Costume Ideas for the Party Animals

by |July 7, 2017
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Costume Ideas for the Party Animals

Does the party start when you walk through the door? Are you the one that everyone refers to as the life of the party? Well, it's time to dress the part! This year for Halloween we have some great party animal costume ideas to help you be the party-goer that everyone says you are. What kind of party animal are you, though? Are you fierce like a cat, or chill like a fish? Do you have a lot of energy like a dog, or do you stay calm like a bird flying through the sky? Are you mysterious like a unicorn, or a mascot type team player? No matter what animal you are on the inside, we have the perfect animal costume ideas to help bring it out.


Cat Costumes for Fierce Partygoers
Cat Costumes for Fierce Partygoers

Tabby Cat KigurumiSexy Black Cat CostumeDeluxe Lion CostumeCheshire Cat CostumeTiger CostumeSexy Leopard Costume

Are you the most fierce one around wherever you go? Do you demand attention from anyone and everyone? Then we think that the perfect Halloween costume for you is none other than a cat. Your inner party animal is always on alert and ready to pounce. So why not wear a party animal Halloween costume that's ready for the same. Show everyone your playful side in one of these great cat costumes for adults. You know they'd be purrfect!


Dog Costumes for Silly Party Animals

Dog Costumes for Silly Party Animals

Wolf CostumeClifford the Big Red DogPug KigurumiScooby-Doo CostumePlus Dalmatian CostumeBrown Dog Adult Onesie

So you're the overly energetic party animal. You want to dance and run around, do anything not to be still. Sound familiar? Well, then the perfect Halloween costume for you might just be a dog-inspired costume. Dogs are just as fun-loving, and have just as much energy as you do. So why not dress up in an adult dog costume and play the part? Let the dog out and get ready to rock your inner party animal!


Fish Costumes for Goofy Adults

Fish Costumes for Goofy Adults

Sexy Shark JumpsuitClown Fish CostumeSexy Goldfish CostumeAdult Fish CostumeShark CostumeDolphin Costume

Do you let out your party animal and then just sit back and ride the tide the rest of the night? If so, we have the perfect fish-inspired animal costumes for you. Whether you see yourself as a goldfish or a shark, we have a sea creature costume that is sure to fit youBe that cool glass of water in everyone's crazy night and remind them that the party animal can be chill.


Magical Costumes for the Fantasy-Obsessed

Magical Costumes for the Fantasy-Obsessed

Dragon CostumeUnicorn CostumeGray Werewolf CostumeMermaid CostumeToothless KigurumiInflatable Centaur Costume

Are you ready for a magical night? Are you the one who seems to puzzle and mystify all of your friends at the costume party? If you answered yes to either of those questions, or even if you want to be able to answer yes in the future, then we have the party costumes for you. After you don one of these mystical Halloween costumes and unleash your inner party animal, everyone is in for an out-of-this-world night.


Winged Costumes for Party People

Winged Costumes for Party People

Penguin CostumeRio Parrot CostumeQueen Bee CostumeDuck CostumeCozy Bat CostumeToucan Sam Costume

You're the one that likes to be flying high at parties. You rise up above everyone else and take charge of the night. No one can catch you, and no one can stop you once you're in party-animal mode. So why not wear an animal Halloween costume that can take you as high as you feel. Take flight in one of these great winged costumes (yes, we know penguins can't fly!) and get ready for a night that stands out above the rest.


Mascot Costumes for Over-the-Top Party Animals

Mascot Costumes for Over-the-Top Party Animals

Mascot Chicken CostumeMascot Polar Bear CostumeMascot Wildcat CostumeMascot Cow CostumeMascot Horse CostumeMascot Bulldog Costume

So you're the team player at parties. You don't always need to be the center of attention. You get things going but invite others to join in and enjoy a taste of what it's like to be the party animal, too. Then there couldn't be a more perfect Halloween costume for you than to dress up like the team mascot you are. Let your party animal out and show your support for your favorite group!


So, party animals, did you see your next college Halloween costume on this list? Which one was it? Let us know in the comments. Don't worry if you're not quite sold on one yet because we have so many more fun animal-themed costumes for you! So go check it out and let your inner party animal break free.