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Mens Sexy Prince of Darkness Costume

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Men's Sexy Prince of Darkness Costume
Men's Sexy Prince of Darkness Costume
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How Do You Like Your Magic? 

There are dozens of different ways to get magical powers. You could dive into ancient texts and do your best to unearth the perfect pronunciation of eldritch phrases. That can get pretty tiring, though, especially since you'll probably have to take a couple of classes on how to interpret some of the strangest of symbols. (You think an umlaut is weird? Try the voiced palato-alveolar sibilant affricate of the Cyrillic letters of old Macedonia! (We barely know what that even means.) Let's just say that making those dzhe-sounds roll off the tongue isn't an easy process for the novice. 

Fortunately, there are loads of other ways to access the powers that await you. A bit of voodoo can get the spirits on your side. You could also try to negotiate your way into one of the local Unseen Universities that teach the magical arts. Our favorite path to power, though, is through the Court of Darkness. Not only can you channel some devilish divine might but you also get to wear some pretty fancy fashion while you're at it! 

Product Details

It would be a sin not to look fantastic while calling on all your magic. That's why we've got this Sexy Prince of Darkness costume to help you on your way. The sleeveless shirt is perfect for flexing your mojo and the pentagram pendant clearly shows where your power comes from. The long cape is a blend of black and dark purple and features the iconic high collar that no devil would dare be without. Your belt has just enough accents to draw attention, too. 

Dark Powers with a Dash of Charm

You'll soon have your magical mojo working for you. Of that we trust... but we're still happy to help you look the part and channel all those energies with this Prince of Darkness costume. Anyway, who wants to wield a whole netherworld full of might if you aren't looking suave while you're at it!? 

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