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Chances are, you've been here: you and a group of friends are sitting around talking about what you’re planning to dress as for an upcoming costume party. Suddenly your big-ideas-but-no-details friend blurts, “We should all dress up together! You know, like, as The Avengers or something!” Everyone gets excited and says they’re on board, but the idea stalls because you're not sure what the next steps are to create your own superhero group costumes.

If you're ever in that situation again, this article will help you SAVE THE DAY like your favorite hero. We'll provide several group superhero costume ideas, along with a character description of each hero, because it's fun to dress as a character with similar personality traits to your own!

We organized our ideas by group size, as that often dictates which specific theme to choose. Just as choosing a character with a similar personality to your own boosts the level of authenticity of your group costumes, so too does picking  a crew that your friends/family have a genuine interest in! Luckily, just about everyone has a favorite hero, and chances are that hero has joined forces with other heroes at some point.


Group of 3: Captain America

For three people, doing something that is customizable is a good idea. Captain America has worked with plenty of other worthy heroes and fought his share of deadly villains. He also starred in a new movie earlier this year, so he's fresh on everyone's minds. Since he's the leader of The Avengers, there are countless costume options for group members to choose from. Our example below includes three characters from Cap's latest movie.


captain america winter soldier and black widow

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  • Captain America: “Avengers, assemble!” Steve Rogers was a scrawny man with steadfast morals who volunteered for the super soldier serum project during World War II. A paragon of good and frequent leader of The Avengers, Captain America serves as a moral compass for humans and superheroes alike.
  • Winter Soldier: The Winter Soldier is the result of a Soviet assassin project that took advantage of Captain America's once loyal sidekick (Bucky), and transformed him into a ruthless killer. When not on a misson, Winter Soldier was cryogenically frozen, thus preserving him. Winter Soldier was a formidable assassin, but was eventually confronted by Captain America, who restored his memory, enabling him to defect from the Soviet Union.
  • Natalia Romanova: Natalia Romanova, aka Natasha Romanova, aka Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, has an alias for every part of her shadowed past. She is a femme fatale spy who defected from her home country of the Soviet Union and eventually joined The Avengers. She was biologically and psycho-technologically augmented by the USSR program that shares her codename. Natalia is cold, calculating, and a master at psychological warfare. She also had a thing with Winter Soldier back in the day.


Group of 4: X-Men/Mutants

X-men mutants Wolverine Storm Gambit and Deadpool

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  • Wolverine: Wolverine is probably the most famous member of X-Men, and one of the most famous superheroes of all time. His loner mentality and butt-kicking attitude make him easy to admire. His catchphrase sums him up well: "I'm the best at what I do. And what I do isn’t very nice."
  • Storm: Storm, also known as Ororo Munroe, is one of the most veteran members of X-Men. She has proven herself a capable leader when in charge of the team, and is a powerful mutant with the ability to control weather. Mature and controlled, Storm must demonstrate strong emotional stability because if she gets to passionate, she brews a vioent storm!
  • Gambit: Gambit shares similar traits to Wolverine in that he’s got attitude, but Remy LeBeau is more charming. In fact, his charm is even listed as one of his mutant abilities. Along with possessing bo staff skills, Gambit can also charge items by converting their potential energy into kinetic energy. The results are explosive! If you’re dressing as Gambit, don’t forget one of his important accessories: a deck of playing cards.
  • Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool is one of the most recognizable mutants with his smarth mouth and tendency to break the fourth wall. Engineered to be the perfect weapon through the Weapon X Project, Wade Wilson's mind  suffers from psychosis and dissociative identity disorder, but these are just some of the reasons that fans love this motormouth.


