Costume Ideas for People With Curly Hair [Costume Guide]

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Costume Ideas for People With Curly Hair

There are so many ways to choose the Halloween costume you want to wear. Is it a character you enjoy, or does the costume look comfortable? Perhaps the character looks a little bit like you? You're not alone if you like characters that share a similar hair type or style. Let's take a peek at costume ideas that pair well with curly hair! There are many great curly hair costumes for men, women, and kids if you know where to look.

Please remember that these suggestions have curly hair, but there's nothing stopping you from picking any costume that you want to wear!


1. Mad Hatter Costumes

Mad Hatter Costumes

Adult Authentic Mad HatterChild Pastel Mad HatterKids' Mad Hatter CostumePlus Size Mad Hatter

Shop all Mad Hatter Costumes

There are quite a few depictions of the Mad Hatter. However, the live-action Alice in Wonderland movie solidified our belief that the Mad Hatter feels right with curly hair. You can aim for an authentic-looking movie costume or find another Mad Hatter costume that fits your personal style. No matter what, this is the perfect Halloween costume for curly hair.


2. Queen of Hearts Costumes

Queen of Hearts Costumes

Plus Size Queen of Hearts CostumeKids' Queen of HeartsChild Queen of Hearts CostumeAdult Queen of Hearts

Shop all Queen of Hearts Costumes

We have also seen several renditions of the Queen of Hearts, but the live-action Alice in Wonderland movie knocked the character design out of the park! Her head of red curls is shaped like the top of a heart, with her little crown perched on top. Whether or not you have curly red hair, shaping your curls into a heart is a clever move! People with straight hair could never.


3. Joker Costumes

Joker Costumes

Grand Heritage JokerKids' Joker CostumeWomen's Joker CostumeAdult Joker Costume

Shop all Joker Costumes

Why so serious? Heath Ledger's Joker became one of the most famous renditions of the character. He has messy, wavy green hair, perfect for a head with loose curls. However, he's also the Clown Prince of Crime and has numerous character designs—make the character your own and use the hair you have! Whether your hair is afro-style or in box braids or waves, you can style the Joker your own way and still be recognizable at comic conventions and Halloween parties. It's all about the purple and green!


4. Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes

Women's Scary ClownChild Clown CostumeGirls' Scary ClownAdult Clown Costume

Shop all Clown Costumes and Scary Clown Costumes

Speaking of the Clown Prince of Crime, clowns usually have curly hair in a whole rainbow of colors. Some people like the circus clown look, but there are also scary clowns if that's your preference. Many people wear wigs to get curly hair in bright colors, but you can use your own hair if wigs aren't your thing. You have a head start if your curls are dyed. Otherwise, there are other temporary hair color solutions if you want rainbow-tinted hair for your clown costume.


5. Nacho Libre Costumes

Nacho Libre Costumes

Plus Size Nacho Libre Leisure SuitPlus Size Nacho Libre Costume

Shop all Nacho Libre Costumes

Did you need funny costume ideas for curly-haired men? Jack Black's Nacho Libre may be the perfect fit! Our curly-haired hero wants to be a luchador, a masked wrestler. Look just like Jack Black's character with these Nacho Libre costumes! You can even choose between his wrestling attire or the leisure suit he wears in the movie. You're going to look good. Real good.


6. Moana Costumes

Moana Costumes

Adult Moana CostumeKids' Moana CostumePlus Size Moana Costume

Shop all Moana Costumes

Do you have very long, curly brown hair? You'd rock a Moana costume! This newer Disney Princess wants to know how far she'll go in her adventure to return the heart of Te Fiti. It's not an easy task, especially with the unwilling Maui at her side. These Moana costumes will help you transform into this fantastic Disney Princess!


