25 Costume Ideas for Bald Dudes [Costume Guide]

by |October 7, 2023

Costume Ideas for Bald Dudes

When dressing up for Halloween, most people accentuate their best features. Maybe something sleeveless to show off those muscles, or a costume highlighting their long hair or a beard. But some people have a round, shiny noggin and want to dress up in style. That's great and we totally support it! In fact, it's why we put together this ultimate guide of costume ideas for bald dudes! There are so many awesome bald characters that it's going to be tough to pick your favorite bald costume idea.


1. Pennywise Costume

Pennywise Halloween Costumes

Classic PennywiseMovie Pennywise

Pennywise might not be completely bald, but he's definitely thinning up top. Both the older television miniseries and the new movies feature our favorite evil, balding clown, so you can pick your favorite. (Or the one that matches your hairstyle!) Even if you have a total chrome dome, wigs and masks are easy enough to wear—and you don't even need a wig cap to hold back unruly hair.


2. Minion Costume

Minion Halloween Costumes

Minion Costume

There is nothing more lovable than a cute, little Minion. Minion costumes are pretty easy to DIY. To be a Minion, wear a crisp pair of blue overalls, a fluorescent yellow shirt, and some killer Minion goggles and your costume is as good as gold! Literally. If you're not interested in making a DIY Minion costume, these Minion Halloween costumes should also do the trick. For full effect, you can paint your head yellow and skip the bald cap.


3. Thanos Costume

Thanos Halloween Costumes

Endgame Thanos

Every superhero needs a worthy adversary, and Thanos is certainly a force to be reckoned with. There's just something about bald villains that makes them more sinister. Thanos makes for a great bald cosplay idea, and if you're considering ditching the mask for some more realistic makeup effects, we have a Thanos makeup tutorial that can help to get you started (before you conquer Earth).


4. Genie Costume

Genie Halloween Costumes

Classic Genie CostumeLive-Action GenieAnimated GenieGenie Lamp

You ain't never had a friend like Genie! Genie has to be one of our favorite bald characters of all time—he could grant wishes, do magic and change his own appearance on a whim. As an added bonus, both animated and live-action genies are bald, so you can pick the Genie outfit that suits you. Just try not to get sucked into any lamps or you could be there for ten thousand years!


5. Freddy Krueger Costume

Freddy Krueger Costumes

Freddy Krueger CostumeFreddy Krueger SweaterDream Warriors Glove

You might say that Freddy is an honorary baldie because he's completely burned, but he still counts in our book! If you're looking for a cool bald cosplay to show off your special effects makeup skills, look no further than Freddy Krueger. (Unlike most other people, you won't need to mess with a bald cap!) Don't forget to brush up on your weird one-liners—Freddy is full of those!


6. Bane Costume

Bane Costume

Dark Knight BaneAdult BaneCartoon Bane MaskLive-Action Bane Mask

Batman has fought many villains in his time, and Bane is one of his most fearsome adversaries. (After all, he's stronger, he's smarter and he's clinically insane!) Now that we dropped those beats into your head, we'll remind you that this bald villain also makes for another great bald cosplay opportunity. You're sure to run into quite a few Batman costumes at any convention and a lot less Banes, so expect to be asked over for plenty of photos!


7. Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown ShirtBlack and White Makeup Crayons

Who doesn't love the classic Charlie Brown? He's probably one of the most famous bald people, even though he’s much younger than the rest of the characters featured so far! Slip into a yellow shirt with a black zig-zag line, much similar in style to Charlie’s black zig-zag ensemble. Also, wear black pants, bright yellow socks, and some brown shoes. Leave that baldness up above to pull the rest of the costume together! You can add the finishing touch of Charlie's black curl of hair with a black makeup crayon.


8. John Doe Costume

John Doe Costumes

Orange Prisoner Uniform

Bring on the bald villains! It's definitely a trend, but we're not about to complain when we get characters as easy to recreate as John Doe. This movie villain from Se7en can be seen in a simple orange prisoner uniform, so what's not to love? If you're looking for easy Halloween costumes for bald men, John Doe is a great choice. You'll easily be the most comfortable person at any Halloween costume party.


