Classic Video Game Costume Ideas

by |July 8, 2013

Super Mario Character Costumes

Where were you when you first heard the “waka waka waka” from a Pac Man machine or the first time you shot a Hadoken from your digital fists? Every gamer can think of where they were when they first played their favorite game and got lost in a pixelated world. This Halloween you can become a world-famous plumber, a speedy hedgehog, or even a warrior who can freeze people with his fists. Here are a few group costume ideas for those looking to show off their deep love of classic video games.


Pac Man

One of the most iconic video game heroes is also one of the first:  Pac Man. This little yellow has been running around mazes munching on little power pellets since 1980. It isn’t all just good times for Pac Man, though,  because he also has to deal with ghosts on a mission to make his day go from good to horrible. Thankfully, Pac Man may come across a super power pellet which grants this hungry fella the ability to chow down on a spooky specter or two.

If you’re looking for a fun way to bring some gamer fun to your group costume this year we have a few options for you with our Pac Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde costumes, along with a blue power pellet ghost costume.


Pac Man Group Costumes

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Super Mario Brothers

“Thank you, Mario, but our Princess is in another castle.” Those few words haunt the minds of every classic gamer out there. Who hasn't made a harrowing run through Mushroom Kingdom to Bowser’s castle to save Princess Peach, only to find Toad there telling you you'll have to check out another castle? Ugh.

Mario is a multi-faceted fellow, having tried his hand at go-karting, Olympic sports, a variety of mini-games, and even smashing his fellow Nintendo co-stars. If your interests are similarly diverse, you may want to go on your Halloween adventure dressed as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and yes, even Toad, in our great Super Mario Brother themed costumes.

Super Mario Brothers Group Costumes

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Sonic the Hedgehog

If you happen to find yourself in the Green Hill Zone you may notice a flash of blue speed past you. Not to worry, it's just Sonic the Hedgehog racing off to save someone’s day. For years Sonic has been putting a stop to the evil Doctor Robotnik’s plans by using his enviable running and jumping abilities to bring down the doctor's robot army. And like every good hero, he doesn’t do it alone...

Sonic has had the help of his good friends Tails and Knuckles to aid in his quest to keep the animals of the world safe! Your little ones will love getting in on the classic video game fun this year by checking out these great pint-size Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles costumes.

Kids Sonic the Hedgehog Group Costumes

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Street Fighter

What is the best way to settle an argument? If you said playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, you're wrong. It's playing a round of Street Fighter.

Since the groundbreaking game Street Fighter 2 came out in 1991 people have been button mashing and Hadokening as their favorite world warriors ever since. Whether you’re playing as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, or any of the other classic characters everyone has their go-to fighter (and their go-to method for wrestling the remote away from anyone who tries to claim them). This Halloween, seize the chance to recreate your favorite in-game moves in real life, by picking up one of our official Street Fighter costumes!

Street Fighter Group Costumes

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Mortal Kombat

In 1992 a video game came out that become a hot topic of conversation in social circles ranging from kids in the arcade, to politicians on Capitol Hill. Mortal Kombat was especially newsworthy because it was a fighting game that had an amount of blood and gore never before seen in the digital world. But what has given this game series lasting power isn’t its simulated violence- it's the legendary characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden.

Now you can look just like the greatest warriors to ever take part in Mortal Kombat with these great costumes. We also carry sizzling fashions of newcomers Mileena and Kitana so your group of 'kombatants' will be 'komplete!'

Mortal Kombat Group Costumes

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Tomb Raider

Miss Lara Croft has recently gone through the reboot update machine and come out with a new look. But those of us who have been playing video games for many moons, recall her original 1996 outfit most fondly. Lara’s signiture short shorts/tank top combo harkens from a time when you could go on a jungle adventure and never spare a second thought about getting scraped or bruised.

So if you’re looking to go as this classic archaeologist with an attitude, we have the perfect costume for you along with a double pistol set to complete your tough girl look. We also carry great mummy costumes so you’ll have a few scary someones to chase down this Halloween!

Tomb Raider Lara Croft Costume

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