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Regency Era Costumes

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Prepare to promenade! Our available Regency Era costumes are here to gild your collection with truly scintillating styles! Whether dressing for an elaborately themed brunch or planning a romantic Halloween couple's costume, this selection has you covered for that and more! Shop costumes inspired by Regency Era fashion and get in touch with your noble side for Halloween or a dream social season!
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As far as historical costumes go, few shine as bright as styles inspired by Regency and Gilded Age fashion! That's especially true thanks to period-piece dramas, novels, and stage productions! In fact, since you're here shopping our selection of Regency Era and Gilded Age costumes, you probably have one of those intriguing stories promenading through your mind already!

Don't just imagine what it'd be like to dress like the social elite of Sense and Sensibility or Bridgerton. Join them for a magical Halloween, cosplay, or fancy-themed gathering of friends! With a nobleman costume or duchess costume from our selection, you'll find it easy to look the part of favorite characters ready for a sparkling social season!

Not sure which costume is right for your event? Stick with us for a brief look at what we have in store! We're confident you'll leave here knowing how to bring your Bridgerton costume ideas, and high society tea party plans to fruition!

It's common practice among fans to associate Gilded Age dresses with Regency Era styles. And we can't say we blame them, the fashions are very similar—the differences between the two may be only noticeable to someone with an education in historical fashion. But that's not why you're here! You want to feel like Elizabeth Bennet or dance the night away in a Daphne Bridgerton costume! So, let's break down how you can become Bennet, Bridgerton, or any dynamic Regency darling!

While our selection is limited, it's always growing, and you're sure to discover a look that feels pulled straight from the modiste! Each costume dress found hear features the marks for the era. Brocade fabrics, empire waists, and puff sleeves abound! And that's just the dresses! A traditional men's regency costume from our collection is guaranteed to boast of tied collars, tail coats, buttons, and luxe-feel fabrics!

Pair your favorite Regency-inspired costume with our available accessories to ensure a ton-approved look!

A matching full-length, hooded cape could add mystery, modesty, and even a bit of warmth to your chosen costume. Meanwhile, if you haven't mastered the elaborate curls and pinning Regency ladies and their maids have, our selection can help! Shop the looks available here or visit our full wig collection to find additional styles that may suit your costume vision better!

Before you leave, we have just a couple more pieces of advice! Ensure a successful social season with just two more accessories: a steadfast friend and a bit of extra glitz!

Here you'll find the bold necklace to pair with your dress and dashing vests every Duke costume needs! As for the friends, clever companions, or diamond matches, you'll have to check within your ton! Then have them visit to find their promenade ensemble to complement your own! Monster