Popular Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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Have you ever showed up to a costume party and had everyone ask you the one question you never want to hear: 'what are you SUPPOSED to be?' We've all been there. We all have concocted our own costumes based on an obscure characters. Never have we felt so proud of our creation until we realized that no one at the party really understood our costume. If you're sick of explaining your costume, then why not try a different approach? Dress as a character from your favorite movie, storybook, or cartoon and you'll never have to answer that dreaded question again. We compiled the most popular plus size costumes so you'll feel confident wearing a costume that fits well, and one that is easily recognized by fellow party-goers. Take a look at our picks and rock your favorite one this Halloween!



Plus Size Alice in Wonderland Costumes

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Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume - Shop        Mad Hatter Costume - Shop       Alice Costume - Shop

Queen of Hearts Costume - Shop       White Rabbit Costume - Shop       Women's Manic Mad Hatter Costume - Shop


Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out and you're in need of a costume! Don't go tumbling down that rabbit hole in search of a costume just yet! Name your favorite character from the beloved fairytale and you'll be pleased to find out we sell the costume...in YOUR size! If you plan on attending a costume party with your crew, this is a wonderful theme to go with.



Wizard of Oz Plus Size Costumes

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Glinda Costume - Shop       Dorothy Costume - Shop

Tin Man Costume - Shop       Wicked Witch Costume - Shop


Is there anyone out there who wears gingham print as well as Dorothy Gale? Nope, we can't think of anyone! You'll be easy to recognize in a Dorothy costume. Click your heels three times and POOF one of our exclusive plus size Wizard of Oz costumes will magically appear at your door. (Disclaimer: Magic clicking of the heels will only bring you to Kansas, we'll have to summon Fed Ex for this task.)



Plus Size Book Inspired Costumes

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Raggedy Andy Costume - Shop       Raggedy Ann Costume - Shop       Waldo Costume - Shop

Dark Riding Hood Costume - Shop       Big Bad Wolf Costume - Shop


Once upon a time, you stumbled upon an awesome costume website that catered to plus size costumes (yup that's us). With more plus size costumes and exclusive sizes than anyone else in the industry, you will realize you have more options than you could have dreamed. You can dress as Waldo, Raggedy Ann, or Raggedy Andy, and make all your childhood dreams come true. These storybook inspired costumes will give you a happy ever after, for Halloween anyway!



Plus Size Pirate Costumes

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Pirate Wench Costume - Shop       Mens Pirate Costume - Shop        Womens Caribbean Pirate Costume - Shop

Captain Hook Costume - Shop       Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume - Shop       Captain Morgan Costume - Shop


Ahoy matey, you can anchor your ship! The search for a treasured pirate costume that fits is over. You can swab the deck, count your gold doubloons, and make your enemies walk the plank. Grab an eye patch, a hook hand, or your favorite bottle of rum and take your pirate game to the next level. These plus size pirate costumes will shiver your timbers!



Plus Size Cultural Costumes

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Mens Native American Costume - Shop       Womens Native American Costume - Shop

Traditional Nun Shop - Shop        Priest Costume - Shop       Nun Costume - Shop


Culture brings people together! You can choose to enlighten fellow party-goers while you wear one of our authentic nun or priest costumes. You can also choose to get the party popping like you're at a pow-wow while you're dressed as a Native American. Your feathered headdress and fringe moccasins will fit perfectly.



Plus Size Cartoon Costumes

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Minnie Mouse Costume - Shop       Fred Flinstone Costume - Shop       Wilma Costume - Shop

Popeye Costume - Shop       Grumpy Bear Costume - Shop


Looking to be an animation sensation? You can have the bulging biceps of Popeye the Sailor Man without having to eat a bite of spinach. Get Wilma's signature fiery red locks without dying your hair. You'll be in for a night of hilarious antics in any of these plus size cartoon costumes, just be careful of any falling anvils!



Plus Size Movie Costumes

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Top Gun Costume - Shop        Candy Creator Costume - Shop       A League of Their Own Costume - Shop

Sully Costume - Shop       Pink Ladies Jacket - Shop       Snow White Costume - Shop


Have you ever been told that you ought to be in pictures? You'll look like you've emerged from the silver screen in these movie inspired costumes. We can see it now: You singing 'You're the One that I Want' in a Pink Ladies jacket. Make the scare-o-meter go out of control when you're dressed as Sully or knock it out of the park in a League of their Own costume. Go ahead and pick your favorite character, we'll grab the popcorn!



Plus Size Costumes Through the Decades

Through the Decades Plus Size Costumes.png

Marilyn Monroe Costume - Shop        Disco Diva Costume - Shop       Black and Gold Flapper Dress - Shop

Workout Video Star Costume - Shop       Black Jazz Flapper Dress - Shop


Travel through the decades without using a fancy time machine! Strut your stuff like you're at Studio 54 in a metallic disco diva dress. Break out those old exercise VHS tapes and sweat it out while you're dressed as a workout video star. Relive the best time of your life while you're creating new memories. We sell plus size costumes that will take you back a few decades!



Insect & Animal Plus Size Costumes

 Plus Size Animal & Insect costumes.png

Bear Costume - Shop       Lion Costume - Shop       Bat Costume - Shop

Bumble Bee Costume - Shop       Gorilla Costume - Shop


Have you heard the latest 'buzz?' You can now 'bumble' about in a cute bee costume that will cover you from antennae to stinger! Choose to dress as a bear, bee, or bat, or get in touch with your inner beast and wear a cozy lion costume. Become acquainted with your 'spirit animal' by picking a fierce costume that will make you the alpha of the Halloween pack. Fluff your tail and sharpen those claws because these plus size animal costumes will make you go wild!



 Plus Size Scary Costumes

 Plus Size Scary Costumes.png

Voodoo Doll Costume - Shop       Skeleton Dress - Shop       Hooded Black Robe - Shop

Devil Temptress Costume - Shop        Gothic Rag Doll Costume - Shop


A hair-raising night shall be upon you if you're in the market to get a little spooky. Create some serious mischief while you're dressed as a wicked play thing. Prepare to hear blood-curdling shrieks while you wreak havoc as a voodoo doll or gothic rag doll. Looking to have a bone-chilling evening? Scare the living daylights out of your pals in a plus size skeleton costume. These costumes will fit so well, it'll make your head spin. Don't say we didn't warn you!



Well, there you have it, a myriad of plus size costumes and it doesn't stop there. If you are looking for more ideas, head on over to see the rest of our plus size Halloween costumes. We have more styles and sizes than anyone else in the costume industry so be sure to find something that fits you comfortably and will allow you to have a Halloween to remember. We know it's hard to pick just one so you better start looking now!

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