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Do you go nutty for Halloween? Prove it with peanut costumes for you and the entire family! A peanut costume from our selection is the perfect way to express just how fun and funny Halloween can be while also expressing your love for the versatile legume. Dress as the peanut butter to your best pal's jelly or as Mr. Peanut himself when you shop with us!
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There are probably endless reasons someone comes looking for a peanut Halloween costume. You may be here because you've got a little one at home that you endearingly refer to as peanut. Or perhaps, you and your best friend want to show how sticking your friendship is by dressing as peanut butter and jelly. It is even possible you've been invited to a costume party with a Famous Brands theme. There's no brand face as debonair as Mr. Peanut!

We're happy to report that we can help with all that and more! So, stick with us and hear a bit more about everything we have in store for your nutty Halloween celebrations! We're sure we have the peanut Halloween costume that's perfect for you!

Let's start with the peanut's most iconic look: still in the shell. We have costumes to get you or yours dressed like a rustic legume, and we know you'll love the look so much that you won't want to toss these shells on a steakhouse floor!

Choose a peanut costume infants can enjoy or size up for your peanut-obsessed toddler. Our Made By Us peanut costumes for kids are soft and easy to wear, so your little one will be cute and comfy for all Halloween's tricks and treats. Meanwhile, our adult peanut tunic lets you become a big nut too!

Next up? A Mr. Peanut costume for anyone interested in the suave goober. From Mr. Peanut costumes for babies to a Mr. Peanut inflatable costume, this limited selection offers unlimited fun! Don the monocle and top hat and hit the Halloween scene as the most iconic peanut that's ever been. Or get your kiddo looking like the lavish legume; we're sure you're in for side-splitting memories either way!

Finally, let's explore the possibility of a peanut butter costume. Know a kiddo that refuses to eat anything but PB sandwiches? Let them show their love for creamy or crunchy spread with a peanut butter jar tunic!

Or level up your peanut butter Halloween costume idea by pairing it with jelly! We offer peanut butter and jelly Halloween costumes for kids and adults, so you and yours can mix or match an adorable couple's look! You'll even find jelly jars in our full food costume selection for pairing with our PB jar!

Whether you're nutty for Halloween or simply love everything peanut-themed, you've found the right selection of costumes! Whether you plan to choose a peanut shell for your little legume or a peanut suit, Mr. Peanut could rock we've got you covered. And, of course, you can break things down into peanut by-products to make spreading the love even more fun! Monster