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Star Trek Costumes

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It's time to boldly go where no costume crew has gone before. Because you need one of our Star Trek costumes to beam up to your next party! With Star Trek Halloween costumes from the original series and Star Trek Next Gen costumes we have the outfits that will let you play the part of your favorite character from any era. Shop them all right here to set your phasers to FUN!
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Star Trek Blue Christmas Sweater
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Klingon Emblem Badge

You better start brushing up on your Klingon if you want to serve in the Starfleet! If you are a certified Trekkie you are going to love our cool Star Trek costumes. If you've dreamed about being a part of the United Federation of Planets here is your chance to at look like you belong in outer space!  

You can choose to be Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, or Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy by choosing from our Star Trek costumes for men. Star Trek has spawned many series and movies because of the show's popularity and cult status. Star Trek resulted in 726 episodes that ran across 30 seasons of the TV obviously making it a very cherished show, so you know many will love your costume as well!

We're positively sure you will have fun becoming a member of the USS Enterprise crew this Halloween with our collection of Star Trek costumes. You can become Uhura with one of our Star Trek women's costumes or add a Spock wig to one of our Star Trek Halloween costumes for a look straight out of the movies! How To

Star Trek Costume Ideas

"To boldly go where no one has gone before." Pretty simple premise, pretty epic results! Star Trek has been entertaining fans for decades, and if you're ready to beam up with a Star Trek costume this Halloween, we have you covered. From Captain Kirk costumes to the TNG Picard costumes, we sell outfits that will let you suit up in authentic Starfleet style. We have all the gear you'll need to complete the look, too, with Star Trek badges and phaser toys that feature realistic details. For more info on our top Star Trek Halloween costumes, just keep reading this How-To!

Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek first hit the television airwaves on September 8, 1966. Science fiction would never be the same! The show wasn't an immediate hit, but it did start building an incredible fanbase that would steadily grow over the years. The original series is still revered to this day thanks to its superb storytelling, but also for the retro, albeit campy, appeal of what seemed futuristic in the 1960s. We offer costumes that recreate the uniforms of the most important characters from the show. That means we sell a James T. Kirk costume, a Spock costume, and a Uhura costume!

Captain Kirk Costumes

Captain James T. Kirk boldly went where no men had gone before when he captained the Enterprise in the original series. And now you can step into his shoes with the Deluxe Captain Kirk Shirt! The polyester top is a lightweight and comfy upgrade from the velour featured on the original costume, and the screen-printed emblem and embroidered cuff rank insignia make it look official. Did you know these shirts were, in reality, olive green but appeared gold on film? It's true, but this shirt is 100 percent gold, just as remembered in pop culture.

Uhura Costumes

While a shirt-and-pants uniform was featured for the men of the USS Enterprise, the Star Trek women's costume was a dress with a miniskirt cut. Actress Nichelle Nichols didn't mind one bit. "I was wearing them on the street. What's wrong with wearing them on the air? I wore 'em on airplanes. It was the era of the miniskirt. Everybody wore miniskirts." You can recreate the look of her communications officer outfit with this Classic Uhura Costume. With spandex stretch for a great fit, this style features signature details that will have you ready to open hailing frequencies!

Spock Costumes

"Live long and prosper." The Vulcan blessing is as well-known as their most famous individual, Mr. Spock, who served as the Enterprise's science officer and first officer. This Spock Costume Shirt will easily let you roleplay as the iconic character with its blue color and Starfleet science insignia. You'll probably want to add a set of Spock ears and a black wig, too, unless you already happen to have pointy ears and a Caesar haircut! Remember that Spock is also half-human, so you may have to wrestle with some emotions when you embark on your Star Trek adventure.

Star Trek TNG Costume Ideas

What the original Star Trek did for the fans in the 60s and 70s, Star Trek: The Next Generation did for, quite literally, the next generation! The show's syndicated adventures started in 1987 with Patrick Stewart helming a new cast as the crew of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. And we offer Star Trek costumes that recreate the series' signature style. We have a red costume shirt that can be used for Picard or as a Riker costume. We also have a TNG yellow shirt that works great as a TNG Data costume or to roleplay Geordi LaForge.

Command Uniform Picard Costumes

Command Uniform Picard Costume

You may want to put up your feet in the ready room. Or play your Ressikan flute while you sip some tea (Earl Grey, hot!). Or maybe you'd like to go full-on Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra! No matter the kind of adventure you'd like to suit up for, you'll be ready to command the bridge of the USS Enterprise as Captain Picard with this Deluxe Command Uniform. Of course, this costume also allows you to become Riker, Q, or any command division officer in Starfleet. Just choose your rank with the included pips, and you'll be ready for duty!

Star Trek TNG Operations Costumes

Star Trek TNG Costume

Few TNG performances are as iconic and memorable as Brent Spiner as Lieutenant Commander Data in the series. You might need to practice not using contractions (which even hung Spiner up in real life) but we're sure you'll have a blast roleplaying as the aspirational android with our Deluxe Operations Uniform. Since the gold Star Trek uniforms denote service in operations divisions, the costume also works great for Geordi LaForge or Worf. You could even portray Reginald Barkley if you're not too worried about transporter psychosis!

Star Trek Accessories

Whatever kind of Trek you tackle this Halloween, we have one important piece of advice. You will want to take on a Starfleet commission with the right gear! And whether you just want a trusty phaser at your side or need to get every member of your crew Star Trek badges, we have authentic accessories that will let you complete any of our Star Trek Halloween costumes. Check out these top-selling Star Trek props to see if any of them will add the perfect touch to your outfit!

Star Trek Phaser Toys

Star Trek Phaser Toy

Setting your phaser to maximum might vaporize your target, but even shooting off a phaser set to stun is enough to get you in trouble. We advise carrying around a toy phaser to accompany your Star Trek uniform. It's much safer than carrying around the real thing! This Star Trek Phaser Accessory is officially licensed and molded to recreate the look of the handheld weapons carried by the Next Generation era crewmembers.

Star Trek Badges

Star Trek Badge

Whereas Kirk and company had to carry around handheld communicators, by the time of The Next Generation, every officer was equipped with a handy dandy com badge right on their chest! A simple tap on the device was all it took to say, "Beam me up!" and get transported out of a sticky situation. This The Next Generation Replica Communicator is for decoration only, so it won't help you get in touch with Chief O'Brien. But it will still be an important upgrade to your Star Trek TNG costume! Monster