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A man with large stature and a giant heart, if it weren't for the groundskeeper, Hagrid, Hogwarts just wouldn't be quite right. A Hagrid costume is the perfect way to celebrate the rough and loving caretaker of the wizarding school. Hagrid cosplay allows you to be the one to care for Harry, Hermione, and Ron. You could even bake a Happy Birthday, Harry cake to make this look complete. Better than rock cakes, to be sure!
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Who doesn't love a gentle giant? Well, a gentle half-giant is just as good! Hagrid is a lover of all things living. He takes care of humongous spiders, wild Hyppogryphs, and deadly dragons, all with the tenderest care. Despite never knowing what dangerous animals might be lingering in Hagrid's hut, the gamekeeper is a great friend to have. Harry, Ron, and Hermione could always stop in for some tea and a snack (if their teeth could handle it) and a bit of advice or comfort, whatever was needed that day. 

Of course, Hagrid wasn't only handy for his hosting skills. He taught the young wizards and witches key details about Hogwarts and The Forbidden Forest. And even though he's not extremely handy with a wand, his large presence defends him against the power of a stunning spell, a nice attribute when getting into mix-ups! 

If you want to be the best ally a Wizarding student could ask for, Hagrid cosplay is a great way to go for your next costumed event! Our Made By Us Hagrid costume features the gamekeeper's long duster, his vest underneath, and a red undershirt. Grow your own beard or use our Gamekeeper wig and beard set to make yourself look right at home in Hagrid's hut! While the Adult Hagrid costume will, indeed, make you feel larger-than-life we also carry plus size costumes for those who can connect with his over-size magnitude. 

The best part is, if you're looking for a Hagrid Halloween costume, it's the perfect option for a chilly October night. That Hagrid coat was made to withstand caretaking in the elements in Northern Scotland, after all! Walking your little wizards and witches from door-to-door while trick-or-treating might get such a reception from Harry Potter fans in your area that you'll want to wear the costume again next year. Lucky our Made by Us costumes are high-quality so they can last long enough for you to rock it until the kids are too old to trick-or-treat. Even then, you may be able to get away with going without them since you're dressed to impress!

If you're planning a cosplay event and want to put together the perfect group costume, Hagrid is a great place to start. You don't even have to pair up with the Wizarding kids, Hermione, Harry, and Ron! We can see you paring up with Dumbledore, Madame Mcgonnagal, and maybe even Professor Trewalney if she promises to leave the cooking sherry at home! A combination like this one is a unique take from all the other Harry Potter costumes you'll see at pretty much any venue! 

You're almost ready to become Hagrid. You've got the personality, the social circle, now all you need is accessories! Top off any Harry Potter Hagrid costume with particular accessories such as the umbrella that he keeps his wand in, a lantern for searching through the Forbidden Forest at night, and maybe a well-meaning baked good or two. Now that you're stepping into the role of caretaker, we have one more question. Can we pet Buckbeak? Monster