7. Willy Wonka Costumes

Willy Wonka Costumes

Adult Willy Wonka CostumeKids' Willy Wonka CostumePlus Size Willy Wonka Costume

Shop all Willy Wonka Costumes

Come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination with these Willy Wonka costumes! Gene Wilder's iconic rendition of the character is an excellent choice if you're a man with curly blond hair. You'll be instantly recognized while wearing his purple coat and brown hat. There's nothing to it!


8. Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Adult Edward Scissorhands CostumesKid's Edward ScissorhandsWomen's Edward ScissorhandsPlus Size Edward Scissorhands Costume

Shop all Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Many great costume ideas exist for people with curly black hair, including Edward Scissorhands! This Tim Burton character is quirky, endearing, and thematically fits Halloween. His all-black costume is filled with buckles, straps, and studs, but these Edward Scissorhands costumes make cosplaying the character easier. Don't forget makeup to help complete your look!


9. Disco Costumes

Disco Costumes

Foxy Disco JumpsuitChild Disco CostumeKids' Disco DressDisco Dude Shirt

Shop all Disco Costumes

Get ready to shine bright like a diamond in these disco costumes! It's time to let your natural hair steal the show. While disco costumes aren't technically for any one hairstyle, they're iconic with an afro. If you know that your Halloween party includes dancing, tear up the dance floor in a disco costume. It's time to get down and boogie oogie oogie!


10. Mad Scientist Costumes

Mad Scientist Costumes

Women's Mad Scientist CostumeKids' Mad ScientistGirls' Mad Scientist CostumePlus Size Mad Scientist Costume

Shop all Mad Scientist Costumes

It's time to tease your hair like Albert Einstein! A mad scientist is another costume that's not technically for curly and textured hair only, although it does compliment your hair well. You can have a lot of fun and show your creativity with this one—tease your hair, spray some white or gray color into your hair, and do your makeup to look like you survived a lab explosion with your goggles on. It's alive!


11. Buddy the Elf Costumes

Buddy the Elf Costumes

Adult Buddy the Elf CostumeChild Buddy the Elf CostumePlus Size Buddy the Elf

Shop all Buddy the Elf Costumes

Are you overly enthusiastic about Christmas? Maybe you'd even wear a Christmas costume for Halloween! Buddy the Elf has a shock of curly hair on his head and a smile plastered on his face. This incredibly loud costume will get you noticed at any costume party. Don't forget to bring an arsenal of movie quotes!


12. Captain Hook Costumes

Captain Hook Costumes

Plus Size Captain Hook CostumeChild Captain Hook CostumeAdult Captain Hook Costume

Shop all Captain Hook Costumes

Disney villains are popular Halloween costume ideas, and there are several with curly hair that we'll discuss. We have the classic Captain Hook, a fierce pirate with long, curly black hair. This costume idea is a lot of fun and pairs very well with other Peter Pan costumes. Don't forget to practice your pirate diction. Look alive, you swabs!


13. Bellatrix Lestrange Costumes

Bellatrix Costumes

Adult Bellatrix Lestrange CostumePlus Size Bellatrix Lestrange Costume

Bellatrix Lestrange was an evil witch from the Harry Potter universe, and we love her wildly curly hair! After all, Halloween is spooky season, so dressing like your favorite villain fits the vibe. This curly hair costume idea for women is lots of fun, and you can dress with your friends or family as other Harry Potter characters.


14. Ms. Frizzle Costumes

Ms Frizzle Costumes

Adult Ms. Frizzle CostumePlus Size Ms. Frizzle Costume

Shop all Magic School Bus Costumes

Frizzy is a term that can be used to describe hair that is damaged or unmanageable or just wildly curly. Ms. Frizzle, like her name, has very curly hair, which she fully embraces. (Not to mention the most fabulous teacher wardrobe of all time!) All you need is a Ms. Frizzle dress and your curly red locks. It's time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!


15. Hagrid Costumes

Hagrid Costume

Plus Size Hagrid Costume

Shop all Hagrid Costumes

Do you have dense, curly hair that makes you look like Hagrid? You may have been told this already, but you could rock a Hagrid costume for Halloween! The Hogwarts gamekeeper is one of the sweetest mentors on campus and often a favorite character for Harry Potter fans. Get a long brown coat over a shirt and trousers, and you're well on your way to becoming Rubeus Hagrid.


