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White Wigs

Adding a little silver to your look is easy with these white wigs! From Santa Claus to Albert Einstein, and even some traditional colonial wigs, we have a style to fit just about any costume. We also carry wigs in sizes for adults and kids, so you can find a fit for everyone who's looking to get some silver in their hair.

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There's nothing quite like it! A touch of silver in the hair can make anyone look wiser and more elegant. Of course, many of us try to stave off the white hair since some seem to see it as a sign of old age, but we're rather enamored with that sleek, silver look. After all, some of the greatest characters throughout history and pop culture have some silver hair! That's why we love these white wigs!

Not on board with a white wig just yet? Let us convince you! Let's just take a look at some of the great characters who sport the white hairstyle! Do you like Back to the Future? Well then, Doc Brown has to be on the top of the list of awesome characters who rock white hair! He's like the modern day Einstein and... actually, Albert Einstein did a great job of sporting some white hair, so don't forget about him either. We also have some old-school cultural characters, like Santa Claus! He's been wearing white hair atop his head for years. Even Geralt from The Witcher proves how awesome a little silver in your hair can look.

If you're looking to cosplay as one of those characters, or one of many other favorites, then you'll definitely need one of our white wigs. You can find adult wigs, as well as wigs for kids. Some of them are officially licensed and most of them feature mesh netting on the interior to help facilitate a comfortable fit.