Top Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

by |October 22, 2012
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Okay, so we’re in that final stretch just before Halloween and you’re still looking for a costume. Cutting a few holes in a sheet and calling yourself Casper the Sexy Ghost is starting to look pretty good, huh? Wrong! Step away from the scissors and pillowcases! It’s not too late. HalloweenCostumes.Com has a variety of plus size costume ideas for men and women that will have you in the holiday spirit this Hallows’ Eve, no matter your preferred style. We also carry a great selection of exclusive costumes and exclusive sizes that you won’t find anywhere else! Take a look at this list—guaranteed to ease your Halloween anxiety before you can say “trick or treat.”


Classic Costumes

These looks are for you if you’re all about the tried and true—witches, vampires, and ghosts, oh my! You can’t go wrong with one of these festive and fun ideas.


classic plus size costume ideas



Trendy Costumes

Maybe being on the cutting edge is more your scene. Get a costume that’s so hot right now with one of these hip looks. Don’t get left behind!


trendy plus size costume ideas


  • Plus Size Party Monster Costume: Colorful, sexy monster costumes are all the rage this season! Make your friends jealous with this exclusive tutu-style costume. The cute and fuzzy monster hood is included!

  • Plus Size Avengers Hulk Muscle Costume: The Avengers smashed box office records this year and you can join in on the party with this detailed muscle costume. Halloween never looked so green!

  • Plus Size Deluxe Snow White Costume: With a couple of new movies and the popular TV show Once Upon a Time under her belt, Snow White is definitely having the best year of the Disney Princesses. Jump on the fairytale bandwagon with this flattering gown!

  • Deluxe Plus Size Gangster Costume: Everywhere you look, retro is the new right now. Just take a gander at all the gangster movies that have been coming out recently. Earn the respect you deserve from all the other tough guys in this exclusive pinstripe suit!


Scary Costumes

Perhaps you’re more of a traditionalist and you think that Halloween is all about making someone scream. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with some downright terrifying ideas. And ladies, don’t forget that spooky can be sexy too. It’s the best of both worlds!


scary plus size costume ideas


  • Plus Size Zombie Prom Queen Costume: Be the most popular ghoul at school! This unique costume is the perfect mix of scary and sexy.

  • Plus Size Zombie Costume: Hey, the zombie Prom Queen needs a date, right? Accompany your zombie love to the dance and gross out all of your friends at the same time. This spooky costume includes fake sewn-in body parts!

  • Plus Size Sexy Jason Voorhees Costume: Get a killer look for Halloween with this sexy twist on an iconic horror movie character! He won’t know what hit him.

  • Plus Size Scream Costume: It’s not Halloween without Ghostface! Dress up as everybody’s favorite slasher flick villain in this classic and affordable costume.


Funny Costumes

So maybe your thing is making people laugh. Who says you can’t balance out the scary side of Halloween with a few giggles? Someone has to bring the funny! If you’re up for the challenge, check out these humorous costumes.


funny plus size costume ideas


  • Plus Size Female Spartan Cheerleader:  You’re sure to cheer up everyone you see when you’re wearing this classic SNL look! Team up with our men’s Spartan cheerleader costume for a side-splitting couple’s idea.

  • Plus Party Animal Costume: Go a little wild this Halloween! Our party animal costume includes a funny chimp mask and a beverage belt so that you can keep your favorite drink close at hand. Thank you, opposable thumbs!

  • Plus Size Where’s Wenda Costume: Play a game of Halloween hide and seek! You’re sure to have everyone on the hunt for you with this classic costume. Waldo who?

  • Adult Baby Boy Plus Size Costume: Don’t cry, there’s plenty of time to find a fantastic Halloween costume! This hilarious adult baby costume includes a bib and headpiece.

See? The scariest thing about Halloween shouldn’t be deciding what to wear. Now that you have some ideas, go get your party on!


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