Yoshi Costumes

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Stop fighting over who will race as Yoshi in Mario Kart. Grab Yoshi Halloween costumes for everyone in the lineup! Even if they’re racing as Toad or Bowser, they won’t be feeling green! Bring your pup along for some trick-or-treat fun, and perfect your kiddo’s Mario costume with Yoshi dog costumes! Or complete your DIY look with Yoshi costume accessories! A Yoshi hat or a Yoshi mask is the versatile piece every playtime and costume needs!
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Tweens Yoshi Skirt Costume
Adult Yoshi Headpiece

Adult Yoshi Headpiece

Mario Riding Yoshi Child Costume
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Child Yoshi Headpiece
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If you have an extra long tongue, love to eats apples (or anything, really), look like a green dinosaur, and were once hatched from a colorful spotted egg, then what are you doing here?? You're obviously Yoshi the lovable critter from Nintendo! If those things don't describe you, don't worry, because we're going to help you out with our awesome selection of Yoshi Costumes. We have sizes for kids and adults, and while we don't recommend giving rides to plumbers who just suddenly jump on your back out of nowhere, we do think you're going to have an awesome time partying Mushroom Kingdom style in one of these fantastic Nintendo costumes.