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Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

There's a ton of stories to tell, but do you have a Little Red Riding Hood costume for every occasion? You could go with a kid's size look that highlights a bright Red Riding Hood cape. Dad can walk her house to house as the Big Bad Wolf until it's time for the visit to Grandma! How about a couple's look featuring the wolf and an adult Red Riding Hood costume to show how fierce she's grown. Pick your favorite combo and tell your best story!
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Beware of all the big bad wolves out this Halloween when you're in one of our sexy adult Little Red Riding Hood costumes. Dressing up like your favorite childhood character is a fun costume idea and you can pair with a wolf for a great couples costume. Shop at and you can get an entire group of friends together for a sexy storybook theme.


We have a Red Riding Hood costume to fit every girl's style and figure! Our sexy costumes feature cute red and white petticoats and tutus that add extra femininity and flare to your costume. You can flatter your figure by choosing a costume that has a sweetheart cut or draw attention to your favorite feature by picking out a costume with a plunging neckline. We also have many forms of plus sized costumes that come with shrugs and full coverage dresses to make you look and feel sexy!


We have kid's size costumes so your little daughter, niece, or sister can dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, too! Get friends together and dress up as all your favorite storybook characters for an original look. Remember to avoid the big bad wolf and try to get to grandma's house as soon as you can in one of these unique and flattering costumes. How To
Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the classic fairy tales that every child reads or hears while growing up. It's the story of a young girl. We're never told her real name—just that she loved the red hooded cape so much that she wore it all the time, and so came to be called Red Riding Hood. She is tricked by a wolf while she is on her way to bring a basket full of treats to her grandmother. There are many versions of the tale from many different historical traditions. In all of them, she takes a walk in the woods, greets her "grandmother," bravely faces the wolf, and then is usually frightened by him. Things go down many wooded paths from there depending on the version of the tale! If you're going to become Red Riding Hood for a costume event, check out the poses and quotes below. And dress your date as the wolf, either as himself or disguised as Grandma.

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Kids

It is time to let that story jump right out of the storybooks and into your arms! We're guessing that your kiddo has a bright skip to their step and a smile that warms your heart. Naturally, you're thinking of a Little Red Riding Hood costume to make that dream a reality. "But, which style?" you might be asking yourself. With so many different versions of the story out there, your choice does have a chance of highlighting one over the other. We're happy to give you a hand navigating the folktale with our wide variety of options. When you pick out a Red Riding Hood costume, teenager, toddler, and in between will skip with delight!

Girls' Red Riding Hood Costume

Girls' Red Riding Hood Costume

The only requirement of Little Red Riding Hood? She must be sweet! Perhaps it is due to the goodies she carries or the smile that she's always wearing. We're really not sure. But we do know that one sweet look deserves another. Anyone call for a Little Red Riding Hood costume tween kids will gobble up?

Child Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Red Riding Hood Costume for Child

Your kiddo has dozens of storybook characters that they love and will probably ask your opinion of what the right character will be! Well, when they ask what you think would be the right way to go, there's only one answer: a Little Red Riding Hood costume, child! How about a traditional look?

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Baby Costume

Just how old is Little Red, though? The tales are never really specific, are they? Some Reds seem very conversational. Others are more precocious. That's the fun of this amazing character that keeps going from one decade to the next. Next, we'll have a Baby Red Riding Hood and we'll be gobbling them up!

Toddler Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood costume for Toddler

Just remember the core of the story, either way. With a Little Red Riding Hood costume, toddler kiddos get to be a really cute character who also learns important lessons about chatting up strangers in the woods. We're pretty sure you've got that lesson taught, already, so it can just be time for fun and treats!

Red Riding Hood Costumes for Women

Don't think for a second that this fabulous fable is just for the kids! When it comes to a stellar Red Riding Hood costume, adults get to play along, too! In fact, some of the most exciting versions of the story involve a grown-up Red who isn't about to take any guff from some wandering wolf. Perhaps you've heard of Red, the Hunter who has returned to the Woods to get revenge where the Woodcutter failed. There's the clever Red Cap who shows up packing a pistol to deal with any potential threats. And, of course, there are a few where a wily wolf is a much better afternoon companion than a grumpy grandmother! Time to choose a Red Riding Hood costume DIY style because this story is all yours!

Adult Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Adults

The fundamentals of a Little Red are going to be pretty similar, but it comes down to the particular style that you're going for. Early French? Perhaps an East German look? We recommend the perfect version of the cape, first. A Red Riding Hood Halloween costume with a bright red may make for a cheery night!

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Costume

We know we said before that Little Red didn't have an actual name. But, did you know she does? Her name was Blanchette in some of the oldest stories. Come to think of it, we know of another Blanche who enjoyed making wolves howl with desire. Get those wolf eyes popping with an alluring, grown-up Red!

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

If you're a fan of the grittier version of the story, you can't go with something too light for your realistic Red Riding Hood costume. That's where the rich velvet Red Riding Hood look can bring you from a fable version of Little Red to the legendary Ruby Hunter! That wolf will be second-guessing himself in a snap.

Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume

Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume

Not every Red Riding Hood even wore a hood. The early French ones featured "Red Cap" for her cute beret style hat. Of course, we all know that the right cape length adds a certain je ne sais quoi, so it goes without saying that a sexy Little Red Riding Hood look would feature a particularly short cape, no?

