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“There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie.” Playing the villain tends to help! Bring your favorite cult classic scary movie to life with our selection of Scream Halloween costumes! In any of our available Ghostface costumes and Scream costume accessories, you’ll be well prepared for a killer Halloween. “Do you like scary movies?” soundtrack not included.
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Adult Scream Costume
Child Scream Costume
Adult Ghost Face Slayer Kit
Teen Ghost Face Costume
Adult Scream Mask
Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Bloody Blade
Killer Knife Purse update
Adult Black Combat Boots
Bleeding Machete Knife
Bloody Knife

Bloody Knife

Jason Machete
Ghost Face Window Peeper
Knife Injury Headband
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Ghost Face Pride Mask
Coming Soon
Oversized Fake Knife Update
Coming Soon
Adult Ghost Face Pumpkin Mask
Coming Soon
Ghost Face 16" Hug Me Plush
Sold Out

"So what's your favorite scary movie?" You better answer or else you will make Ghostface very angry...and we all know what happens when Ghostface gets angry! Wes Craven's popular horror movie franchise, Scream, is the highest grossing slasher film in the world because it combines two very unlikely categories: horror and humor!  

Who could forget Deputy Dewey cracking jokes in midst of all the chaos and news reporter Gayle Weathers' funny one liners? Comic relief combined with watching a knife-wielding Ghostface take out a bunch of unsuspecting teenagers with the help of his butcher knife, face mask, and of course, voice changer is what made these horror films into classics. Plus, there's the fun of trying to figure out the identity of Ghostface because with every movie, the murderer changes.

So, for the ultimate horror movie extravaganza, why not dress up as the ultimate killer with the ultimate disguise: a Ghostface mask. Pick up the black tattered robe, one of our fake knife accessories, and of course the iconic mask. Next, you can find yourself an innocent Sydney Prescott to terrorize and BAM you are now the new killer and the mystery continues!