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Being a geek is tricky sometimes. There are a LOT of perks, but an addiction to collecting, say, Star Wars memorabilia can be a little hefty on the pocketbook! What’s your vice? Action figures? Comic books? Replica movie props? No matter what nerdy things you collect or accumulate, one thing is for certain: the best time to truly geek out every year is Halloween. And with superior quality, attention to detail, and added bells and whistles, choosing an "authentic costume" is the best way to take any Halloween dress-up idea to the next level. Consider chossing an authentic costume for Halloween 2015, and you may just be the best dressed geek around!



Movie Costumes


Authentic Star Wars Costumes

Authentic Star Wars Costumes.jpg

Jedi Cloak - Shop       Chewbacca Costume - Shop

Obi Wan Costume - Shop       Darth Vader Costume - Shop


Authentic Stormtrooper Costumes.jpg

Shadow Trooper Costume - Shop       Boba Fett Costume - Shop

Stormtrooper Costume - Shop       Imperial Guard Costume - Shop


You won’t even need to use your Jedi mind tricks to get yourself one of these authentic Star Wars costumes. Save that for your debut! Wear any of these styles and you’ll appear to have come straight from the Galactic Empire. All other average party goers = minds blown!


Authentic Dumb and Dumber Costumes

Authentic Dumb and Dumber Costumes.jpg

Lloyd Tuxedo - Shop       Harry Tuxedo - Shop


Just when you think your costume ideas can’t possibly get any dumber, you find these costumes...and totally redeem yourself! Perhaps you’ll pick up a girl with an Austrian accent or meet a woman named Mary who leaves her briefcase full of money right in your path. “So, you’re telling me there’s a chance?”


Authentic Wizard of Oz Costumes

Authentic Wizard of Oz Costumes.jpg

Winged Monkey Costume - Shop       Cowardly Lion Costume - Shop       Scarecrow Costume - Shop

Tin Woodsman Costume - Shop       Dorothy Costume - Shop       Glinda Costume - Shop


With these authentic Wizard of Oz costumes you sure won’t be in Kansas anymore. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz in style as you watch all the little munchkins envy you this Halloween. Disclaimer: Dorothy’s shoes won’t actually take you home at the end of the night. Sorry. (Try an Uber!)


Authentic Transformers Costumes

Authentic Transformers Costumes.jpg

Bumblebee Costume - Shop       Optimus Prime Costume - Shop


This year, your costume could be so good that it would help you defend the earth! Okay, maybe that’s a little far-fetched. Even though you might not have quite the transformation powers that Bumblebee and Optimus Prime do, with these authentic costume options, you sure will look the part. Ramp up into beast mode and get ready to hit any costumed event!


Authentic Johnny Depp Character Costumes

Authentic Johnny Depp Character Costumes.jpg

Mad Hatter Costume - Shop       Edward Scissorhand Costume - Shop       Captain Jack Costume - Shop


Many of the film characters Johnny Depp has played have involved heavy costuming, but it makes sense - being in eight of Tim Burton’s films will do that to you. Sure, he may spend more time in hair and makeup than most woman do, but his renowned personas will likely make you the one everyone is talking about.



Comic Book Costumes


Authentic Batman & Robin Costumes

Authentic Batman & Robin Costumes.jpg

Classic Batman Costume - Shop     Classic Robin Costume - Shop     Collectors Batman Costume - Shop

Authentic Robin Costume - Shop       Authentic Dark Knight Costume - Shop


They go together like ham and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, or Batman and Robin…errrr. This dynamic duo has always been widely popular in comic books as well as on the silver screen. Even though their costumes have changed several times over the years, any of these authentic Batman costumes will bring out the true geek in you!


More Authentic Superhero Costumes

Authentic Superhero Costumes.jpg

Spider-Man Costume - Shop       Captain America Costume - Shop

Superman Costume - Shop       Iron Man Costume - Shop       Deluxe Thor Costume - Shop


In past years we have become more familiar with superheroes than ever before. Several superhero movies have already been released, and more continue to get slated for future production. So, with all of the awesome superheroes out there, how can you settle on just one costume?? (You couldddd always just go ahead and get one for every event.)



Television Costumes

Authentic Game of Thrones Costumes

Authentic Game of Thrones Costumes.jpg

Jon Snow Costume - Shop       White Walker Mask - Shop


Let’s hope your party isn’t just like Game of Thrones. It makes for good television, but no one wants to drink poisoned wine. Or get stabbed. Or beheaded. Pretending is more fun anyway, especially when you venture to the land of Westeros. With our White Walker mask, you will stop everyone dead in their tracks. (Or just surprise them!)


Authentic Doctor Who Costumes

Authentic Doctor Who Jackets.jpg

Eleventh Doctor Purple Coat - Shop       Eleventh Doctor Jacket - Shop       Tenth Doctor Coat - Shop


When you hit up all of your favorite conventions, an authentic Doctor Who jacket will make you the envy of all the Whovians. Traveling by TARDIS may be out of the question, but doesn’t mean you can’t try. And if you succeed, perhaps you will be the next Doctor!


Other TV Show Costumes

Authentic TV Costumes.jpg

Walking Dead Vest - Shop       Firefly Jacket - Shop       Sons of Anarchy Jacket - Shop


There are many successful television series that have each developed dedicated fan bases; Firefly, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead, are three great examples. With one of these authentic jackets, you can hop right into some of your favorite series moments.



Authentic Video Game Costumes

Authentic Video Game Costumes.jpg

Assassin's Creed Connor Costume - Shop       Assasin's Creed Ezio Costume - Shop

Halo Master Chief Costume - Shop


The video game world has changed so much since its beginning stages. In the past few decades we have gone from pixelated 8-bit images to insanely detailed graphics, like those in the most recent Halo game. Costumes have also improved with these graphics, as evidenced by our video game costumes that look like they came straight from the games!


Are any of these authentic costumes on your radar for Halloween? Do you have any other costume ideas already in the works? Share your ideas in the comment section below. Browse our elite costumes section here, or, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, try our adult Halloween costumes section. Perhaps you will find the one you just can’t live without!

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