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Dalmatian Costumes

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If you love dogs, you might consider wearing one of the most recognizable dog costumes around- a dalmatian costume! Not only will you be warm and cozy in your dalmatian outfit, but you can have a great couples costume if you pair up with someone in a firefighter costume. How cute would that be?
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Girls Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit Costume
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Kid's Plush Dalmatian Puppy Jumpsuit upd
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Toddler Dalmatian Costume Update
Made By Us Exclusive
Girls Dalmatian Costume
Infant Plush Dalmatian Puppy Jumpsuit
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Kids Dalmatian Dog Costume
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Kids 101 Dalmatians Lucky Costume Onesie
Sale - 25% Made By Us
101 Dalmatians Perdita Costume Onesie for Women-2
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Child Delightful Dalmatian Costume
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Women's Dashing Dalmatian Costume1
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Adult Dalmatian Costume Main UPD
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101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume for Toddlers main-2
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Dapper Dalmatian Infant Costume - Update
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Toddler Plush Dalmatian Puppy Jumpsuit
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Infant 101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume main
Sale - 43% Made By Us
Plus Size Dalmatian Costume Front
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Infant Adorable Dalmatian Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Delightful Dalmatian Costume Main Update
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Girl's Adorable Dalmatian Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler Delightful Dalmatian Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler's Dotty Dalmatian Bubble Costume
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Women's Plus Dressy Dalmatian Costume
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Kid's Dalmatian Dress Costume
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Girl's Fun Dalmatian Costume
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Infant Plush Dalmatian Tutu Costume
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Women's Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit
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Adult Dalmatian Suit With Mouth Mover Mask
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Plus Size Women's 101 Dalmatians Perdita Costume Onesie-2
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Child's Dalmatian Costume
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Men's Dalmation Hoodie
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Toddler Adorable Dalmatian Costume
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Flirty Dalmatian Womens Costume
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Toddler Plush Dalmatian Tutu Costume
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Women's Plus Cozy Dalmatian Jumpsuit Costume
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Kids Dalmation Costume
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Women's Darling Dalmatian Costume
Child White Gloves
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Child Black Gloves
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Deluxe Dalmatian Kit
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101 Dalmatians Patch Costume Companion
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Dalmatian Makeup Kit
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Black Nylon Over The Knee Stockings
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Dalmatian Mouth Mover
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Dalmatian Ears & Tail Set2
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Fire Hydrant Purse
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Kid's Dalmatian Gloves
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Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
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Pastease Black & Red Speckled Flame Pasties
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Girls Opaque White Tights
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Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you want it to. You wanted to be born a Dalmatian, but you got born as a human. Normally, you’d have to just sit around and mope about it, but we’ve come up with the perfect solution for all you should-have-been doggies! Our selection of Dalmatian costumes is THE answer.

These costumes come in sizes for kids and adults, so you can be confident no matter what point in life you decide to take the first step into being a puppy. If you’re not completely confident in your choice to become a doggie, you can always just slip it off to become a human once again. These dalmatian costumes for kids and adults are like a dream come true. How To

Dalmatian Halloween Costumes

Folks, things have gotten serious. The Internet has been nearly dominated. The cats are everywhere. Check out any meme that’s trending on Twitter and you’re sure to see an awkward feline either working to dominate the planet or stumbling while it's trying to walk straight down a hall. The world thinks they're adorable...and we can't deny that there is some truth to that...but what about humanity's best friend?! What about the doggos, people?! It's time to phone up the emergency services and call in everyone. We're talking Superman and the Scooby Squad. They both have their favorite heroic mascots that help to save the day. We might need to give a ring to the Paw Patrol, too, though they’re already so busy saving the world and barely giving a bone about the trouble!

If you agree that every dog deserves as many days as we can give them, we do have one other way to get their adorable tails wagging. All we need is to highlight one of the most heroic kinds of pets out there: the Dalmatian! These esteemed pups are muscled doggos with unbeatable endurance. They've got their classic white coats and adorable black spots as early as ten days old! They've been working hard for us for years, too, from drawing carriages to helping put out fires...all the while setting our hearts aflame! If you've got love for everyone's favorite four-legged friend, it's time to look into some of our Dalmatian costumes for the whole family...because there are 101 reasons for Dalmatian duds!

Kid's Dalmatian Costumes

We already suspect that your kiddos have been asking for a dog for most of their years. It's the standard ask, after all. "When can we get a dog?!" they ask, even if you've already got a couple running around the house. We suspect it has something to do with the famous Disney flick. Who wouldn’t want a hundred puppies, after all? But fear not. It turns out that there are many ways to give a dog its day. Try out some of our Dalmatian costumes for kids, and you'll pet two pooches with one paw! Not only will they be barking for joy because of a fuzzy and fun costume, but they'll both have and be the puppy that they’ve been howling for! We’ve got several styles to choose from, so let’s see if we can help you spot the right child's Dalmatian costume.

