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Not all heroes wear capes. We know that. But did you know that some heroes aren't even really "good guys" either!? Just take one look at the somewhat psycho glint in Harley Quinn's eyes or flip through Deadshot's rap sheet and you'll see that some groups are very anti-hero, indeed! Still, when your life is on the line, anyone can step up. And it's time for you to step up to the job of rocking these Suicide Squad Halloween costumes!
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Women's Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume Main Update
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Adult's Great White Shark Costume
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Women's Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume
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Kids Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume
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Orange Inmate Prisoner Costume Women's
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Childs Great White Shark Costume Update 1
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Child Harley Quinn Jumpsuit Costume

Kids Harley Quinn Jumpsuit Costume

Kid's Burgundy Harlequin Costume
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Men's Prison Orange Jumpsuit
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Naughty Harlequin Clown Costume
Harley Quinn Child Onesie
Kid's Harley Quinn Squad Costume_Updated

Kid's Harley Quinn Squad Costume

Men's Joker Costume

Men's Joker Costume

Voodoo Poncho Costume

Voodoo Poncho Costume

Inmate Orange Prisoner Plus Size Costume
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Adult Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Womens Costume

Voodoo Witch Womens Costume
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Voodoo Witch Women's Costume

Grand Heritage Joker Costume1
The Joker Toddler Costume new

The Joker Toddler Costume

Child Deluxe Samurai Costume
Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume

Plus Men's Prison Jumpsuit
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Womens Harley Jester Costume
Womens Harlequin Costume

Womens Harlequin Costume

Harley Quinn Hammer Time Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater-2 upd
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Two Sword and Sheath Ninja Set
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Harlequin Wig

Harlequin Wig For Adults

Adult Black Combat Boots

Adult Black Combat Boots

DC Comics Harley Quinn Tech Wristlet
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Womens Harlequin Shoes

Harlequin Shoes for Women

Women's Harlequin Wig
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Women's Harlequin Wig

Women's Harley Quinn Diamond Raglan
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Several of the scariest villains in DC history were also some of the most complex characters. We're talking about folks who've done truly dastardly things but also had just enough of a heroic potential that we had to wonder what they would have done if things were different. Could Harley have been a hero if the Joker hadn't pushed her down the road of madness? What if King Shark's genetics didn't mess so much with his mind? And what if the Enchantress didn't have to deal with all of that demonic possession? (Now that we see that list, we have to note that a lot of the problems with the Suicide Squad seem to suggest some solid therapy might have been the key!) 

In the meantime, if you love these complex characters and can't get enough of the Suicide Squad movie franchise and comic book series, then you're in the right place. We have some great Suicide Squad costumes to help you live out your own heroic havoc. 

Do you think you and your crew are crazy enough to impersonate the Suicide Squad gang? If you feel confident that your posse is wild enough for the epic transformation into the lovable bunch of DC Comics villains, then our selection of officially licensed Suicide Squad costumes are perfect for you. Once you've found the outfit that triggers your wicked side, you'll laugh sadistically in a way that would even make Harley Quinn and the Joker green with envy.

No matter how big your squad is, we have a character costume and the appropriate accessories for everyone in your squad. Naturally, the real queen of the Suicide Squad is none other than Harley! We have a ton of Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Halloween costumes that will help you shine in any of her on-screen styles. If you'd like to keep her sidekick around, we sell Joker costumes, too, outfitting those crazy enough to wear it, in a long purple trench coat and green vest. Bring your Jared Leto dreams to life and all without having to sit in the tattooist chair at all!

But you can't have a squad with just one or two folks. Try putting together some other unique Suicide Squad cosplay costumes with some of these options. Deadshot looks like any other character when he takes off his gear. All you need is the precise aim and his favorite sniper shot to hit the bullseye. If you're really here for a King Shark costume, you can choose one of our Made By Us designs to help you get into the flipper fun. The Enchantress is made real by pairing some demonic accessories with a Voodoo costume while a reptile costume and a scale stencil helps you bring Killer Croc right off the page. Then you have Katana, a modern-day samurai who loves her weapons! Use these DIY Suicide Squad costume ideas and more to bring your comic adventure to life. Get the whole gang together and let the mischief commence, but if some random Batman starts looking your way, don't blame us!