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Dark Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

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Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood Update1
Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood Update1
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Dress
  • Cloak
  • Basket hanky
  • 100% polyester interlock knit and stretch velour fabric
  • Red interlock floor-length pullover dress has black stretch velour corset bodice
  • Black satin ribbon edging & lacing over dark red bodice inset panel black mesh overlay
  • Red organza ruffle and small red satin rose at neckline
  • Black edging & black ribbon ties at neck of hooded cloak
  • Black & red gingham print interlock hanky
  • Basket is NOT included
  • Also available in standard size

The dark woods

It can be dangerous heading into the dark woods all by yourself. There may be any number of big, bad creatures in there just waiting for you to cross their path so they can spring into action and make you their next meal!

As scary as they may be though, the dwellers of the woods need to be careful as well, because sometimes someone enters the woods who may not be all that they seem, and could have sinister intentions of their own. That innocent looking traveler in the red riding hood may even be luring those poor unassuming beasts into a trap, and when they let their guard down, the trap gets sprung and the hunters become the prey. Oh no!

If you want people to know you are up to something without giving away all of your secrets, this Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood costume strikes that balance between sweet and wicked. We think it will be a fantastic choice this Halloween!

Product Details

For this edgy twist on the classic fairy tail character, the red and black color scheme of the ruffled, lacy dress and corset is perfectly tied together by the red hooded cloak. The floor-length red dress and cape make this costume unique and sassy! A pair of high boots or heels will complement this outfit well, as will a basket for carrying around all of your mysterious accouterments. Keep your eyes open for the Big Bad Wolf in this costume, because he will definitely be keeping an eye out for you!

Classics and more

In plus sizes, this Dark Red Riding Hood is a great choice for any lady who's looking to put a new spin on an old classic. Of course, we have plenty of other classic themed costumes, as well as modern choices, too! Browse our entire selection to get up-to-date on all the coolest costume trends!

Size Chart
1X 2X 3X
Size Measurement Standard Metric
1X Chest 36" - 46" 91cm - 117cm
1X Waist 30" - 40" 76cm - 102cm
1X Length 62" 157cm
1X Cape Length 64" 163cm
2X Chest 40" - 50" 102cm - 127cm
2X Waist 38" - 48" 97cm - 122cm
2X Length 62" 157cm
2X Cape Length 64" 163cm
3X Chest 44" - 54" 112cm - 137cm
3X Waist 42" - 52" 107cm - 132cm
3X Length 62" 157cm
3X Cape Length 64" 163cm
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Red Riding Hood
     By Jocelyn S / September 28, 2015
This costume fits true to size. The bust has ribbon to easily adjust the size in the bust. The material has a silky feel to it. It is low cut, but I wore a black bra with it and you could even tell. There is a tie on the underneath side of the skirt that you tie to the ribbon on the outside of the skirt to shorten one side of the skirt. It makes the slit. You can adjust the length of the slit. I love this costume! It is sexy without being too revealing. I wear a size 16-18 and it fit nicely.
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Great costume
     By Jill / October 11, 2016
Great costume, you'll keep warm if you wear it outside. I bought a 2X, I am normally a size 16-18 with 38DD Bra. The costume was a little too big in mid section. I'd recommend going to a 1X do to the material being stretchy
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     By littlereesa5 / August 12, 2015
I wore this costume last year for a Halloween party. Everyone loved it and it was made beautifully. I would highly recommend this costume to any plus size ladies who want to look absolutely stunning!
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From size 40 to most beautiful
     By Tanisha H. / November 14, 2018
When my mom first bought the costume, my initial thought was "This isn't gonna fit my full figured body!" I tried it on and OMG!!! This is not only the most beautiful costume I have worn, it's my first sexy, but very cute costume I have worn! I was a size 40 in 2011. Had bariatric surgery in 2013. Now, I'm a size 26 and this costume fitted me like a silk scarf. I was getting comments saying how beautiful I look in the dress!

Though I did find that the top was a little bit too busty, but nothing to fret over! If you are a plus size and feel and think that you can't be beautiful. Toss all the negativity aside, pick out a costume and just feel beautiful and be free! Cause you're all beautiful inside and out!
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Monster Responds...
Thanks for the awesome review for the Red Riding Hood costume! I am so glad it worked well for you, and it sure sounds like you were the hit of the party/event. Love the positivity.

