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Monk Costumes

Monks lead a quiet and solemn life of asceticism. But, that being said, we're also under the impression that they know a thing or two about partying too. We might just be basing that off of Friar Tuck from Robin Hood in pop culture, but... well just think about it. What else are you going to do while you're cooped up in a monastery!?

Fortunately, you won't have to commit to a life of solitude when you pick up one of our signature monk costumes for men. We have exclusive styles that are made and designed by us, and we also have Friar Tuck costumes for men if you're looking to take part in a Robin Hood group theme. Pick up a trademark wig with the bald spot on top, and you'll have the look down pat. You can spend your time brewing ales in the walls of your priory, or you can take your preachings on the road to the big Halloween costume party or local watering hole. Also remember to pick up key accessories like a hanging cross and a Bible flask, and you'll be ready to spread the word to all the non-devout!