Costume Ideas for Bald Dudes

by |October 21, 2016
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When using that cranium of yours to brainstorm what to dress as for the quickly approaching Halloween holiday, many people choose to use their own best features and accentuate them. Whether it’s your strong muscles - in which you must find a sleeveless costume - or it’s your long, curly blonde locks that can’t possibly be covered by a wig or a hat accessory. We all have personal features and attributes about ourselves that our costumes must stem from and in this case it’s your round, shiny, noggin. Now, this isn’t any ol’ noggin, it’s yours. Unique and different than the bald guy’s next to you. Let this forum be your guide as a helpful tool and level of baldness determiner so you can achieve that one of a kind costume!

evil ideas

Heroes are cool and all, but word around the lair is, villains have more fun. 

lord voldemort Halloween Costume


Harry Potter Wand     White Body Paint

Voldemort Hands    Voldemort Costume

To start out the guide on an evil note and breaking the rules a bit, we might as well name He Who Shall Not Be Named: Lord Voldemort.  For those of you who are bald and looking for Harry Potter costume ideas last minute, you’re probably freaking out at the mention of his name, but hey, there are limited costumes for your baldness, so consider it. This DIY costume is pretty simple (actually all of them are), but luckily an exact replica of his cloak is available straight from our hearts to yours. Give yourself some hybrid witch/werewolf hands and slap a wand in them and, BOOM, Lord Voldemort. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of white face/body paint to your entire face and neck to really give people the creeps.


dr. evil Halloween Costume


Black Tux Shoes      High School Class Ring      Deluxe Adult Gray Suit

Now, in our opinion, our next candidate is one of our all-time favorites. The infamous Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies has swept the nation and can easily be recognized by anyone and everyone. Find yourself a square shouldered gray suit, a flashy pinky ring, and some black dress shoes. Sport that dashing pinky finger near and dear to your pursed lips all night long and once again you’ve conquered the quest of having the best costume out of your friends, while being bald!

dr. evil 2.0


*attutude required for this next costume*


Cotton White T-Shirt      Purple Bandana      Men's Black Pants

Furthermore, we’re not quite done with impersonating a doable DIY of Dr. Evil. We call this second version, Dr. Evil’s alter ego, or just him experiencing a rough patch in his life. Styled in a simple blue collared shirt buttoned only on top, a classic white tee, and a light purple bandana tied nice and tight, you’re outfit is all set accompanied by your bare noodle up top. Feel free to grab your child and replicate a Mini Me version while playing your necessary sound track for the night, Hard Knock Life. Your costume will be off the charts. Out of this world. Liquid hot magma.


cartoon ideas

These next group of costumes need a little more TLC. And by TLC we mean the additional step of face paint or body paint to achieve an overall, exact look.

homer simpson Halloween Costume


Yellow Morph Suit      Donut Flask      Cotton White T-Shirt

Lion Face Makeup      Blue Pants      The Simpsons Homer Simpson Costume

Our first character in this category is our beloved Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. If you’re both a family man and don’t mind grasping a beer can in your hand all evening long, then continue reading. A first helpful step if you’re not into full body art like some, grab yourself a yellow morph suit that will transform your skin tone into a fabulous, florescent Simpson hue. Now that your base step is accomplished, slide into a white polo and blue pants along with some black shoes. Your outfit part of this transformation is now complete. Upwards and onwards to focus on the classic Homer Simpson mug. You can forget about adding a pop-out like muzzle to your mouth area (brownie points to you if you create this look, or should we say donut points). Begin by coloring your entire face and neck; don’t forget to paint your perfectly bare think tank! Next, leave a circle around your mouth bare skinned to replicate Homer’s unique mouth.  Carefully paint white circles around your eyes to make them appear large like Homer's. Voila! Pair this look with a donut flask and you’re set for the evening. Mmm, donut.


shrek Halloween Costume


Shrek Deluxe Adult Costume      Inflatable Lollipop      Men's Black Dress Shoes

Shrek Hands      Fiona Adult Costume      Green Face Makeup

Another gentle giant similar to Homer Simpson is Shrek! He’s bald and has weird ears but, hey, what did we say about having limited options? This complete Shrek look should be paired with plaid trousers, a white rugged long sleeve t-shirt, and a vest and belt. Give yourself large ogre hands to guarantee yourself the biggest scoops of candy and go to town again on that green face paint! Or stay at the swamp, either or.

gru and minions HalloweEn Costumes


Fake Dynamite      Adult Black Boots      Slytherin Scarf      Adult Gru Costume

Adult Minion Costume      Adult Black Gloves      Cybersteam Goggles Silver

Men's Black Dress Shoes

If you have a bald best friend as well, pay attention to this next dynamic duo. There is nothing more lovable than a cute, little Minion.  And everyone who has seen Despicable Me knows that Gru is a big softy inside. This is where you and your best bud come into play. You might need to toss the ol’ rock, paper, scissors game between the two of you when deciding who is who, but regardless which character you end up being, both have perks. For Gru, pair your smoothly shaven skull with a pair of black pants, black shoes, gray pull-over sweater, and a gray striped scarf. Hold some dynamite and (light bulb!) you’re Gru! As for being a Minion, a crisp pair of blue overalls, again with that fluorescent yellow morph suit, and some killer specs and your costume is as good as gold! Literally.


    *mic drop*

Charlie brown Halloween Costume


Charlie Brown Polo Shirt      Brown Tux Shoes

Yellow Socks      Men's Black Pants

Who doesn't love the classic Charlie Brown. He fits perfectly into the category even though he’s much younger than the rest of the characters featured. Slip into a yellow polo, much similar in style to Charlie’s black zig-zag ensemble, wear black pants, bright yellow socks, and some brown shoes. Leave that baldness up above to pull the rest of the costume together!

additional / Minimalistic ideas


Lex Luther | Professor X | Capt. Picard, Star Trek Command Uniform | Riddick | Uncle Fester

Finally, If you're seeking extreme minimalism, these options above are for you. Professor X wears a suit, along with Lex Luther. A simple sleevless shirt and killer shades for Riddick. Also, get a Capt. Picard Star Trek uniform or find yourself a cozy sweater for Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. That's about it, pretty minimalistic.

other baldies


Avatar: The Last Airbender | Mr. Burns | Mr. Clean | Mr. Monopoly

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle | Walter White | Popeye | Elmer Fudd

Out of all the options listed here, you’re bound to find a costume fit right for you; after all you’ve got the baldness underway.  As for that, make sure to leave us pics or tell us which costume you’re head over heels for most! Happy Halloween! And don't forget our favorite bald character of them all... George Costanza!