8 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas

by |March 23, 2018
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8 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas

Albert Einstein once said that “the pun is the most energetic form of joke”. Okay, we totally just made that up, but we’re sure that Al was a fan of the pun. (Probably dad jokes, too.) We love puns, which is why we put together the ultimate guide to pun costumes. Wear them to Halloween parties. Wear them to party parties. Wear them because you love being the center of attention, which you will be when you’re rocking a Cereal Killer costume or a Taco Belle gown. Read on for 8 of the best punny Halloween costume ideas of 2018, or ever!

Cereal Killer Pun Costumes

Cereal Killer pun costumes

Costumes (top row): Rice Krispies Snap, Rice Krispies Crackle, Rice Krispies Pop. Accessories (bottom row): Chainsaw, Axe, Machete, Razor

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This one’s a cinch. Just grab one of our Rice Krispies Halloween costumes and your toy weapon of choice. It might help to choose a mask that complements your theme, like a Leatherface mask if you decide on a chainsaw to bring your cereal killer costume to life!

Fantasy Football Pun Costumes

Fantasy Football pun costumes

Fantasy costumes (top row): Joan of Arc, Dark Northern King, Purple Wizard. NFL costumes (bottom row): Cowboys Uniform, Steelers Uniform, Vikings Uniform

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You can have some fun with this one! Pick out a wizard or knight costume and throw a football jersey and helmet on top. If you’re wearing a wizard costume, consider going up a size so you can add football pads underneath. But if you decide on a knight costume, those armor plates will look a lot like pads underneath the jersey!

Holy Cow Pun Costumes

Holy Cow pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Priest Clerical Clothing, Happy Cow, Priest Vestments, Bull

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We call this a “Holy Cow” costume, but you could also call it a “Papal Bull”. You may need to be creative and wear only part of each costume, like put the hat and robes from a pope costume over the cow costume. Or if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you could cut and sew the two costumes together for a truly unique holy cow costume.

Deviled Eggs Pun Costumes

Deviled Eggs pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Devil Suit, Fire Girl, Humpty Dumpty, Fried Egg

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If you like the religious pun costume idea but “Holy Cow” isn’t for you, maybe try a “Deviled Egg”. Throw a devil suit over an egg costume and you’re good to know. Don’t forget the pitchfork!

Taco Belle Pun Costume

Taco Belle pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Taco Costume, Belle Ball Gown

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Here’s a beauty of an idea! Wear a taco costume over a Belle gown (or any nice dress) and you’re now the Taco Belle. Bring dinner to the party and you’ll be a sure hit!

Doctor Pepper Pun Costumes

Doctor Pepper pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Women’s Doctor, Men’s Doctor, Pepper Shaker, Chili Pepper

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There are many directions you could go to pull off a “Doctor Pepper” costume. A chili pepper costume or a pepper shaker costume are both great choices. Then add some doctor scrubs, or simply throw on a lab coat and stethoscope and your Dr pepper costume is ready to fetch some laughs!

French Kiss Pun Costumes

French Kiss pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Traditional Maid, Fiona the French Maid, Gene Simmons “The Demon” Costume

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Wear parts of our KISS costumes over a French maid costume and you’re a perfect “French Kiss”. You can even go for risqué or full coverage! Make sure to add some black-and-white makeup for the full effect.

Han Solo Cup Pun Costumes

Han Solo Cup pun costumes

Costumes (left to right): Han Solo, Hoth Han Solo, Han Solo Skater Dress, Beer Pong Cup

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Another easy punny Halloween costume! Combine a Han Solo costume with a Solo Cup costume and you’re a Han Solo Cup costume. And the beauty is, there are so many types of Han Solo costumes that you can tailor your costume for cold Halloween trick-or-treating or a hot house party!

Pun Halloween Costumes

Pun Halloween costumes

Costumes (left to right): Runny Nose, French Toast, Party Animal

We said 8 punny Halloween costume ideas, right? Well here's a 9th section of costumes that don't take any effort whatsoever, because they're already combined into puns. You've got a runny nose, French toast, and a party animal. There's also a Zombee, and we're sure you'll find more if you look around!

Are you grinning yet? Or maybe groaning? Did you get any ideas for more punny Halloween costumes? We want to know so leave us a comment! And be sure to check out our funny and pun Halloween costumes, they’re sure to get you laughing.

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