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Adult Historical Costumes

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A blast from the past? You might say that's one of our specialties! And that's because we're proud to offer a huge selection of historical Halloween costumes. Shop all of our top historical figures costumes and themes right here to figure out which era of history you'd like the chance to experience!
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Mona Lisa Adult Costume
Men's Vincent Van Gogh Costume
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Women's Neon Artist Costume
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Women's Frida Kahlo Costume
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Women's Red Frida Kahlo Costume
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Women's Plus Frida Kahlo Costume
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Women's Plus Red Frida Kahlo Costume
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Adult The Screamer Costume
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So, you've been brushing up on history? We're happy to hear that! Whether you've been working your way through a stack of leather-bound encyclopedias, deep-diving down Wikipedia rabbit holes on past events, or even if you've been busy binge-watching the History Channel, it's always good to possess a solid knowledge and understanding of history. Details from different decades and eras from even hundreds (or thousands!) of years ago can provide plenty of insight into our modern lives today. But as to current events, we've got to pose an important question to you in the here and now. Are you ready to put your wealth of historical knowledge to good use? Because, well, Halloween is coming up, and we think this is as good a time as even to choose a historical Halloween costume!

Whether you like to choose history-based costumes every year or if you're making your first foray into the pages of history to make your costume decision, we're happy to be your guide and lend a helping hand in any way we can. Because we've actually been busy studying ourselves so that we could stock up on the best costumes from the past! From historical figures costumes to themed historical costumes from the most renowned ages and eras, we've got the best selection of costumes found on the web. With one of our costumes you'll be able to recreate the battles of ancient Rome, scale to the top of the Pyramids in an Egyptian costume, or become a founding father forging the constitution for the fledgling United States of America!

Those top historical themes, of course, and any one of them would be an excellent selection for both a novice historian and an experienced expert. The first place we'd look though is at costumes from European history. A Roman costume is a great choice if you're feeling extra ancient, and we've got great options for Roman toga costumes and gladiator costumes. We even have our own exclusive Maximus costume from the hit movie Gladiator! There are plenty of other great options across the ages in Europe, too. Try a knight costume if you'd like to be a medieval battler. Or flash forward a few centuries with one of our Renaissance costumes! We've got historical renaissance costume ensembles for men and gorgeous Renaissance gowns and dresses for women.

If you're thinking you'd rather travel south across the Mediterranean for your costume fun, well, we've got plenty of costumes to have you feeling like an ancient Egyptian, too. Our most popular choice, not surprisingly, is our Cleopatra costumes. We have Cleopatra dresses in every style imaginable so that you can get just the look you'd like! For historical couples costumes, all you have to do is dress up your other half as a Pharaoh or Egyptian god like Anubis or Bastet. No matter which costumes you choose, you're sure to be an ancient power couple!

You can hop across the pond, too, to try out historical figures costumes from American history. It might be hard to pick your favorite era from US history, though, because we've got costumes for all of them! You could start at the beginning with one of our Revolutionary War costumes. The top choices from that period would be George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Betsy Ross. Flash forward to the pioneer era with a Davy Crockett costume, or relive the trying times of the Civil War in an Abraham Lincoln costume. We've got the late 1800s and 1900s covered too, of course, with plenty of selections covering the Wild West, WWII, and decades right up to modern times!

We've covered all of our most popular adult historical costumes for Halloween, but we have plenty of other historical era themes, too. From Vikings to the Victorian era, and even going all the way back to cavemen and women, we've got a huge catalog of authentic historical costumes. With so many choices, we're sure you'll have no trouble finding a costume that will let you relive any moment of history that you can dream of! Monster