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Grab one of our lifeguard costumes and you'll feel ready to perform a daring rescue this Halloween! Or, you know, just sit in your lifeguard chair while looking great in your cute lifeguard costume. Either way, the choice is yours with one of our lifeguard outfits!
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Girl's Lifeguard Costume
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Wendy Peffercorn Adult Sandlot Costume update
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Smoke Aviator Glasses
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Adult Padded Muscle Shirt
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Long Black Eyelashes
Shark Attack Handbag
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Blues Glasses Black_1
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Yellow Aviator Glasses
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Adult Baywatch Men's Costume
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If you've never had to be rescued at the beach (and we hope you haven't!) you might forget that there are brave lifeguards stationed at pools, beaches, and swimming holes around the world. They sit in tall chairs or towers, perched at the ready to help any swimmer who might be in distress. So, you'd be forgiven if you forget to glance up to see whether or not there's a lifeguard on duty when you're out for a swim!

When lifeguards leave their perch to patrol the water on foot, though, they tend to get noticed. Because strutting around in a sexy swimsuit is always going to attract some attention! Lifeguards almost always wear red swimsuits, trunks, or beach attire, so they're hard to miss when they're on the beat. And, if you've ever thought being a lifeguard might be kinda cool, well, we offer lifeguard costumes so you can give the job a whirl this Halloween!

Adults are going to love showing off their stuff in one of our sexy lifeguard costumes. We feature Baywatch lifeguard Halloween costumes based on the 90s TV show and the 2017 movie. Women will want to start by shopping for our Sexy Baywatch Lifeguard Costume. Based on a certain blonde bombshell from the TV series, any gal is sure to love suiting up as an iconic Baywatch lifeguard with this outfit. We also offer a long sleeve Baywatch swimsuit costume inspired by the movie!

Men can suit up with a 90s lifeguard costume when they choose our Baywatch Beach Men's Lifeguard Costume. This classic outfit features red shorts and a matching jacket so you can look like one of the chaps from the iconic TV show. And, for an updated version, just buy our Men's Baywatch Costume. Also featuring shorts and a jacket, the lifeguard uniform features the cool red and blue design that was seen in the movie.

Now, normally, we wouldn't want to put kids in a position where they might have to save the life of a full-grown adult. But, when it comes to Halloween, lifeguard costumes for kids are a great idea! We offer a lifeguard costume kids will love with our Girl's Lifeguard Costume. This outfit is a Made By Us exclusive, designed by our expert team to be a realistic recreation of the garb worn by real lifeguards. Complete with a romper, short-sleeved jacket, and visor, it will let young girls roleplay as a heroic poolside rescuer.

When it comes to Halloween costumes lifeguard suits for boys, they might prefer a costume that's a tad more exciting. Well, we have just the outfit for that! Our lifeguard and shark attack costume is a funny lifeguard costume that is sure to be a big hit for trick-or-treating. This hilarious outfit features a lifeguard t-shirt and a pair of pants. But the pants are designed with a plush shark attached that makes it look like the shark is taking a bite out of your kiddo! That makes it a great choice for adventurous little ones.