Group of 5: Batman Universe

Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Joker, and Harley Quinn
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  • Batman: Batman is another one of the most popular superheroes of all time, especially with the recent Christopher Nolan film franchise reboots. Batman appeals to a lot of people because he doesn’t actually have any super powers. He’s a man, an incredibly brilliant and skilled man, but still just a man. It has also been said Batman is the greatest detective of all-time.
  • Robin: Everyone, even Batman, needs help sometimes, and in these cases Robin is your guy. Robin came on the scene to help Batman fight crime, but was also introduced to allow for dialogue with Batman, and to appeal to young comic readers. There have been five official Robins over the course of the comics, but probably the most popular was Dick Grayson and his medieval Robin Hood-inspired tunic outfit.
  • Catwoman: She ain't your typical villain. Catwoman has shown more interest in high stakes burglary mixed with a cat and mouse relationship with Batman than being a truly devious villain. Although Catwoman is perfectly capable of holding her own in all types of dangerous situations, she's not as interested in violence and killing than some of Batman's other enemies.
  • The Joker: The Joker is the perfect antithesis to Batman. He has been portrayed on screen by world class actors and is one of the most well known comic villains in existence. He's completely psychotic and has a sadistic sense of humor, which makes him particularly dangerous as a criminal due to his unpredictable nature and love of chaos.
  • Harley Quinn: Harley is swiftly becoming a fan favorite in the Batman universe. As a psychiatrist at Arkahm,  Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel became entranced by the Joker. Slowly, over many sessions, the Joker twists the mind of Harleen and she comes to embrace his sadistic and evil ideals. Eventually Harleen goes insane herself and her descent to a life of crime is complete. Harley Quinn has numerous costume variations, so take your pick! The only rule is it must have include some harlequin jester details.


Group of 6: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are perfect for a group of six. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are known the world over as one of the best hero teams. Larger groups can easily expand on this theme by adding characters like Shredder, Bebop,,April O’Neal, Master Splinter, or Rocksteady. The turtles also have a reboot movie coming out this year, so this group would be timely.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  • Leonardo: Leonardo is the oldest turtle and the level headed leader of the squad. Wearing blue and wielding ninjato, Leonardo ensures he leads his turtle brothers to victory when taking down Shredder…and large pizzas. Either way.
  • Donatello: This turtle is the the brains and engineer of the team. If the gang needs new equipment or any intellectual assistance, the purple clad, bo swinging Donatello is the middle turtle for the job.
  • Michelangelo: Cowabunga, dude! Michelangelo is the youngest turtle and a total party animal. He’s a turtle with a real sense of humor. Don’t underestimate him, though, otherwise you’re liable to get a nunchuck to the side of the head.
  • Raphael: Raphael is the stubborn loner of the group. He’s not opposed to working with his turtle brothers, but he has bouts of anger and rebellion, possibly stemming from his rivalry with Leonardo. Ralph doesn’t like taking orders and never shies from a chancee to use his sais.
  • Shredder: Oroku Saki became known as the Shredder when he moved to America to operate the Foot clan. Living in NYC gave Shredder the perfect chance to exact revenge on Hamato Yoshi for killing his brother. Little did he know that Yoshi's pet rat would come back to cause him massive amounts of trouble. That rat became Splinter and he trained the Turtles to help fight crime and stop Shredder's Foot clan. Shredder is mean, cunning, and prone to anger, and his look is iconic.
  • Bebop: Bebop began as a member of a street gang that was used by the Foot clan to cause trouble in NYC. After chasing April into the sewers and getting beat by the Turtles, Shredder asked for volunteers to undergo a special mutation that would make them powerful enough to crush the Turtles. Bebop became a mutant warthog and was physically strong, but his intelligence never grew. As such, he is the braindead 'muscle' for Shredder and his clan. Bebop is usually hanging out with his partner in crime, Rocksteady.


Do you have more than six people in your group? Easy solutions abound! Pick any of the group ideas above and add characters. X-Men, Justice League, and the Avengers have a huge cast of characters to choose from, especially if you include villains.


For more group costume ideas than you can shake a bo at, visit our group costume selector tool.

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