16. Hermione Costumes

Hermione Costumes

Adult Hermione CostumeKids' Hermione Costume

Shop all Hermione Costumes

We could hardly talk about curly-haired Harry Potter characters without mentioning Hermione! She has a full head of gorgeous curls and a deep love for books. It's a wonder this gifted student wasn't plopped into Ravenclaw, but the franchise could have been very different. Embrace your curls with a Hermione Halloween costume!


17. Tiana Costumes

Princess Tiana Costumes

Adult Tiana CostumeChild Tiana CostumePlus Size Tiana Costume

Shop all Princess and the Frog Costumes

Disney has been on a roll, giving us more curly-haired princesses! Tiana often wears her hair up (when she's not a frog), but she'll have a curl or two hanging loose. Hard-working Tiana wants to have her own restaurant to share her cooking with New Orleans, but a misadventure with a prince temporarily puts her dream on hold. We love her gorgeous green gown and the lily pad elements that hint at her temporary frog transformation.


18. Winifred Sanderson Costumes

Winifred Sanderson Costumes

Adult Winifred Sanderson CostumePlus Size Winifred Sanderson Costume

Shop all Hocus Pocus Costumes

It's time to practice your broom-riding skills for this Winifred Sanderson costume! As the head witch of her three-sister coven, she oversees the spellbook. (And plans to procure children to prolong their lives.) Winifred Sanderson is another great costume idea for women with curly red hair and a perfect choice for Halloween. Nothing is more classic than a witch costume!


19. Rogue Costume

Rogue Costume

Adult Rogue Costume

Several superheroes have curly hair, including Rogue from the X-Men. Her 1992 appearance in X-Men: The Animated Series is one of her most iconic, with big hair and a bomber jacket. Whether you're dressing for Halloween or Comic-Con, this is one curly-haired costume idea that's instantly recognizable!


20. Mother Gothel Costumes

Mother Gothel Costumes

Adult Mother Gothel CostumeKids' Mother GothelPlus Size Mother Gothel

Shop all Tangled Costumes

We haven't had our fill of Disney Villains yet! Mother Gothel from Tangled has luxurious, long, curly black hair. She might not have magic powers like Maleficent and the Evil Queen, but she is incredibly cunning and convincing—able to keep Rapunzel in the tower for years with only her words. With your curly black hair combined with this deep red dress and sash, you'll look like you stepped directly out of the movie!


21. Doll Costumes

Doll Costumes

Adult Broken Doll CostumeChild Scary Doll Costume

Shop all Broken Doll Costumes

Wearing character costumes is fun, but sometimes, you want the flexibility to assemble your costume! Doll costumes are great for women and girls with curly hair, and you may even be able to pull this one together from your own closet. Do you want to be a cute doll or a scary doll? Would you prefer to have your curls in bows or without? Also, if you love makeup, you can play with cracked-face makeup looks! It's hard to deny the versatility of a porcelain doll costume.


22. Merida Costumes

Merida Costumes

Adult Merida CostumePlus Size Merida Costume

Shop all Brave Costumes

We have talked about quite a few curly-haired redheads so far, but we couldn't possibly skip Merida! She has a strong will and wishes to carve her own path instead of being betrothed to a suitor and marrying for the clan. She's the first Disney Princess to remain single at the end of her own movie, as romance isn't involved. Instead, she spends a portion of the movie accidentally turning her mother and brothers into bears and attempting to undo her actions.


23. Jon Snow Costumes

Jon Snow Costumes

Jon Snow Costume

Shop all Game of Thrones Costumes

With a cast of characters as large as Game of Thrones, it's not surprising to know that there were several curly-haired characters like Jon Snow. He has a head full of curly black hair and a heart of gold in a horrible world filled with power-hungry people. Along with your hair, the most important feature of your costume is a black cloak with fur trim around the shoulders. As they say, winter is coming, so you'd better bundle up!


