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Hairy Hands

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Hairy Hands
Hairy Hands
Product Information

Items Included
  • 2 hairy gloves
  • Faux brown furn on top
  • Palms have soft material, faux leather pads to replicate paws
  • Black claws
  • Will scare little girls in red riding hoods, your date as you walk past a graveyard during a full moon

Every once in a while, it's worth paws—er—pausing for a minute to appreciate some of the simple pleasures of everyday life. Like hands! Should we give them a round of applause? The choice is yours if you're living a life of limb-y luxury, with a digit-riddled slap-paddle dangling from the end of either arm. Sometimes it's good to put your palms together, just because you can!

Then there are times when having glove-shaped knuckle bags can be a little inconvenient. Like whenever we go to hang a picture, our hands always seem to leap in front of the hammer. Ouch! And whenever we put on a wolf costume, we have to choose between wearing an incomplete look and retaining the basic use of our pudgy graspers.

But fear not: Hairy Hands are here! With realistic fur and sharp-looking claws, these convenient mitts feature built-in canine backscratchers. Meanwhile, hidden openings on the underside unleash your own hands' amazing dexterity! That should make for a happy Howl-oween.

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I finally found them! And they're here out of all places!
      By Mal / October 2, 2014
They are so cute! I love these guys, for the longest time I have been searching and searching all over the web for these and I only could find them from the UK and they are $10 shipping! They're here OMG! This company has great customer service and neat costumes!
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Awesome Hairy Hands
      By Travis / January 17, 2013
What you don't see is that there are holes for your fingers on the other side of the hand. Not true 'fingerless gloves' but I feature I enjoyed nonetheless. I didn't have to take them on and off the entire night when trying to hold my drink. They were warm too.
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Four Stars
      By Current Customer / March 2, 2019
It was hard to throw things with it but otherwise it work well with the costume
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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / November 21, 2018
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Four Stars
      By Current Customer / November 18, 2018
The pads on the palms peeled off quickly but we just superglued them back on. They look great and your fingertips are free on the bottom so you can actually use your hands without taking off the goves!
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      By Stranger / November 15, 2018
Over half of each finger stuck out past the end, looked ridiculous
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Exactly what I ordered
      By Current Customer / November 11, 2018
Exactly what I ordered
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Hands On!
      By Anonymous / October 9, 2015
Neat pair of gloves. The palm side feels padded and also has a slit for finger-tips to hang out, with is good for grasping things like a drink. Well satisfied!
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A bit tight
      By arlnacosta / October 7, 2015
If your man has big chubby hands this hairy hands won't work made for thin hands
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