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The mask sported by Jason in the Friday the 13th franchise has become an iconic symbol of horror in the last few decades. If you’re looking to really give people a scare this year, try a Jason Voorhees costume! You can even build your own with our selection of masks and machetes. You’ll have a great time terrorizing camp with a Jason Halloween costume!
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Unisex Friday the 13th PJ Set-0
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Freddy vs Jason Adult Halloween Sweater 1
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Jason Costume

Jason Costume

Adult Friday the 13th Jason High Top Sneakers
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Killer Knife Purse update
Friday the 13th Crossbody Bag
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Latex Screwed Up Accessory
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Bloody Butcher Cleaver Prop Weapon
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Pastease Hockey Slasher Horror Pasties
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Inflatable Machete Prop
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Bleeding Machete Knife
Jason Mask
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Jason Machete
5 Pack Horror Icons Crew Socks
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Friday the 13th Ramen Bundle
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Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Halloween Sweater 1
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Ready to take a trip out to Camp Crystal Lake? Before you go, let's see how hardcore of a Friday the 13th fan you are. Did you know that the killer in the first movie was not Jason, but actually Jason's mom? And that the hockey mask he is famous for wearing didn't appear until Friday the 13th Part III? Okay, now that you are a Jason Voorhees expert, you are ready to assume the role.

With a Jason Voorhees costume, you'll have fun terrifying camp counselors and other random folk that are unlucky enough to cross your path. 

Looking for a non-traditional Jason Halloween costume? We've got you covered with a sexy Jason costume for the ladies and even a pet Jason costume for your dog. 

Of course, you can't forget the costume accessories for your Jason costume look. Wearing a hockey goalie Jason mask and carrying a large machete are essential to achieving the proper Friday the 13th costume. From there add a few fake blood splatters then walk around silent and menacing and we think you'll make a very convincing Jason! Monster