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Is it llama time? Well, it's about to be! And that's because we're about to get you into one of our Made by Us llama costumes. We've got awesome llama costumes for kids and adults that are sure to make Halloween extra fun, furry, and funny. Shop all of our llama costumes right here to find just what you're looking for!
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Kid's Llama Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Llama Costume Update Main
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Lil' Llama Costume
Sweet Llama Costume for Children-Update
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Llama Llama Kids Red Pajama Costume
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Llama Costume for Adults
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Llama Dog Costume
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Adult Christmas Llama Unizex Ugly Sweater update2
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Sweet Llama Infant Costume
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Toddler Llama Costume
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Sweet Llama Toddler Costume
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Toddler Llama Bubble Costume
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Llama Llama Toddler Red Pajama Costume1
Made By Us Exclusive
Ride a Llama Child Costume
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Big Red Barn Treat Bag
Made By Us Exclusive
4 Ft Alpaca Inflatable Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Llama Poncho
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Guess what? It's time to get your llama on! And you've landed in the right spot to do just that. Because, as proud purveyors of all things costume, our HalloweenCostumes crew is happy to let you know that we are fully stocked on llama costumes. Yup, a few minutes ago you might have not even known that llama costumes even existed, but we're happy to let you know that they sure do. And that we've got plenty of style selections available for you and your family!

Llamas are native, of course, to the South American Andes. But, that sure doesn't mean that humans can't dress like them in North America or anywhere else in the world! As a hearty mountain dweller, well-renowned for its ability as a pack animal, llamas are beloved for their hauling abilities and their soft, warm wool, too. Well, you better believe that our llama costumes have plenty of faux fur!

Adults are going to want to start their llama costume journey by taking a gander at our Adult Llama Costume. It's a Made by Us exclusive, designed and developed in house by our lovely team of artists, designers, and developers! They studied the traits and characteristics of llamas online and then brought them all together in this awesome costume. Designed as a full jumpsuit, it features an extra-tall, oversized hood headpiece that's attached right to the suit. It's fun, and pretty funny, too, with its llama facial features, and it even has a tongue hanging out, just like real llamas do! Faux fur and faux shearling give the suit it's animal appearance, and it simply zips up the back for easy on and off. Hoof shaped mitts and foot covers are attached to the suit for the final touch!

When it's time to get the children involved in the llama fun, well, we're happy to let you know that we've got costumes just for them, too. And, thanks to our costume design crew, we have a fantastic Made by Us Llama costume just for kids! It's styled similar to the adult costume, but with a shorter neck and furrier faux fur. And, it even has an embroidered harness attached to the snout, just like you'd expect a South American llama to be wearing! The tiniest tots can get into llama adventures, too, as we've got several llama costume styles available just for them. Try our loveable llama costume to dress them as a white llama, or our Llama Bubble Costume for a fun bubble-shaped style. Or, try our Little Cuties Llama Costume, which is perfect both for costume time and for nap time!

We're sure you'll find our selection of llama costumes for men, women, and kids to be full of faux fur fun. Shop our exclusive styles, and be sure to take a look around our site for all of the other Halloween essentials we have, too. From trick-or-treating accessories to décor, we've got everything you need to make Halloween amazing!