Minneapolis Wizard World Comic Con

by |May 7, 2014

Freddy Krueger Glove Reach
Wizard World Comic Con officially arrived (squeeee)! Along with it, numerous celebrities and artists known throughout the world flooded the Minneapolis Convention Center alongside thousands of fans and geeks doing what they do best - getting their geek on.

The Minneapolis comic con ran from May 2nd through May 4th (May the Fourth, a perfect holiday for a con) headlining familiar faces such as Lou Ferrigno, Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, Robert Englund, Dean Cain, William Shatner, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and several other stars fans were more than eager to meet. The great Neal Adams and Bob Layton, not to mention a slew of other renowned artists, were also in attendance for those interested in comic books and their masterminds.

Celebs on stage

We pride ourselves on being costume experts and geeks, so we wouldn't have missed this con for the world! Over the course of the three days, we were thrilled at how well the con ran. Often times conventions can get bogged down with massive lines and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, but the convention center proved to be the perfect venue for the crowd of raving fans. If you wanted a photo or an autograph from an admired celebrity, chances are you had no trouble getting it as long as you were patient. Even the large Q & A sessions with celebrities were done incredibly well. The lines stretched long but if you wanted to hear what Matt Smith had to say you at least got in the hall to hear him.

We chose to visit some of our favorite celebrities and ogle over them as we got autographs. William Shatner was awesome. Sean Astin was impressed by our halfling slippers. Robert Englund said our Freddy Krueger glove was God! While Dean Cain and Matt Smith thought our custom printed images were sweet. The autographs are awesome, but we liked getting to see these folks at eye level. It's a delightful experience meeting your favorite actors and if you didn't catch it this year, make sure you do in 2015.

Here is our memory reel in all its glory. Oh Minneapolis Wizard World Comic Con, how we love thee.

Another reason we went to the con was to see all the amazing costumes, and boy were we impressed! We took hundreds of pictures with friendly and accommodating people dressed to the nines as they strolled through the stalls of comics, action figures, and prints. Naturally, Wizard World held a costume contest that showcased some of the best costumes, but we thought we should mention our favorites.

Here are our picks for the best costumes at Minneapolis Wizard World Comic Con.

Anna and Olaf from Frozen

A favorite for obvious reasons. This costume is elaborate, requiring many pieces to pull it off effectively and this woman nailed it. Carrying Olaf with her was icing on the cake.

Anna from Frozen


Black Kat (Felicia Hardy)

Everything just worked with this costume. We wondered if Black Kat will make an appearance in the next Spider-Man movie.

Black Kat


Clone Troopers

What made these trooper costumes so great was the realistic dirt and grime incorporated in the costumes. It wasn't hard to imagine they just came from a distant battlefield in a galaxy far, far away.

Clone Troopers



A really great Predator costume is hard to catch in person. Until now! Her skin looked real and it's a FEMALE PREDATOR!

Female Predator


Inspector Gadget

This photo doesn't do the costume justice. The man was on stilts which were his go-go-gadget legs. The helicopter hat even spun around. This costume brought lots of small details together to make a convincing Inspector Gadget.

Inspector Gadget


Sheik from Legend of Zelda

A very quality Sheik. Lots of attention to detail in the clothing and stitches. The cosplayer had the pose down too.

Legend of Zelda Sheik


Loki in Chains

A wonderful surprise with this costume. We've seen Loki, but we haven't seen Loki bound in chains with a gag over his mouth. Not since seeing it in the movie, anyway.  Although, it must have been tough shuffling around the con with legs bound.

Loki in chains


The Three Mistys

These guys went for it, and they knocked it out of the park. No regrets and no reservations - each and every one of them was having a blast in their costume and posing for the crowd going nuts over their costumes. Kudos, sirs!

Misty from Pokemon


Sonic the Hedgehog

Cute, adorable, and wicked fast. Sonic done in a simple and fun way. Everything fits so well with this costume. Look on the woman's right hand. See those gold rings? When she bumped into someone she would spill them on the ground like Sonic when he gets hurt. A subtle touch that made this a great costume.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Dragon Slayer Ornstein - Best of Show

There is no doubt this was the best costume of the show. One needn't have played Dark Souls to know this costume is incredibly intricate and detailed. Everything from the chain mail under his plate armor, to the rivets, the spear, and even the accents of red, were done impeccably well. Oh, and if you haven't played Dark Souls, play Dark Souls...then play Dark Souls 2.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein


Honorable Mentions

Obviously there were too many awesome costumes to list every single one, but here are some of the others that we thought deserved mentioning. Fionna from Adventure Time, Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, everyone from Bob's Burgers (except Bob who was off making a burger or something), Spaceballs worn by a guy who looks like he belonged in the movie, Solaire (Praise the sun!), and one of the better Jedi we've seen. Last but not least, Salad Fingers! Salad Fingers even brought his three friends Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher. Might we say, they're all looking rather splendid this evening.

Honorable Mentions

More Honorable Mentions

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