24. Kiss Costumes

KISS Costumes

Demon CostumeSpaceman CostumeCatman CostumeStarchild Costume

Shop all KISS Costumes

KISS was a rock band popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Like many 80s bands, it had a glam rock/hair metal phase—or phases, arguably for much of their career. Big hair and wild outfits were trendy at the time, which is a fun costume idea if you have curly hair. You can wear KISS costumes or create your own glam metal look. Don't forget to use plenty of hairspray!


25. Scary Spice Costume

Scary Spice Costume

Adult Scary Spice Costume

Shop all Celebrity Costumes

Get ready for a dose of girl power with a Scary Spice costume! Scary Spice was a member of the Spice Girls, a popular girl band in the 90s and 2000s. Her outfits commonly consisted of metallic gold or leopard print, and we love her hair buns! This is a fun look to recreate if you want to style your curly hair. If you're feeling up for it, you can also try to tackle a zigzag part.


26. Muses Costumes

Muses Costumes

Muses Costumes

Shop all Hercules Costumes

Hercules is a fantastic movie, and the Muses steal the show. This is probably our favorite group costume idea for people with curly hair! Grab your gal pals and dress as your favorite Muses, and don't skimp on the hair! People will ask to take pictures of your amazing Halloween costumes all night.


27. Sweeney Todd Costume

Sweeney Todd Costume

Adult Sweeney Todd Costume

Shop all Sweeney Todd Costumes

Do you crave even more curly-haired villains? Sweeney Todd is an excellent costume for men with curly black hair. The demon barber of Fleet Street can get you a nice shave, but you don't want to be one of the men on his list! You'll need to wear a Victorian costume—and don't forget his straight razor. The movie version of Sweeney Todd includes a streak of white through his curly black hair to complete the look.


28. Flashdance Costume

Flashdance Costume

Adult Flashdance Costume

Shop all Flashdance Costumes

Alex Owens may have had the iconic 80s perm, but you can rock a Flashdance costume with your naturally curly hair, too! This 80s costume idea is great for Halloween and works well for 80s parties. This curly hair costume idea is relatively easy to throw together at the last minute with an oversized gray sweatshirt and black leg warmers. Just be prepared to dance!


29. Encanto Costumes

Encanto Costumes

Mirabel CostumeCamilo CostumeDolores CostumeLuisa Costume

Shop all Encanto Costumes

Does curly hair run in your family? It certainly does in Disney's Encanto! Mirabel and her talented family members are a great curly-haired group costume idea for families or friends. You have Mirabel, Camilo, Dolores, Luisa, Bruno—yes, we talk about Bruno! Wear these and other Encanto costumes for the best curly-haired group costume.


30. Inigo Montoya Costume

Inigo Montoya Costume

Adult Inigo Montoya Costume

Shop all Princess Bride Costumes

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya..." Honorable scoundrel Inigo Montoya is an excellent curly-haired character costume for Halloween or pop culture conventions. The smooth Spaniard has some great lines, not to mention a really cool sword. Will you hunt down the six-fingered man in an Inigo Montoya costume?


31. Tethered Costume

Tethered Costume

Adult Tethered Costume

Shop all Horror Movie Costumes

If you firmly believe in wearing scary Halloween costumes, the Tethered from Jordan Peele's Us is a great idea. Adelaide and her family are tormented by a group of doppelgängers intent on killing them and taking their places in the real world. They wear red jumpsuits and look more evil than their human counterparts.


32. Hobbit Costumes

Hobbit Costumes

Frodo Baggins CostumeSamwise Gamgee Costume

Shop all Lord of the Rings Costumes

Did you know that most Hobbits have curly hair? Our four heroes, Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin, surely fit that description. You can dress like your favorite Hobbit character or assemble a costume with Hobbit vibes. Just don't forget the furry feet!


