Here Are 19 Plus Size Costumes for You to Rock This Halloween

by |March 1, 2019
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It's 2019, So Here Are 19 Plus Size Costumes for You to Rock This Halloween

Do you ever find yourself shopping for costumes and everything is in "standard" sizes? Like absolutely nothing fits? Don't worry, because we've got your back! There are plenty of plus size Halloween costumes from 1x up to 8x, you just need to know where to look! Trust me, from one plus sized person to another, there's a plus size costume for everyone and they're super easy to order online. So let's get out there!


There are Seriously Plenty of Plus Size Women's Costumes

Plus-Size Women's Costumes

Plus Size Cozy Fawn HoodieBlack Flapper DressPlus Size Snow White Dress
Kansas Girl DressPlus Size Pink Ladies JacketViking Goddess

We'll start by looking at the variety of women's plus size Halloween costumes online! Thankfully, the days of finding 1 boring plus size costume for every 99 exciting standard size costumes are least with us. So if you've got your eye on the perfect ensemble, chances are there's a plus sized version of that same outfit! And they range from super casual animal-themed costume hoodies to plus sized flapper dresses to full-on Viking goddess armor. There are also plus size women's costumes from classic films, Disney animation, and musicals!


You Can Find Sexy Plus Size Women's Halloween Costumes, Too

Sexy Plus-Size Women's Halloween Costumes

Black Cat DressPlus Size Red Riding Hood CostumePirate Wench
Plus Size Alice CostumeManic Mad HatterPlus Size Prisoner Costume

If full-coverage costumes aren't your style, consider one of the many sexy plus size costumes at! You can go wild in a casual animal dress, as a pirate wench, or become a prisoner with a teeny tiny hat. There are plenty of sexy plus size Halloween costumes with storybook themes, too! There's Little Red Riding Hood, Alice, and the Mad Hatter, which also comes with a teeny tiny hat. (Seriously, what's up with the little hats?) Alice and the Mad Hatter are great for a Wonderland-themed Halloween party or just a night out with a friend! Just one last note: if tiny hats aren't your thing, you can also shop larger hats with us. We carry all the sizes of many things, including hats.


Don't Forget About the Plus Size Men's Costumes

Plus-Size Men's Costumes

Plus Size Silent Bob CostumePrincess Bride Fezzik OutfitPlus Size WWE Undertaker Costume
Deluxe Captain Hook CostumePlus Size Popeye CostumeScary Skeleton Suit

If you're a big man on campus wherever you are—no judging, I am as well—then you might be looking for men's plus size Halloween costumes. Just like with women's costumes, if you can imagine your favorite costume, there's probably a plus sized costume for fat guys. (Again, no judging.) Silent Bob, Fezzik, and The Undertaker are larger-than-life characters, so it makes sense that you can find their costumes in plus sizes. Then you can buy classic adult plus size costumes like Popeye and Captain Hook. (Don't forget to pick up a hook and sword!) Or if you're simply big-boned, maybe a skeleton suit is perfect for you!


Here's the Best Sexy Plus Size Men's Halloween Costume That Ever Existed

Sexy Plus-Size Men's Halloween Costume

Would you look at that Nacho Libre costume!

If you're searching for the absolute best plus size sexy costume for men, then you need this Nacho Libre costume. Like, don't even bother looking at anything else. It's literally all you need. But what if everyone you know is already going as Nacho Libre? Okay sure, maybe then you can check out some other sexy plus size men's Halloween costumes. You do you, my dude.


Did you find the costume that you're looking for? We hope you did! Let us know about your Halloween, party, or cosplay plans in the comments below. For added inspiration, check out this video about expressing yourself that we made last year! And if you still haven't found the perfect fit, then take a look through the rest of our plus size Halloween costumes. We're sure it's there!

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