9. Walter White Costume

Walter White Costume

HAZMAT SuitHeisenberg HatFake Money

Breaking Bad ran for five seasons, and what a rollercoaster it was! However, it just wouldn't be a round-up of famous bald men without including Walter White. While many of Walter White's outfits could be pulled off with regular clothing and his signature hat and glasses, you can also get a hazmat suit with a gas mask for his other famous look.


10. Frozone Costume

Frozone Costumes

Adult Frozone

If you're looking for a bald superhero costume for your next comic convention or Halloween party, you shouldn't overlook Frozone. This Incredibles movie character has some cool superpowers—see what we did there? While he's not in every scene of the movie, he absolutely steals the screen with some of the best lines. (Just remember to be good to the lady or you'll be asking where your super suit is!)


11. Gru Costume

Gru Costume

Gru Costume Kit

We couldn't possibly include the Minions without Despicable Me's infamous Gru! For making your own Gru, pair your smoothly-shaven skull with a pair of black pants, black shoes, a gray pullover sweater, and a gray striped scarf. Hold some dynamite and (light bulb!) you’re Gru! If you would rather just buy the costume or you don't feel like your nose is pointy enough, HalloweenCostumes.com does have Gru costumes and masks.


12. Popeye Costume

Popeye Costumes

Adult PopeyePlus Size PopeyePopeye Accessory KitSpinach Can Cooler

This famous bald character has existed for decades, and he's still recognized as a well-loved favorite. (And he certainly knows how to eat his leafy greens!) No Popeye costume is complete without his signature corncob pipe, and a can of spinach certainly wouldn't hurt. If it makes the spinach any easier to swallow, you can always slide a spinach can koozie over your favorite beverage and no one will know the difference!


13. Voldemort Costume

Voldemort Costume

Adult VoldemortVoldemort WandGraftobian Skull Makeup Kit

Heroes are cool and all, but word around the lair is, villains have more fun. We might as well consider He Who Shall Not Be Named: Lord Voldemort. For those of you who are bald and looking for Harry Potter costume ideas last minute, you’re probably freaking out at the mention of his name. But hey, there are limited costumes to display your baldness, so consider it. This DIY costume is pretty simple (actually all of them are), but luckily an exact replica of his cloak is available straight from our hearts to yours. Give yourself some hybrid witch/werewolf hands and slap a wand in them and—BOOM!—Lord Voldemort. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of white face/body paint to your entire face and neck to really give people the creeps.


14. Dr. Robotnik Costume

Dr. Robotnik Costumes

Live-Action Dr. Robotnik

Sonic the Hedgehog's Dr. Robotnik is another classically bald villain. (Although he has a stint with hair in the live-action Sonic movie series.) This Eggman costume is great for Halloween, but don't forget pop culture conventions and video game conventions! We're sure you can find lots of Sonics there to pursue. If you happen to have superior mustache-growing powers, now is the time you really get to lean into it!


15. Mace Windu Costume

Mace Windu Costume

Jedi CostumeMace Windu Lightsaber

If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably already know who the best bald character in the galaxy is, and that would be Mace Windu! This Jedi with a unique purple lightsaber is a great Halloween costume for bald guys with a love of the Force. Mace Windu likes to play by the book, but don't let those Anakin and Qui-Gon cosplayers under your skin! Your heart is in the right place, and ultimately, you were right not to trust Anakin.


16. Master Roshi Costume

Master Roshi Costume

Master RoshiMaster Roshi Staff

Master Roshi might seem like a bit of an odd duck with a penchant for loud shirts, but you can't deny his skill for martial arts. If you're on the hunt for a bald cosplay for an anime convention, you just might consider a Master Roshi costume! Should you happen to be completely bald, you won't even need to wear the included bald cap.


17. Dr. Evil Costume

Dr. Evil Costumes

Deluxe Dr. EvilPlus Size Dr. EvilMen's White Boots

The infamous Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies can easily be recognized by anyone and everyone. Find yourself a square-shouldered gray suit, a flashy pinky ring, and some white dress shoes. Sport that dashing pinky finger near and dear to your pursed lips all night long and once again you’ve got the best balded head costume! Your costume will be off the charts. Out of this world. Liquid hot magma.


