Safari Costume Ideas for 2012

Looking for a fun and trendy Halloween theme this year for your kids, yourself, or your family? Safari is the answer. Jungle themed costumes are simple to put together, while adding an exotic twist on the usual Halloween standards.



Whether your kids are two or twelve, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of safari themed options for their Halloween costume. For infants and toddlers, opt for a super cute and comfy animal costume that will function as a warm outer layer for that cold night of trick-or-treating.


Kids Safari costumes


Try a lion, giraffe, or rhinoceros depending on what fits your little one best! If your kid is a little older, let them be in charge of the safari. Choose a costume that allows them to investigate the wilderness, check out this explorer costume.

And what safari mom wouldn't look cute with her cuddly lion cub?


safari mom and cute lion

 Simply adorable. Substitute your favorite safari animal for the perfect pair!


Wild Party Animals

If you are flying solo for Halloween this year, use the same ideas seen above for kids, just spice it up for a more adult themed Halloween party. For men, try a bug catcher costume that is sure to thrill with a shirt, hat and net included.


bug catcher and honey bees

Think of all the honies you'll catch!


If bug catcher isn’t your style, opt for an animal inspired costume like an adult sized elephant or giraffe. Go as a pack of wild party animals!


men safari animals costumes


Sexy Safari Animals

For the ladies, try a sexy alternative to the typical animal inspired safari costumes. Check out this cougar, savanna zebra, or wild tiger and seductively stalk your prey!


sexy safari animals collage


Sexy Leopard


sexy leopard costume


Watch our leopard costume eye makeup tutorial for an even more complete look!



If you and your lovebird are planning to wear related costumes this year, there are a few options available if you are sticking to the safari theme.  You could also use our bug catcher costume and modify it to be a hunter instead of a catcher, or use our Jane costume as a sexy hunter and pair with the wild game of your choice.


King Kong and Scream Queen


king kong collage

 "It was beauty that killed the beast."

Tarzan and Jane


tarzan and jane costumes

The obvious choice for a safari themed couples costume is Jane and Tarzan. They are the ultimate “opposites attract” couple and are sure to be an easy fix if you are in a costume bind.


Jane Goodall and Gorilla


jane goodall costumes

 Feel like you're living with an ape? Wear a Jane Goodall costume while the family dresses like chimpanzees and gorillas!



If your Halloween celebration this year is a family affair, use inspiration from the late 90s animated show, "The Wild Thornberrys", about a family who travels the world looking for rare animals.


wild thornberrys



There is a large number of people in the Thornberry family, so you could use as few or as many as needed depending on your families needs. These costumes are going to be multiple pieces put together, but the bug catcher and Jane costume would be good starting points for the parents. You could also use a monkey or chimpanzee costume, toy binoculars, or toddler Tarzan costume. Not only will these costumes be fun to wear, they will be fun for the whole family to put together!


wild thornberrys costumes



Decorations for your safari themed Halloween party are simple. Go for animal print tablecloths, napkins, and plates. Paint or carve pumpkins with leopard or cheetah prints to spice up your front steps or driveway. Opt for fresh fruit, kabobs, and any other exotic delicacies you can think of to quench your guests hunger, and enjoy your night of safari fun!


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