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Ravenclaw Costumes

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Clever Ravenclaw, you've seen your share of Halloween costumes and know this is exactly where you can get your perfect match! Wear your eccentricities proudly in a Luna Lovegood costume. Look sharp for another Hogwarts term with a fresh set of Ravenclaw robes. Or invent a magical group costume with your fellow Potterheads and Ravenclaw Halloween costumes fit for every fan!
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With a Ravenclaw sorting, you join the ranks of some of the wizarding world's most notable and eccentric persons. You may not feel you're so bold as to wear a jellyfish as a hat like Uric the Oddball. However, you may find you're as innovative as Garrick Ollivander or as brazen and proud as Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold. But whichever way your story unfolds, you'll need the wardrobe to match!

Build a wardrobe any Ravenclaw would be proud of when you select the Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume or character ensembles that suit you best! Amongst our selection, you'll find separates to complete your Ravenclaw uniform and accessories perfect for creating a stunning Ravenclaw outfit. Not sure where to begin? Continue reading to learn some of our ideas. Armed with the knowledge of everything in store, you'll be more than ready to invent your own Ravenclaw style!

As a Ravenclaw, you know the best place to begin is right at the start. And even the wisest Ravenclaw can't deny that the starting point is a Hogwarts uniform when it comes to clothing! Luckily, our selection of Ravenclaw costumes includes more than a few inspiring uniform essentials. Choose vintage or modern style cloaks for the classroom. Compose a full uniform with available ties and skirts. Or prove how eccentric you are with a wearable blanket made to look like a standard-issue school robe.

Stepping away from the castle but refusing to let your Ravenclaw pride dim? Smarten up every outfit with Ravenclaw accessories! A wide variety of exclusive hats, scarves, ties, and headbands ensure you're always sporting your colors. Though, suppose you're looking for an even more intriguing Ravenclaw display. In that case, you'll discover one-of-a-kind bags, jewelry, and even a Made By Us sweater, all ready to quietly boast of your Ravenclaw membership!

With a wardrobe of robes and accessories built, perhaps you're ready to become your favorite Ravenclaw icon. If so, a Luna Lovegood costume is exactly what you need! DIY your Luna look with help from our exclusive accessory kit, lion hat, or both! You'll be ready to support Quibbler, friends, and the Hogwarts darling with either choice. However, an all-inclusive Luna ensemble might be more your style. Get everything you need to become the truly unique character with any of our available deluxe Luna options based on her classic pink coat and printed skirt.

Of course, while Ravenclaws hold fierce to their sense of individuality, they can't ignore the importance of their inclusion at Hogwarts. So, don't forget to add a few Hogwarts crests to your collection. They're perfect for keeping your blue and bronze color palette looking fresh! Monster