Exclusive Animal Costumes

by |September 25, 2017

exclusive animal costumes

This world is full of many great things. Food, coffee, Netflix…but our favorite has to be animals! Not only do animals make the world go round, but they also make great costumes. When it comes to animal costumes, we have a huge selection of comfy and unique options.

Whether you’re looking for a super-out-there look with our inflatable cow costume or more of a low-key mouse, get wild this Halloween with our animal costumes.

Farm Animal Costumes

Farm Animal Costumes

Sheep       White Bunny       Inflatable Cow       Pig       Horse

Pigs, horses, and sheep, oh my! Bring the barn to your next Halloween party with our farm animal costumes. Buck your way onto the dance floor with our horse costume or tap those dancing feet with our white bunny costume.

Want people to really notice you? Throw on our inflatable cow costume and shake that udder! Bring on the photo ops with the toddler sheep costume, your friends will gawk over how adorable your child will look in this one.

Safari Animal Costumes


Lemur       Happy Elephant       Realistic Gorilla       Kangaroo      Tiger

Take your costume to the next level with our safari animal costumes! Who says tigers and other safari animals can’t party? Whether you want to stomp around and make some noise in our cozy elephant costume or pound your chest and get hyped with our gorilla costume, there are options for every type of Halloween lover. If you really want to get the party goin', put on our adult kangaroo costume and shake those hips!

House Animal Costumes


Black Cat       Baby Mouse

Toddler Dalmatian       Adult Dalmatian       Kids Dalmatian

Wild animals love to have fun, but so do the ones we keep in our homes! Do you really think your pet is sleeping all day while you’re away? No, they’re probably having a blast running around. Now that you know what your pets do, you deserve some fun, too.

Dress your family up in our Dalmatian costumes and bark the night away! Not into dogs? We have black cat costumes for the whole family! Having a get together with other families? Coordinate a cats vs. dogs costume party for a wild night!

Sea Animal Costumes


Dolphin        Lobster

Shark      Jellyfish       Octopus

Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? Make a splash with one of our sea life costumes! Bring out the dancing lobsters! Anyone who loves The Amanda Show will recognize our adult lobster costume.

Looking for a costume that is both bold and fun to dance in? Our octopus costume is an absolute crowd-stopper. Everyone will be wondering, "where'd they get that costume?" For the opposite–a simple, yet unique costume–try out our jellyfish adult hat.

Forest Animal Costumes


Frog       Furry Brown Bear       Baby Bear

Fawn       Fox       Deer

Bringing the focus back on land, we also have forest animal costumes! You may view them as the tamest of all animals, but you're in for a surprise. Maybe you and your family want to go as a herd of deer? Maybe your kid is just dying to hop around the neighborhood dressed up as a frog? Whatever the case may be, our forest animal costumes are some of the cutest and comfiest costumes you can find!

Of course, these aren't all of our exclusive animal costumes! We have nearly 2,000 listed on our site! So whether you're looking for family costumes, couple costumes or just a costume for yourself, you've got lots of options. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @funcostumes, so we can see all of the adorable animal costume pics!

Ross Hewett-Smith
Ross Hewett-Smith

Ross Hewett-Smith is the Public Relations Specialist at HalloweenCostumes.com, where he gets coverage on national entertainment media like Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, and People. He has also been interviewed by a variety of world news outlets.

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