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Jimi Hendrix Costumes

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We once heard a wise man say, “We all want to be big stars, but we don't know how.” Okay, you got us. That little quote was from a Counting Crows song, but we think it's pretty accurate. Doesn't the idea of walking onto the stage to shred some wicked guitar solos just like Jimi Hendrix sound... freaking amazing? Yeah, it does. So, where do you begin? Do you take guitar lessons? Do you go out and buy a Fender Stratocaster? Our suggestion is to start with one of our Jimi Hendrix costumes.

Yes, yes. We know. These Jimi costumes won't give you the guitar prowess of a rock and roll genius, but they do give you that classic '60s psychedelic style to help you get into the perfect Jimi mindset. We also have hats, wigs and accessories to fill out your look. You still might need to head down to the local guitar shop to get the perfect axe and you still need to invest in some guitar lessons if you want to play the Star-Spangled Banner like Jimi does at Woodstock, but at least you'll be fully prepared when it comes to the look.