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Queen of Hearts Costumes

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Knock around the hedgehogs during a little flamingo croquet in one of these exquisite Queen of Hearts costumes. offers one of the largest selections of Queen of Hearts costumes on the web, in numerous styles, such as sexy and authentic and many versions from the classic storybook to the animated film we all know and love. We also offer a broad range of sizes, from teen to plus size. With so many choices, you are sure to find a Queen of Hearts costume from the Alice in Wonderland tales, that fits your style and your budget. How To

Queen of Hearts Costumes

How to Be The Queen Of Hearts

Ideas, Tips & Tricks

"The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts..." or not. Those infamous tarts, and their theft by the Knave, are fodder for one of the most famous episodes in Alice in Wonderland. The Knave goes on trial, and the Queen gets to use her signature catch phrase, "Off with his head!" If you're going to become the Queen of Hearts, you can re-enact that scene, or the royal croquet game, or simply go around with the King of Hearts or the Mad Hatter ordering people to be beheaded. You can be a Disney-esque queen, or you can be the evil martinet of Tim Burton's Underland. Your choice. Our hints and tips below will help you bring Wonderland – or Underland – to life. You'll know what to say and how to pose, like the playing-card royalty you are!

How to Pose for Pictures in Your Queen of Hearts Costume

"On Your Throne"

Queen of Hearts On Your Throne Pose

"Line Up Your Shot"

Queen of Hearts Line Up Your Shot Pose

"Off With Their Head"

Queen of Hearts Off With Their Head Pose

"Bad Temper"

Queen of Hearts Bad Temper Pose

As a queen, you're always "on." So you have to get your regal poses just right, no matter the situation. Whether you're holding court while sitting on your throne (with your legs demurely crossed at the ankles), lining up the perfect croquet shot, or ordering someone's head to be cut off, you'll act the part with aplomb. Feel free to express your bad temper. That's what the Queen of hearts is known for!

Couples Costumes to Pair with Queen of Hearts

King and Queen Of Hearts

King and Queen of Hearts Couples Costumes

Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts Couples Costumes

If you're going to be the Queen of Hearts, what should your date be? Well, if you want a matched couple's theme, you have options. The first one that may come to mind is the King of Hearts. In Lewis Carroll's book, the King of Hearts seems to be the original henpecked husband. But he quietly manages to get his way, and undo some of the Queen's mischief. Or, your date could be the Mad Hatter. After all, a queen can't have too many hats–or Hatters, can she?

How to Talk Like the Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Quotes

Queen of Hearts Costume Makeup Tutorial

The Queen of Hearts can be a bit of a diva, so be sure to look your best with this makeup tutorial for Halloween. Start with a white powder base across the face and add blue eye shadow color across both eyelids extending all the way up to the eyebrow. Add black eyeliner and mascara for a bolder eye. Apply a heart shape at the center of your lips as well as adding hearts to the corner of your eye to complete this look.