Top 5 Sexy Comic Book Villainesses

by |January 24, 2013
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“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

How do you make a superhero fall to their knees? Hint: It works better than kryptonite or the Muramasa blade. Can you guess it? It is a sexy super villain. Time and time again we see our caped crusaders fall victim to various femme fatales who quite often get further in their plans than their male counterparts. But it takes more than a little black leather and a bad attitude to become a true super villainess and these ladies below truly have what it takes to bring down the toughest and strongest of heroes.



Who can blame Batman for always having second thoughts before putting the bat-cuffs on this curvy cat burglar? For years the dark knight and Catwoman have gone back and forth in a love/hate relationship. Sure, Talia al Ghul had taken the caped crusader’s gaze for awhile (long enough to produce Damian Wayne) but it seems that Batman just can’t resist the charm of Gotham’s best thief. Time and time again they have their little rooftop banter as if they were a romantic couple from a film noir. And every time they get close to each other Batman hopes that Miss Selina Kyle will hang up her whip and join him on the good side of the law and every time he is let down. Catwoman can’t give up her life of crime because it’s just too exciting for her plus I’m sure she loves the thrilling game of chase that her and the Bat have.


catwoman costume

 (source) | Sexy Feline Costume



When this villainess is in her natural form, she is the sexy blue meanie of the Marvel world. Now this shape shifter has had her nasty little fingers in the world of the X-Men since long before Charles Xavier even thought about starting a school for the gifted. There is no real way to know her age because gentleman never asks and lady never tells or it could also because that her power hides her age. So it would seem that Miss Raven Darkholme (which may not be her real name) has the mutant power that would make her the envy of Hollywood. She can look like anyone she wants to be and by doing that can make her look forever young. This also has made her one of the most dangerous women in all of the Marvelverse because she can hide in plain sight. No one can be fully sure that the person they’re talking to isn’t Mystique so one should always be careful what you’re saying, you just might be giving up your secrets to the Brotherhood of Mutants.


mystique costume

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Poison Ivy

One thing you can say about Poison Ivy is that she is natural or one could say nature-al. Pamela Isley long ago was a budding botanist who had a chemical accident that gave her the power of plant life in her fingertips. But as lore would tell us is that Pamela was a timid and shy young girl before her big change to super villain and after her skin turned green she gained confidence. Because there are many things you can say about Miss Isley but one thing you can’t say is that she’s shy. Most times when you see her giving the dynamic duo trouble she is only wearing a mini skirt of leaves. It takes quite the confident lady to run around Gotham City in just what covers trees. But as much as she is evil you can’t fault this green girl on her causes of protecting the planet. If only she could have been more like Captain Planet in saving the planet instead of being the sexy version of Audrey II.


poison ivy costume

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The Baroness

This classy baddy took a page from the Selina Kyle book of “How to Dress as a Super Villain” in that you rarely see her out of her full leather jumpsuit, and if anyone can pull it off it is dastardly dame. Since her debut on the pages Marvel Comic’s run of G.I. Joe in the 80’s she has been giving the real American heroes trouble while looking great doing so. Now what makes this woman downright evil is that rarely, if ever, shows a soft side or leans to the side of good. Anastasia Cisarovna has made her choice in team and that team is Cobra. Now this evil temptress has been linked to various members of that terror organization over the years so we know that this evil woman prefers her men on the dark side. It’s a good thing that she never got a chance to be a part of the galactic Empire because I’m sure Darth Vader would forget about that whole Padme thing and fall for the Baroness.


baroness costume

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Harley Quinn

Joker’s number one girl could possibly be the craziest sexy villainess to ever appear on the pages of comics. But then again this girl chooses to position herself with the clown prince of crime so she has to have a few screws loose. Of course with most evil ladies Harley wasn’t always a bad girl. She at one point her name was Harleen Quinzel and she was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum where she first met the Joker. After time she fell for Gotham’s grinning psychopath and even helped him escape that nut house for the umpteenth time. Now the great thing about this sexy sidekick is that she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind or change her outfit to fit her style. She has gone from her classic look in a skintight red and black jumpsuit to naughty nurse skirt and a few other in-between. Because the one thing you can say about Harley Quinn, she is unpredictable.


harley quinn costume

(source) | Sexy Villain Harley Quinn Costume