonement march from season five, let us offer you some pretty Maesterly advice: most folks don’t want you to show up in the nude. Sure, it would be screen accurate, but some modesty is an expectation and societal norm. Don’t let that stop your costume aspirations, however. Just use a nude bodysuit, and for an interesting upgrade, you can even create black bars to hang around your neck for the full “censored” effect. You can even make an awesome couple’s costume idea by having a partner dress in a Septa costume. (We used a combination of our Sinister Sister and Friar Tuck costumes to create this custom look.) Just have her chant “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and all you’ll have to do is grimace for the perfect shot. Do allow yourself to have just a little bit of fun with this look though. Because, thankfully, you won’t actually have to make the dreaded long walk all the way to the Red Keep!

Red Wedding, Party of Three

Red Wedding, Party of Three

The scene that shocked the world was no surprise to book readers, who knew full well that Walder Frey was not going to let Robb Stark and his party leave the Twins alive. Robb didn’t make it through this infamous “Red Wedding” and Talisa and Catelyn Stark met similarly disturbing demises. For a great group theme, consider creating your own Red Wedding look. We used a Viking Warrior costume and a couple of our Women’s Renaissance dresses to create each character’s look and then, of course, we just liberally applied the fake blood. Robb gets a smattering of prop arrows to complete his soon-to-be-departed style, and his wife gets a smattering of imitation blood on her baby bump. Lady Stark suffers perhaps the most gruesome outcome of the event (with a vicious throat cut ending her reign) and you can create the effect with a cut throat temporary tattoo or with some extra latex and a really good makeup artist. While this group of Starks didn’t make it to season four of Game of Thrones, we’re sure you’ll be going the distance when you choose this terrific group theme!

Winter is Here. It's Him.

Winter is Here. It's Him.

Doggone it, Night King, why you gotta be so scary?! The thing of nightmares (literally for Bran Stark) and the feared leader of the White Walkers makes a fearsome and frightening Halloween costume choice, so we highly encourage you to consider becoming this HBO villain. Having makeup effect experts is one of the perks of being in the Halloween biz, so we created this custom look using latex prosthetics and a whole lotta facepaint. You, of course, might not have those kinds of resources at your disposal, so we sell a super scary and officially licensed Night King mask for you to use. Choose some armor pieces or a knight costume to create your White Walker threads, and you’ll be ready to wage war against the living. Get a few of your buds together to collect some new recruits from Craster, or march your zombie wights against the wall. That thing is pretty tall, and it’s got all that magic and stuff, but we just gotta think there’s a way to get through if you try hard enough!

Westeros Road Tripper

Westeros Road Tripper

Being the Hound is a lot of work, and after we transformed our model into Sandor Clegane, he’d be ready to attest to the same. When you spend all your time dealing with talkers and whiners and the general scum of Westeros, well, it’s safe to say you’re probably just in the mood for some chicken and a mug of wine at the end of the day. We created this custom Hound look with the special effects makeup kit and a custom trimmed wig, and you can do it with the same attention to detail. We made sure to get his signature scar just right, and in our opinion he looks particularly fearsome. If you’d like to suit up as The Hound, options for fun include going on a roundabout tour of Westeros with Arya, Battling toe-to-toe with Brienne, or even finding a little zen while building a sept in the Riverlands. Or you could just grab a chicken leg, put on our officially licensed Game of Thrones Hound Helmet, and be the baddest, best dressed chap at your Game of Thrones party! Just remember, when you have this look, you don’t have to take any gruff from anyone—even the king.