18. Picard Costume

Star Trek Picard Costume

TNG Picard CostumeStar Trek TNG Communicator Badge ReplicaStar Trek TNG Phaser Gun

Boldly go where no one has gone before with this bald-headed costume idea. (Okay, so we're reasonably sure that every bald Star-Trek fan has probably dressed like Picard at some point, but you can't blame us for not passing up that catchphrase!) Either way, you'll look slick in Picard's red-and-black captain uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


19. Captain Underpants Costume

Captain Underpants Costume

Captain UnderpantsBare Feet Slippers

As you may have noticed, some bald characters are action heroes or appear in dramas, while others are a little bit more...silly. If you're looking for something on the silly side with a dose of children's literature, then a Captain Underpants costume may be for you! This bald book character battles with foes like Doctor Nappy Diaper and Turbo Toilet 2000, so expect a bunch of young boy humor going forward.


20. Jungle Cruise Frank Costume

Frank Costume

Jungle Cruise Frank Wolff

Disney fans can rejoice, as there's a bald Disney character in the form of Frank Wolff from the Jungle Cruise movie. Based on the popular Disney World ride, Frank captains a steamboat on the Amazon river. If you're really into the role, you can even toss out a few of the Rock's quotes from the movie. Hopefully, everyone doesn't take your bad puns for granite.


21. Uncle Fester Costume

Uncle Fester Costume

Adult Uncle FesterMehron Skeleton Makeup Kit

The Addams Family is a favorite when it comes to Halloween costumes, so put that magnetic personality to good use and go as Uncle Fester! (But don't actually try to light up a lightbulb like him!) His outfit is fairly simple if you're looking for a DIY costume for bald guys, but you're going to need some makeup to help you pull it off. This Mehron makeup kit comes with all of the white, gray and black makeup that you'll need to achieve Uncle Fester's unusual skin tone and sunken eyes.


22. Lex Luthor or Professor X Costume

Professor X or Lex Luthor Costume

Black Suit Costume

There's something so versatile about formal suits that you can make a few black suit costumes—including a few bald characters! If you happen to be a big comic book fan, you can use a black suit to create both a Lex Luthor costume or a Professor X costume. Whether you choose to be a bald villain or a bald superhero is entirely up to you. (As an added bonus, Professor X is a great wheelchair costume idea!) If you can whip up a DIY Cerebro helmet, you'll absolutely steal the show.


23. Pinhead Costume

Pinhead Costume

Hellraiser PinheadPinhead Mask

If you're bald and good at special effects makeup, perhaps you'd be interested in tackling a Pinhead costume! This Hellraiser character is absolutely iconic with his hairless head, and a face full of pins. (You can find Pinhead masks as well, should the idea of tackling his costume makeup scare you.) However, if you're a hairless horror movie fan, you definitely shouldn't let this iconic Pinhead costume give you the slip!


24. Space Jam Michael Jordan Costume

Space Jam Costume

Michael Jordan Tune Squad Jersey

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam! Now that we have lodged the original Space Jam theme song in your brain, you know what you must do. You need to get a Tune Squad jersey so you can be Michael Jordan! The best part is that these Tune Squad outfits are worn by all of the main characters, so put together your own basketball team if you'd like to turn this into a group costume idea. Get ready to steal the show as one of the most iconic kids' movies from the 90s!


25. Friar Tuck Costume

Friar Tuck Costumes

Friar Tuck RobeMonk RobeMonk Wig

The Robin Hood story has always been a favorite, and what better way is there to harness your head than with a Friar Tuck costume? With a brown monk robe, you too can be this famous man of the cloth! One could say that he's indispensable to the band of Merry Men, able to sneak them into his church and operate as their eyes and ears in town. His place in the Robin Hood story often changes depending on the film, show or form of media, so feel free to interpret his character as you will!


Out of all the options listed here, you’re bound to find a costume fit right for you; after all, you’ve got the baldness underway.  As for that, make sure to leave us pics or tell us which bald-headed character costume you’re head over heels for most! Happy Halloween!

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