Baby Dalmatian Costume

Baby Dalmatian Costumes

Your babe is probably the cutest thing that you’ve ever seen. You’re filling up Instagram with adorable pictures and stories, too! Well, we’re happy to help you add yet another to the growing list. Combine cute with cuter when you bundle up your baby in an infant Dalmatian costume. Now those are puppy dog eyes nobody can resist!

Toddler Dalmatian Costume

Toddler Dalmatian Costumes

Your little scamp can’t wait to get their hands on some sweet treats, right? It’s just like another member of the family who can’t help but nuzzle their noses up to you at dinner time. It’s a good thing that a little bit of chocolate never hurt your tyke, even when they are wearing a Dalmatian costume for toddlers.

Girl's Dalmatian Costume

Girl's Dalmatian Costumes

We have to admit that one of the cutest images is an adorable pup prancing around in a pet costume with a skirt. You can guarantee those puppy princesses will be topping the trending charts! It turns out that a Dalmatian dress costume has the exact same effect for your darling! Let the gal in your life give this look a twirl.

Child Dalmatian Dog Costume

Kids Dalmatian Costumes

Occasionally, those Halloween photo shoots can get a little chilly. That doesn't ever seem to bother our canine companions, though. All that fur keeps them comfy no matter the weather! If your October drops into the low numbers, you can feel secure that your tot will be toasty thanks to a fuzzy Dalmatian jumpsuit costume!

Adult Dalmatian Costumes

We know the world can be a scary place. Fortunately, our little heroes can help. Have you ever seen the happiness that occurs when a person gets to play in a pen of puppies? All we need to do is channel that kind of trending energy to help you with a costume that will get you as many likes as those folks get licked. Get ready to wag your tail when you climb into one of our Dalmatian costumes for adults. They come in several styles, so you can either sit like a King in a debonaire Dalmatian look. Or you can combine a costume with some dinosaur accessories to bring out your inner Rex! (Either way, you’re sure to earn a few scratches behind the ear.) We’ll let you figure out what name you prefer to go by when you climb into a Dalmatian jumper. Now, go fetch!

Men's Dalmatian Costumes

Mens Dalmatian Costumes

A little extra training is never a bad thing. Dalmatians are historically one of the best-trained breeds out there, too. Now, we're not saying that the guys out there need any help...but it never hurts to refresh the brain, and a Dalmatian costume makes everything more fun. Keep the guys in line with this and you won't even need the leash!

Dalmatian Costumes for Women

Dalmatian Costumes Womens

The Dalmatian is known for being smart, sassy, and showing her true spots! It’s no wonder that we love them so much. The combo of a petticoat and a dog-gone fun costume ensures that you’re the life of the party no matter where you go. Save a humdrum work party by wagging your tail and adding some spots and a skip to your step!

Sexy Dalmatian Costumes

Sexy Dalmatian Costumes

When you’re heading out to a Halloween party, you might find that a flirty Dalmatian costume will be perfect! While everyone else is depending on cute animal ear headbands and perhaps a poofy bunny tail, you'll be able to step it up a notch! Just take care that you don't put too much of a sway in your step or you'll really leave everyone panting.

Dressy Dalmatian Costumes

Dalmatian Dress

It might seem like a dog costume is just for the mutts. Well, we’d like to show that there are some seriously classy canines out there, too! The guys can add a top hat to their doggo look while the gals can enjoy the elegant drape of a Dalmatian dress. Who wants to go with a black tie when you can attend the affair in spotted style?!

Cruella De Vil Costumes

You can’t talk about Dalmatians without mentioning a certain fashionista with a serious spot obsession. We’d like to think that this infamous agent of greed and vanity isn’t quite as bloodthirsty as she seems, but it’s all in her name. This devil is definitely a villain through and through! Did you know that her lofty schemes of canine couture began in the story, The Great Dog Robbery? She became far better-known once Disney got their hands on her and introduced you to Pongo, Perdita, and the rest of the pups! It’s up to you if you’d like to play off the vanity, the evil, or the remarkable business acumen of the femme fatale of our furry friends. We’re just happy to point you the way to our Cruella De Vil costumes!

Cruel Diva Costume

Cruella De Vil Costumes

A genuine villain needs a sense of style that can be recognized from across the room. All eyes should be on you, after all! For that, you’ll want a sleek gown that is accented by the only accessories that are worth your inner Diva nature: the softest and fluffiest of faux fur!