33. Magenta Costume

Magenta Costume

Adult Magenta Costume

Shop all Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

Some people have wavy or loose curls, while others have thicker curly hair in very tight curls. Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an example of the latter, with densely curly red hair. She wears a sexy maid costume with fishnets or sheer black stockings and a small maid hat perched on her voluminous head of hair. Don't forget to practice your Time Warp dance!


34. Zuul Costume

Zuul Costume

Adult Zuul Costume

Shop all Ghostbusters Costumes

Do you remember what we said about perms being popular in the 1980s? Dana Barrett's world was turned upside down after she experienced a major haunting in Ghostbusters. After seeking the help of the Ghostbusters, she was later possessed by Zuul to bring Gozer into the world. She wears an off-the-shoulder dress with a sash, her curly brown hair swirling in the breeze on top of a New York City skyscraper. There is no Dana, only Zuul!


35. Lavagirl Costumes

Lavagirl Costumes

Adult Lavagirl CostumeKids' Lavagirl CostumePlus Size Lavagirl

Shop all Sharkboy and Lavagirl Costumes

It may not be natural to have curly pink hair, but dying your hair can be fun! Lavagirl has a shock of neon pink curly hair that compliments her pink-toned costume. She fights with Sharkboy to help save her planet—Planet Drool—from destruction. The movie is quite bizarre but has become something of a cult classic since its inception.


36. 80s Workout Costumes

80s Workout Costumes

80s Track Suit Costume80s Workout GirlKids' 80s Workout CostumeWomen's 80s Workout

Shop all 80s Workout Costumes

It's time to sweat it out! Big hair was prevalent everywhere in the 80s, including the workout scene. Grab some spandex, and pull on your sweatbands because this is one fun costume idea for curly hair. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or an 80s party, you will look totally radical!


37. Jules Costume

Jules Costume

Jules Costume

Shop all Pulp Fiction Costumes

Being a hitman is messy work, and we don't blame Jules for considering a career change. He wears a black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie, a very sharp outfit if you ask us. This costume is easy enough to DIY if you already have these elements in your closet. Just keep an eye out on your partner, as he has a way of complicating matters. 


38. Chuckie Finster Costume

Chuckie Costume

Toddler Chuckie Costume

Shop all Nickelodeon Costumes

Did you grow up watching 90s cartoons? Chuckie Finster from Rugrats is an excellent example of a boy with curly red hair. While some toddlers are more adventurous, Chuckie is on the timid side. Still, he does his best to face his fears while sticking to the side of his friend, Tommy. Please note that while leaving your shoelaces partially untied is peak Chuckie, you may want to tie them properly for your safety!


39. Jimi Hendrix Costume

Jimi Hendrix Jacket Costume

Adult Jimi Hendrix Jacket

Shop all Jimi Hendrix Costumes

Jimi Hendrix's career may have been short, but he was incredibly influential. He pioneered several techniques that changed the sound of rock and roll music! His curly fro was unmistakable on stage as he played the guitar. Snag his psychedelic looks for yourself this Halloween. Don't forget to have your phone ready to play a few hits like "Purple Haze" and "Voodoo Child" to bring your costume to 11!


40. David S. Pumpkins Costume

David S. Pumpkins Costume

Adult David S. Pumpkins Costume

Shop all SNL Costumes

It doesn't get much more Halloween than the king of Halloween himself, David S. Pumpkins. This silly SNL skit saw Tom Hanks don a curly black-haired wig with a shock of white in it paired with a jack-o-lantern suit. Confusingly, he was featured on multiple floors of a Tower of Terror-style ride. David S. Pumpkins—he's his own thing.


Embrace your curly hair with these Halloween costume ideas for curly hair! What are some of your favorite curly-haired characters? Have you ever worn a costume that featured your natural hair before? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! We hope you have a great time dressing in costumes for Halloween.

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