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Charmander Halloween Costumes

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If you like things hot, we're sure you'll want to consider a Charmander costume this Halloween! Whether you want a Charmander costume kids will love or want to show off your serious Pokémon fandom, shop all of our Charmander outfits right here to ensure lots of Pokémon costume fun!
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Like things a bit hot? Well, a Charmander costume might be just the thing you need this Halloween! Perhaps you've had plenty of experience with Pokémon costumes and are ready to be a new character at your next party. Or, maybe, you're a Charmander mega-fan who's about to go in a Charmander Halloween costume for the first time. Or you've got a kiddo who loves Charmander as his or her number one favorite Pokémon. Well, no matter the situation, we've got amazing Charmander costumes kids and adults will love!

Children ready to get their first real-world Pokémon experience will love going as Charmander. The fiery Pokémon from the Kanto region is well-known among kiddos who are experts at Pokémon games or love the franchise's shows and movies. Charmander is unarguably cute, which is perhaps why the kids have such affinity for the little orange lizard-like critter. And that fun orange look with the flaming tail means Charmander is a perfect fit for a fun Halloween costume! Our iconic Classic Charmander Costume for kids is the top Halloween outfit for little boys and girls looking to get a little fiery for Halloween. The orange jumpsuit is simple to put on and has a relaxed fit so it's easy to wear. The signature fire tail is attached to the back of the suit. And the molded plastic mask featuring Charmander's cute face completes the costume transformation. We're sure your child will love the look when trick or treating around the neighborhood! If you have children who love costumes for playtime around the home then we have one more awesome Charmander outfit to take a look at. Because our Charmander Kigurumi is a pajama costume that's ready for Poké-fun! This cute outfit is based on the hit Japanese fad—oversized animal onesies that can be used as pajamas or for dress-up days. With adorable Charmander eyes on the hood and the signature flame-tipped tail on the back, this Charmander costume kids Kigurumi will become your child's favorite outfit!

Seasoned Pokémon fans will also love our Charmander costumes for women and men! Female fans are sure to love our Charmander accessory kit. It's perfect for dress-up days at school or work, for hangouts with friends playing Pokémon, or for an easy Halloween costume! The kit comes with a Charmander hat and a plush Charmander tail, instantly transforming any outfit into a fun Pokémon costume. Wear it with an orange top and bottoms, and you'll be a fire-lizard worthy of video game fame when your friends see you swinging your flame-tipped tail. We also have the Charmander Kigurumi in adult sizes, so Poké-friends can join in on the fun of the Kigurumi sensation with a unique Pokémon twist. Like all Kigurumi, this outfit is meant to be worn with a super baggy fit. That means it's incredibly comfy, so they work as a costume outfit and they're great to wear as pajamas, too. That means you can wear it out around town playing Pokémon Go, and whenever you want a break you can stop at home to take a nap! Serious Pokémon players will want to take a look at one more Pokémon costume. One that's particularly large and in charge. Because we have an evolved Charmander costume—the Charizard costume! Our Charizard Kigurumi Pajamas feature the wings and gruff face of a fully evolved Charizard. That means they make for a great fan cosplay outfit, for taking the kids out for Pokémon-inspired play in the park, or for a day in playing video games and streaming shows.