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The Demon, Spaceman, Catman and Star Child, the four most legendary figures in world history, rising above the lame, boring music of old, ushering a new age of rock and roll with fire and blazing guitar solos.  Did you just get goose bumps? We did. Play the opening lick to Love Gun and Detroit Rock City and we’re lost in a maelstrom of head-banging, pelvic thrusting and hands in the air. The music is an elemental force to be reckoned with and you have to be some sort of robot to not get fired up by any of their classic songs (although we’re pretty sure robots dig KISS too).

And while you might never be able to make rock history like the members of KISS did, you can at least act out your rock fantasies by transforming yourself into one of the iconic band members with any of our licensed KISS costumes. We carry the exclusive costumes based on each of the classic KISS members. If you want to dig into some low end grumbling bass lines as front man Gene Simmons, we have an Authentic Demon Costume. If you want to shred the air guitar, like no man has ever shredded air guitar before, you can hit the stage like Paul Stanley as Starchild or as the guitar genius, Spaceman. If you got a heavy metal beat in your head that just needs to come out, try grabbing some drumsticks and our Catman costume and bang that rhythm out!

Worried that makeup and platform shoes aren’t cool for guys? Just ask Gene Simmons how well he’s done in the “cool” department wearing theatrical makeup and high heels. He doesn't have any complaints, nor do any of the thousands of his lady fans. So if you have any hang-ups about wearing any of our authentic KISS accessories, leave them at the door. We’ve got the makeup, the shoes, the wigs and all the other items that make KISS the theatrical act they are today. They're final touch you need to make your look authentic.

So, suit up and bring rock and roll “A” game to the table. When you’re wearing one of these costumes, your fans will expect no less.