Classy Devil Costume

Classy Devil Costume

What is a classy dame to do when she sashays into a room? Well, there’s only one goal, of course: be seen! The first step is by dressing up in a devilish dress that accentuates your hips and shows off your style. The next step is to focus on sweeping gestures so all eyes are on you!

101 Dalmatians Cruella Costume

Cruella De Vil Halloween Costumes

If you want to become an infamous movie star, start with the woman that takes everything she wants! Disney created a monster of a madam and we’re happy to help you bring 101 Dalmatians to life with an officially licensed Cruella De Vil costume. (Just remember: no real or animated Dalmatians were harmed in creating this character costume!)

Evil Madam Costume

Cruella Deville Costumes

The cruelty of Cruella was known even before the animated adventure came to the silver screen. Picture it: you'll be garbed in a long, white coat that brings out the dark drape of your black dress—accent with blood-red gloves and a two-tone wig. Suddenly, you're the most dangerous and delightful dame that ever made a fashion statement!

Dalmatian Couples Costumes

If over a hundred hounds are too much to consider, we're happy to narrow things down to just a couple! In fact, Dalmatians make for a fantastic pairing. Start by pondering every story you’ve ever heard about a boy and his dog or a gal and her good boy guardian. You can give those tales an extra spot of fun by suiting up the doggo as a Dalmatian! Create a brand-new story of animal adventures when you team up a Dalmatian dog with an unexpected ally. From bunnies and bears to their cat rivals taking on the rats, any costume combo can be made delightful by adding a Dalmatian costume to the mix!

Firefighter and Dalmatian Costumes

Firefighter and Dalmatian Costumes

One of the most iconic images in the world is the brave hero who confronts the most dangerous fires in the world! (And, you know, there is usually a firefighter accompanying the Dalmatian, too!) Pair both of these adorably brave souls together for a hit couple’s look!

101 Dalmatian Couples Costumes

101 Dalmatian Couples Costumes

Can you imagine a world where Cruella De Vil actually came to love a Dalmatian pup? We have to think it is possible. If anyone can do it, we suspect it would be two of you together! And even if you will end up being rivals, you can be sure you'll be the star of Instagram for the evening.

Dalmatian Outfits

If you'd like to add some Dalmatian design to your regular wear, then try on some Dalmatian clothing and accessories, too! You don't have to dial up De Vil to make that happen, either. Take a scroll through our Dalmatian accessories and you'll easily spot some things you'll want to bite into! Create the conventional cute Halloween costume with a pair of Dalmatian ears, or add a spotted skirt or classic coat for a quirky twist on your office attire. There's no limit to the fun when you add a little imagination to your outfit. (And, before you Dalmatians were harmed in the making of these adorable Dalmatian adornments!)

Black and White Wig

Cruella Deville Wig

There’s just something magical about the combination of black and white wigs. The stark style gives any character a look that is both captivating and scary, alluring, and a red flag at once! Whether you want to add a Dalmatian flair to your everyday look or strike a serious pose, one of our wigs is the way!

Dog Jumpsuit

Dalmatian Onesie

If you're looking for a costume and an eccentric outfit, try adding some spots to your attire! A hooded Dalmatian jumpsuit gives you a quirky style for a quick jog or a cozy costume to wear around for movie night.

Dalmatian Costume Ears

Dalmatian Accessories

You don’t have to go all-out for costume fun. If you’re in a real spot, you can keep a Dalmatian costume kit nearby and can transform into a professional pooch in a snap. Put an extra twist on the sexy costume with a pair of dog ears and your tail will be wagging in no time!

Dalmatian Mascot

Dalmatian Mascot Costume

We’re not sure why there aren’t more Dalmatians that serve as mascots for professional sports teams. Let’s be honest. There aren’t any creatures that are more excited to chase after a ball than a dog! It’s a natural pairing that has been overlooked. Change the world with a Dalmatian mascot costume.

Dalmatian Hoodie

Dalmatian Hoodie

If you guys feel that it is unfair that all the gals get the fun and flirty Dalmatian duds, fear not! If you're ready to romp like a woofer, you'll be in spotty style, too! Try a Dalmatian jumper for a day and you'll see why these dogs always seem to be smiling.

Dalmatian Tights

Dalmatian Print Tights

Add a real kick to your clothing by showing your spots with a pair of Dalmatian tights. Pair them with a skirt and one of our Dalmatian costumes for a complete look or just add them to your regular wear to channel the quirky energy that will keep you running all day! Monster