Big Bad Werewolf Costumes

The title of the tale might be Little Red Riding Hood, but it wouldn't be much of a tale without the wolf! Some might ask how a wolf even managed to talk, much less convince anyone that it was actually a person. What big teeth you have, indeed! True, in many stories, the wolf is a literal animal that just uses its puppy dog eyes to trick prey into its waiting mouth. But others show a debonair wolf in gentleman's clothing or a shapeshifting beast capable of anything. That's the power of a supernatural story, we suppose! If you're looking to complement a Red Riding Hood look or do a victory round from some of the versions of the story where the wolf wins, we think an adult Werewolf costume is the way to go.

Werewolf Costume

Werewolf Costume

You know the stories where the Woodcutter comes up to help Little Red out of trouble and everyone lives happily ever after? Well, sometimes that Wolf with a belly of stones gets mad and goes after the Hunter! It's time for real vengeance when the Werewolf comes back wearing the Hunters clothes!

Realistic Werewolf Costume

Realistic Werewolf Costume

Some of these stories are written frighteningly realistically with gruesome details of what happens to Red when she falls for the Wolf's tricks. If you've got a mind for a truly savage story, you need to go with a werewolf costume for men and women ready to go the visceral distance. Get those teeth shined up!

Boys' Werewolf Halloween Costume

Werewolf Boys' Halloween Costume

Sometimes those wolves aren't all about the horror. They might be charming and sweet. They might be curious or just hungry. Who can blame anyone for going after delicious food when they're hungry!? Of course, anyone in a werewolf costume for kids could probably just be tempted with Halloween treats.

Girls’ Werewolf Costume

Cute Werewolf Costume

Once you've got a critter that's covered in fur, folks just tend to assume that you're looking at a gangly were-man. But, look closer. Do you see that cunning gaze? The sophisticated drape of the fur? This is a true creature from the fables. Has Red gone Werewolf or has this Wolf always been so smartly dressed?

Red Riding Hood Costume Poses

It's a lovely day for a walk in the woods and, since you have a basket of treats for your grandmother, take the opportunity! Yes, you're a city girl, so the woods might be a bit scary. But put on your brave face. As long as you stay on the path you should be okay, right? That's what the story says! Still, it might be good to test some of your moves. You never know what you might encounter over the river and through the woods where werewolves are bound to go! Get a nice billow in your Red Riding Hood cape and try out some of these practiced poses to convince everyone you just stepped out of the storybooks.

Walk in the Woods

Red Riding Hood Cape

Your journey begins with a pleasant stroll through what should be a comforting natural environment. So, a hand on the hip and high shoulders are key. Kick those heels up a little higher as you jaunt along, since nothing could go wrong on this wooded wonderland walkabout. Plus, soon you get sweets with Granny!


Little Red Riding Hood Outfit

When you first run into the Wolf, remember that this devious trickster (and possible murderer) doesn't seem so scary. It's nice and might even be wearing the coat and top hat from a recent victim. So, be polite and respectable by crossing your leg over the other and dipping down with a smile!


Red Riding Hood Costume

Eventually, you'll see the monster's real goals! What are those big teeth for, after all!? When things get scary, make sure to show just how surprising it is! A hand against your forehead is the perfect level of melodrama. And the wider your mouth can gasp? The better to show how freaked out you are, my dear!


Little Red Riding Hood Dress

Once you get over the surprise, you know that you've got this handled. Maybe you've got a secret weapon. Maybe you know the wolf's weakness. Maybe you know that wolf just wants a gingersnap. Get that hand right back on your hip and give the most confident smirk you can because this is your story!

Red Riding Hood Couples Costumes

Believe it or not, there are so many versions of the old tale that the wolf is depicted in more ways than the protagonist. Sometimes, we've got a cross-dressing werewolf. The most classic pairing is with the wolf dressed as Grandma, eagerly trying to convince Red of its status as her gentle but ill Nana. Occasionally we have a practical joker or even a small number where the Wolf and Red can put aside their differences and enjoy a life together! What we're saying is that the idea of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf costumes together isn't as far-fetched a pairing as you might think. Whichever you choose, you'll be sure to have a howling good time. (Or you could take the approach of a popular TV show, where Red Riding Hood is the werewolf. Talk about a Red and Werewolf costume DIY style!)

Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costume

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costume

How do you think that you would interact with the Big Bad Wolf? What if you found yourself shapeshifted into a wolf and stuck with only your grandma's nighty to disguise yourself? There are so many more stories that can be put together between Little Red and Granny Wolf. Time to see your version at play!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

All stories need a good chase scene! When that Wolf has had it up to his snout with the Granny disguise, Little Red is almost certainly going to have to play out a horror survival tale. Unless, of course, Red switches it up and is chasing down by a fully shifted Werewolf to teach him some lessons on social skills.

Best Red Riding Hood Quotes

Once you've got the look down and have your poses well-practiced and even teamed up with a convincing Wolf and/or Grandma combo, it is time to make sure that you know the story! There are a ton of quotes that you can lean on to make sure that your transformation into this iconic storybook character is complete. Remember, Red is a curious and polite kind of character, occasionally a tad naïve. With a few of these quotations, you'll have a convincing tale and everyone will be eager to see which version of the story you're about to tell. Heck, once you've got them listening, you can invent your own!

Little Red Riding Hood Quotes

"But Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

"Thank you kindly, Wolf."

"As long as I live, I will never leave the path by myself to run into the woods, when my mother has forbidden me to do so."

Red Riding Hood Costume Makeup Application

Entrance your Big Bad Wolf this Halloween with this beauty makeup application for your Red Riding Hood costume. It should be no surprise that red was chosen for our primary lid color, but to spice things up we added gold pigment as a transition from the red into the white highlighter. Next, add black eyeliner, blush and red lipstick. You can add more of the gold pigment into the blush or around the face for added flair with this look.