Amazing Costume!
     By discolove / October 20, 2014
This costume is beautiful and made with high quality. I wore this to a theme wedding and everyone loved the dress and cloak. The Fit Finder was dead on. It is difficult finding a support garment to fit under the top part of the dress, but I wore a corset and it worked well. Loved everything about this costume!
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Cute costume
     By Anonymous / November 1, 2017
I'm a size 18 and I purchased a 3X. I'm so glad I did because of my boobs. The top is very reviling I wore a bandeau and it looked like it was part of my costume. Other than that the costume was super cute and I received a lot of compliments. I recommend if you are top heavy to size up!
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Sizes 22+ do not despair!
     By Rebecca / October 20, 2014
I'm going to be honest, I bought this not knowing if it would fit or not. The packaging says the 3x fits about a size 20-22. I usually wear a 26. When it arrived I crossed my fingers and pulled it on. I removed the ribbon to try it on, and it fit! I did hear some brief creaking from the stitching but I don't see any stretched threads. I would like to also point out that this costume shows a HUGE amount of chest. At least 50% of my breast/upper chest is exposed. I do not know if I can even find a bra that won't show underneath it. It is however, very beautiful, and sexy. Very pleased with my purchase. When I need a costume again I will be coming back here.
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Love it
     By scd1991 / October 9, 2013
I only wish that the corset looking part was a little longer it's beautiful and comfortable there is zero breast support so find a bra that can hide under the material the straps are wide enough to cover a Normal bra strap. It's almost perfect! And the cloak. Awesome.
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great costume!!
     By Anonymous / November 9, 2013
True fit - not too revealing! !
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Love Red Riding Hood...
     By Jill / November 5, 2016
The costume fit perfect. I love it, my husband, and all my friends and family loved it. Thank you very much.
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Contest winner
     By Jill / November 3, 2016
I won a costume contest this year with this! I had a problem with it gaping at the top, but I'm not busty. I like that you can choose to bustle it to show leg or not. I'm a size 16, 5'5 and 1x fit fine, even a little roomy in the midsection (where I carry my weight.) Hope that helps!
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Great costume
     By Jill / September 12, 2016
My complete order actually arrived earlier than expected. I love the costume and it looks exactly like it's advertised. Everyone loved it!
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Wonderful costume!!!
     By Anonymous / October 11, 2015
I love this costume!! It's absolutely adorable and made with pretty good fabric unlike some Halloween costumes that are made with cheap fabric. It's a perfect fit and true to the size. It can be a BIT revealing, just FYI. But, it's a perfect amount of cleavage for me. Not too much but just enough, so I can still take my niece out trick or treating without looking "slutty" haha and then will be great for the Halloween party as well! If you want a super cute and sexy outfit for Halloween, I strongly recommend this costume!!

Happy Halloween!! :)
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Five Stars
     By Terri-Ann Blades / August 1, 2015
Omg I love this. Yes it's quite revealing but wow it's beautiful.
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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / December 27, 2018
Costume was just as pictured and I received all kinds of compliments. Loved it!!!!
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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / November 19, 2018
Fit great, looked good.
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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / November 18, 2018
Absolutely love the costume. However I really don't think it was worth the price I paid for it ($89 Canadian) I wanted to send it back (because I found a perfect costume for a quarter of the price) but after the exchange and restocking fee it wasn't worth the hassle. I also was given 2 gift cards in my irder, 1 was expired and the other didn't work.
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Five Stars
     By Current Customer / November 15, 2018
Arrived as indicated, good quality and many compliments. I attempted to get discount as my first order and to offset shipping to receive overnight but not given is only complaint.
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Monster Responds...
Hello! Thanks for the great review! We appreciate it. Our apologies that you did not receive the discount on the order. I can see that you are a 1st time customer with us, and it should have applied.

The discount has now been applied and will show as a refund back onto the method of payment used when you placed the order. For future reference, our customer service department is readily available through phones, chat or e-mail, is very customer friendly, and will always help out as needed with any questions/concerns on an order.

Plus size friendly ??
     By Vanessahhh / November 12, 2018
First time that I looove how a costume fits at the first try!! Got so many compliments on it. For sure getting my costume here next year!! Love the quality of the material. Although the twins were practically all out that night lol but I didn’t mind it because it fit sooo well ??
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     By Current Customer / November 11, 2018
These folks are great. Stand by their product. With great customer service. Thank you for being a business you can count on.
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Not true to size
     By Current Customer / November 4, 2018
Not the best costume, very light weight- rips easy, fitting not anywhere near accurate
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Monster Responds...
Hello! Thanks for your input on the item. In looking at your order, I can see that you did not attempt to contact us about any concerns with any items on the order.. We are readily available through our phones, chat or e-mail options to address and attempt to resolve any and all issues with anything we offer.

Best regards,

     By Sibonay / November 7, 2017
I purchased the costume to wear to a Halloween event. For the most part, the dress fits true to size. I usually wear a 16/18, and the 2x fit perfectly. There was even a little bit of extra room, I didn't feel the pressure to wear my spanx (even though I did anyway.) The only "downside" is that it's low cut, and meant for someone a little bustier than I could fill out. Other than that, it was a great costume!
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Looked great
     By Current Customer / October 19, 2017
This costume didn't 'hide flaws' as well as they say it does but still was a good fit. The material was very nice and definitely held together better than other costumes we bought in the past.
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So cute
     By Kelli Jones / December 21, 2016
Very sexy. Love it cant wait to wear it.
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     By FREDDY / September 26, 2016
beautiful and excellent quality
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